Bringing in consistent income every week above a certain amount

How would you break this down into smaller rituals?

They generally say an employer wants four things…
No headaches
You make them money
You get along with the team
You’re qualified to do your job.

So … Perhaps
we eliminate bad luck, and increase fortune.
We have the necessary knowledge of what we need to do and obtain it quickly.
We have a strong relationship with the customer and employer.
We have all necessary physical supplies and money necessary.
Any interview leads to job offer immediately.
There is no disruption in stream of income.
We deliver what was requested as requested on time.

Any other ideas?


Selling something else you enjoy doing the work on internet?
It worked for me,
Transforming a hobby in something that can bring you monnies!^^


Well, I need the capital to start anything above and beyond living expenses and savings. So I love the idea but that would be a second step.


You mentioned you know web dev, right? This costs you no money to start as long as you have the right programs and will bring in a decent amount. Websites done correctly are worth their weight in gold. I made a few grand on website development/administration before. Just show them you are the person for the gig with examples they can digest.

Dont think of this as your primary way to earn income, just think of it as one way. The best thing about freelancing is you can do it until you dont want to. You are an intelligent guy so you can make it work.

Hell fix broken ones. Fixers make good money too because at that point people are willing to part with more to make their site the proper representation of themselves.


You don’t need money for that bro, unless what you would be selling would be extremely technical…you are not selling Uranium, aren’t you?:joy:


If you believe your resume needs some work, I can look at it for you as well. It wont be the first one I helped with.

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Yes, everything costs money.

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My resume is fine, but thanks.

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Yeah, that idea is on my mind. Great idea on the fixers.

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And … no! Wix site is free, and you can get a free cart with that, the only problem , is that you will have publicity on it, the name of the cart is “Ecwid”
Depending in what you wanna sell, it can be looks serîous or not!


Its a cool idea, but I don’t have money to buy the supplies.

And its the reverse of my OP.

Some kind of road opener to score the interview. Meanwhile I would be working on a combo of psychological approaches and glamour/charisma magick. Even if you already have that down it can’t hurt to stack the deck. Some fast luck oil anointed on your feet and hands shortly before talking to a prospect might be worth looking into. Making it is always better than buying it.

Perhaps focused meditations or even evocations to lend insight on any potential edge you may have overlooked.

You might also consider a sigilized honey jar ritual. If you can make one, use the jar to feed a manufactured being that is tied to the sigil on the jar. Just don’t forget to charge it in whatever way is relevant to the contents.

I would also make some sort of luck charm. Planetary pentacles work well. I swear by my Mercury charm.


In other words, how can a homeless brother get a cup and some coins to rattle in the cup, with the eventual intent to be living the high life forever?

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You can reduce the working to what you can do or find easily
For example a mason jar ,honey,Cinnamon,allspice,basil,nutmeg are pretty cheap to get at most stores.

tigers eye , amethyst, quartz any of these ya can find pretty cheap to ya dont need big hunks small stones work as well as big ones for this operation. And a taper or jar candle will cost like 1.75-2$ at most mexican markets or walmart.

I think the largest amount i spent was like 30-40$ buts thats cause i stocked up on the fenugreek seeds,irish moss, five finger grass, bay berry and a few other things at the time for future incense blends.


Right on. I will definitely try it.

I know there are spells that people use to draw opportunity or money, like this,

Aug '17
When I needed money I simply wrote down the amount I needed in black marker on a piece of paper. Light a candle and gazed at the amount of money until I saw myself already having it. I then burned the paper in the fire and forgot about it.

I ended up getting called into work for double shifts all week and made grievance money. Totaling about $400 extra in a week and I was able to pay off a bill the was almost in collection.

I feel this will work better if you really need the money. Cause it worked when I needed the money but not when I just wanted it.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Or an old one I use from a DJ Conway book.

Items: glass of water, coins such as pennies and nickels, a full moon.
Process: Take glass of water in one hand, and coins in the other outside, and kneel on the ground. Position the glass so it catches the reflection of the moon in it. Add coins while saying incantationy.
Lovely Lady of the Moon,
Bring to me your wealth right soon.
Fill my hands with silver and gold,
All you give, my purse can hold.


However, the idea is baby step rituals that lead to something big quickly.

Woodsman81 post is likely the direction ya wanna take then. At one point Ritual wise i tended to either bust the equivalent out of a scalpel or a volcano :laughing:

As a result it means alot of my work either manifested slowly and solidly or quickly chaotictly and either left devastation or fertile soil in its wake depending on if its for good or ill. I’ve been working on learning the various degrees between these two.

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Woodsman, you did have a lot of good ideas there, will definitely try.

I like using dry erase markers on a mirror I use Clauneck sigial and burn dragonsblood incense like draw money signs and call him help me than I burn my penition I than give an offering and close
Simple cheap and normally he will give nearly instant results but be warned he only doubles or increase the work you put in