Bring Back Someone You Love

If you want back someone you love here is the perfect spell for you.

All You Will Need

  • Sigil Of Fro’ghla’tasch (from Book Of Azazel)
  • A Triangle drawn on an A4 sized sheet
  • 3 Red Candle’s

Once again before you start the spell think once again it tends to work on a serious note and also Fro’ghla’tasch is very powerful in bringing the person back.

  • Write your name on the left bottom of the triangle
    the persons name on the rite side and on the top write the final outcome

Eg :- X is back and he loves Y very much or you can frame a sentence of your choice.

  • Light up the candle’s one at each point of the triangle
    beside the name and the final outcome written.

  • Gaze into the triangle go over the name and the outcome written and visualise your desires being accomplished the perosn you wished is back or the love you were looking for you found it.

-After that activate Fro’ghla’tasch sigil and keep it in the middle of the triangle and while gazing into it keep saying the final outcome you wrote on the top.

  • (Name of the person) Come to me
    (Name of the person) You Desire me
    Again repeat the final outcome once which you wrote
    at the top of the triangle.

  • Finally for the last time gaze into Fro’ghla’tasch sigil and feel as if you got what you asked for and complet the work by saying “This is my will so note it be”

  • You can keep the the paper and Fro’ghla’tasch sigil until the results manifest or simply burn it down afte ritual is done.

Simple yet very Powerful




I am assuming this would also work pretty well for someone who doesn’t want to bring their ex back but want someone specific, some new catch right?


And it’s quite astonishing how many spells, demons, planetary magick can assist on in matters of Love and Sex and from my experience they work pretty well and fast. This makes me believe no Magickian should ever be alone if they don’t want to, we literally have a bit of advantage when it comes to getting someone. And if you aren’t into humans well, there is always the other side you know :wink:


Yes it can totally help you for that purpose also just in that case you don’t hsve to write the names on the triangle edges and top you can simply gaze into the triangle and visualize your desires


Unless the love spell backfires on you, like it did for me last summer!

Ha! Now I’m just learning about the Law of Attraction to manifest the life I want.


If it backfired then there was something which was not proper or the approach wasn’t right coz you just cannot theow a spell on a lerson and expect the result to come as you wished dofferent secenarios differnt approach and different set of spirits to deal with

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I appreciate your feedback; however, I know exactly why it backfired.

Love spells can break down pretty fast and easily, as they deal with the free will of a person.


How it backfired??

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Fro’ghla’tasch is indeed an absolutly powerfull demon. I can really recommand working with her .
Working perfectly for instanteneous magick and seduction. At a certain point, I used t obo only call upon her and visualize her sigil penetrating a personn chating with me, to find myself in a sexual act with her, minutes or hours later.


Since she is a Love demon, isn’t she the kind to only work for “true love “ ? I ask this question cause : 1) I want to know if it is possible to use her on multiple people 2) does the love I want have to be genuine? I want to get my ex back as a form of vengeance, will she accept such a request or refuse cause it’s not “true will” ?


What if she do love me but because of her family she broke up with me


Seems like a good spell I saved it just in case I ever need it @divinelylost66 thanks for sharing

First of all I want to say thanks
@Divinelylost66 How do you activate the sigil?

I’ve lived it myself, you can move on with your life alone if you don’t really need someone, or you can move on with someone better if you don’t want to do anything for them,Dantalion reconciled me with my ex but the last drop of love between us dried up, I grew cold and broke up with him and then I learned that everything I did for him was in Cast a spell for a union that won’t last.


What if there is no red candle can it be white

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The color of the candle does not matter. Intent matters most in rituals.

Personally, when a relationship has ended, it’s best to move on.


is there any picture or visualization of the paper? i find it hard to follow whats written since english isnt my first language, so a picture to demonstrate where to write everything would be very helpful
sorry if im asking for a lot

It can be find in EA Koettings pdf book, delivered with the mastering evocation course, if my memory is correct.

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Thank you ill look it up

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