Broken Altar Statue

So I have heard (I don’t remember where) that if your altar Statue breaks, then the spirit isn’t working with you anymore or they’re not actually your guide. How accurate is that? Can your just glue it back together and carry on?

I’ve heard similar about candles breaking.

The difference between a sign and coincidence, is pretty much how you feel about it.

If your intuition tells you this is a message, and let’s say, you do a divination and that agrees with you, then it’s a sign. You should rely on yourself to find this answer.

If not, it’s just an accident, you can glue it together, cleanse it and reconsecrate it and carry on.

Follow @Mulberry’s advice here. But yes, sometimes it can mean that a certain working will fail. If candles become extinguished or fall over during a working, at times it can be best to leave it and retry another time.

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Lets say

Let’s say there was a eartquake and that statue got broken because of that incident, your guides would not mean they do not want to work with you anymore, it is a coincidence, but you should be good at reading energies because sometimes all you need to do is changing the object.
Lets say you wanted to do a invocation and suddenly out of no reason the statue got burned or damaged it should be a sign for you, do not hesitate first change the current statue , if does not work then you may try to thank the spirit for everything he has done in your life and try to work with someone else

A broken statue should be replaced.

The first time it happens who knows family a friend a pet a big truck going by anything could have made it happen unless you saw for yourself with your own eyes that it happened without an apparent reason you should just replace it and dispose of the broken one .

If it happens to the replacement then MAYBE it’s a sign the spirit is and angry or through with you.

Either way dispose of the broken statue don’t keep or try and repair and keep it because it’s a bit disrespectful to the spirit to keep the imperfect flawed statue after it broken

Keeping it, well it’s like you would be telling them in actions ‘hey spirit I don’t care enough about you to replace your broken statue. You don’t mind do you? Nah you don’t you didn’t shout I mind just nosy so I’m going to just keep the broken one instead of getting a new one cuz you ain’t all that to me’.

Besides, how would you feel if someone defaced or notice a picture of you? I know it’s not the same thing but you wouldn’t be happy about it especially if after they didn’t apologize and replace it after (if they wanted to stay friends after). Now in this case no apologies needed because you didn’t do it On purpose but you should replace the statue (the spirit might still like it if you apologized though that you were sorry it broke even though you don’t know how it happened).

And who knows? Maybe the spirit is testing to see if they mean enough to you that you’ll
replace it. Or they aren’t but they’ll be happy they mean enough to you that you replaced it.