Breakup spell jar broken

I did a breakup spell jar and when I went to bury it in a place it fell and it broke inside the hole …. Should I be worried ?

Maybe? But how did you feel about it?

Sometimes whether a sign is a sign, or just random, comes down to what your intuition tells you.

One thing is this person I’m working on I know for a fact she’s working on my keep that in mind … buuttt when that happened I put the intention that just as this was destroyed so and so are destroyed … you know to input mi will into it… but I was wondering in working this again but first do something to destroy her protection and her workings against me so it can move on …

If you have any recommendation they are well received.

Sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile: I think I would do the same thing, that is, a working to overcome protections and a repeat of the jar.

Can you give me ideas I was working with angels of wrath destroy deffenses but if you have any input you could share it would
Ben awesome

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Something very similar happened to me, with a broken break up jar. I used angels of wrath too, I have always used that ritual to destroy protections and worked wonderfully so far; I would suggest King Viné too to destroy protections, if you’re comfortable working with the Goetia. Good luck!

Thank you I will look into vine … what method did you prefer I guess I’m going fo the petition from demons of magick