Bring Back Someone You Love

Not exactly. Love is a tricky and often dirty business, and that amplifies many-fold when it comes to the occult and heart/ mind manipulation.

You have NO idea how a person will react to a demon or other spirit playing pinball inside of their head and/or jerking their heart strings around like they’re a marionette.

The real problem is that most that I read about make horrible choices when it comes to their choice in a target.

Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfeld (GOM) say in multiple places to work magick on things that are just out of reach and only shoot for the stars every so often.

When it comes to love, however, because we want what we want when we want it, we are often compelled to choose targets that are way out of reach- we shoot for the stars when we shouldn’t be.

Ex’s are often way outta reach for various reasons, but the magician often just isn’t in a place where they can see that because they’re obsessed.