Breakup spell using Sigil

If i write a petition in one side of paper and the other side draw a sigil of sallos/asmodeus (or whoever is good for breakup a couple) and burn it in white candle flame, will it work? Is there any method like this? Should i add anything else? Is there any protection needed before or during the ritual?
Expert help needed as i am totally new. Please leave your valuable feedback. I have break up my ex’s new relation.

(N.B: I love her so much and i badly need to reconcile with her)

You love her so much that you would rather ruin her happiness than let her be with someone else

Yeah, that’s love alright :roll_eyes:

In regards to your question, draw the seal on the bottom of the petition, read it out loud, and then burn it.


What’s up! @DarkestKnight !
I did a love ritual with sallos a month ago and got good results. Should I post it in the member’s success thread or make a new thread?

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First she broke up with me when she caught red handed on cheating. Couple of months later she came back and express her guiltyness. Wanted to be with me as well. When everything was going fine then again she found someone new and brokeup with me again. This time the reason of separation is the full influence of that guy. Story is too long my friend. It won’t be good to share this publicly.

All the thing i know is i want to marry her anyhow.

Hey dear please post the full process of that ritual and if possible then please mention me.

Stay tuned, mate!

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How to pm soneone in this forum? I didn’t find any option. I want to share with you something in private.

She is now with someone toxic for her. I found the guy as a playboy. He just make relation with girls and after fulfilling the desire of lust throw them as like the tissue paper.

As a new member, you cannot PM. The ability is restricted by the system until you reach a certain threshold of activity by contributing to the community.

Personally i would not marry someone that cheats on me. IT’s not worth the headache. IT shows lack of respect for self. She will keep doing what she does. She’s not marriage material. I rather you curse her and find someone better. Use her as a target to practice magick project. Your choice.


Yeah you said right but i want to give her a chance to realise how bad she is. That’s why trying to manipulate. I appreciate your all of the words. But i don’t want to use her.

Hmm well you can use magick to make her feel a lot of guilt for her actions, a little payback to balance things out a bit…


Could you please suggest some simple magic in this regard? I am new that’s why asking simple thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Get a copy of The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer, it’s relatively cheap, simple (no extra tools needed even), insanely powerful, and will serve you for a very long time.


You can’t get the Kindle edition?

Also, asking for pirated copies is actually against the forum rules, just a heads up.


Accept my apologies for the mistake. I didn’t know about that.

Actually i live in an asian country where magical elements are not sold and strictly prohibited. And i am not familiar with thr kindle version. I am struggling in finding any resources from where i can learn basic yet powerful magic.

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Hmm okay that is tricky then… well you could try to use a VPN to bypass your country’s restriction, then buy the Kindle edition, which you can use on any device you have that allows for the Kindle app (your phone, PC etc.). It’s well worth the time (and the bit of money) sacrificed.

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Tried with vpn in my phone. Playstore shows unable to download in your country. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your effort. Tuff time won’t go away from me.

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The playstore does not allow you to download Kindle?

No. :pensive:

Giver her a letter explaining why the breakup is occurring. That sigil gets right to the point.

Also, send her my way, I don’t mind sexually liberated women.