Breakup + repel competition?

Basically, I want to:

  • Break up a couple
  • Make the guy feel repulsion towards all other women (except for me, of course, though I don’t necessarilly want to keep him for now)
  • Make the woman be rejected by everyone (especially that guy)

I checked Gordon Winterfield’s books for his breakup spell, but it can have unintended consequences, requires a lot of preparations, and has to be repeated for 33 days. Not to mention I don’t usually go to demons, but I get they have to be the ones for this sort of task.

I read Lilith can be good for keeping the guy isolated, but I haven’t worked with her before.

Ideas? Successful experiences?

I’ve been into magick for quite some time but, believe it or not, I’ve never done this sort of task before.


For making someone shunned by friends and strangers, also bringing discord in their life and relationship, I think Glasya Labolas is extremely good.


Mmmm then I should aim at the woman in the situation, but what about the guy?

You can formulate your intent and petition to break the couple and bring great discord in their life. Also, you can make your former lover shunned by the people around him. He will feel empty, abandoned, and alone. A broken target is an easy target. I know it sounds harsh, but some people deserve to get a lesson. If you want this person, act on it.


I’ve performed the 33 day ritual to break up a couple as outlined in the book and it worked like a charm. I didn’t need to do any prep work, just took a few quiet minutes, no materials, and I received signs as the days went on until finally they broke up with a big bang a few days after the work was complete. 33 days seems like a lot, but by the time I was halfway through the ritual, I no longer cared about them being together, although I still channelled all of my rage and hatred into the work.

If you feel like 33 days is too much, you can always call on a spirit to break them up. I had success with Andras & Leraje together, but I’m not sure if you’re comfortable working with them since you usually don’t work with demons.


Hi!!! I keep finding so many awesome collaborations from you throughout the forum, that I was almost hoping for your input!

I just did a tiny working with a demon (my first!) and it was with Amon. It seems he can both reconcile and break people up, right?
This petition was for him to make the guy be in good terms with me, and then I’ll proceed to break them up.

Would leaving it to Amon be enough, or should I go for the 33-day ritual? I’m also considering Dantalion to manipulate their minds as a more simple alternative.

Do they like orgasms for gratitude? They’re easy, they’re fast, they feel good, and they get the energy to feed on.

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Do you think the rituals will be successful if you do not know the name of the new lover? Because I have no way to learn the name or identity of my rival.


Amon and Dantalion are giving me results in HOURS. I carved and lit a couple of red candles for them, they’re not even done burning, and they are already coming through!


So happy to hear you got good results. Can you share the results and the method used?

I just wanted my target to initiate communication, so I went to Amon for reconciling.

I don’t have a printer atm, so I draw his sigil on a piece of paper. I used the method on another post, to get someone to call you: I put the sigil against a photo of my target, offered sexual energy in gratitude, and left it under my phone.

Then I read Dantalion is good for making people change their minds and feelings, so I did the same thing for him.

Then I found two red candles, carved their names on them, lit some rose incense, and thanked them.

It’s a WIP, but at least communication is restored already.


Congratulations on the success. Just like you, I got some divinations showing death and all horrible things, but I do not pay attention to them. I know we can do it, everything depends on us!

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I’ll stay away from Brand’s stuff for a bit… I’m really disappointed with the previous outcome, and I still can’t figure out what I did wrong

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Hi there @anon6645274 :wave:t5::blush:

I would go with what you feel drawn to do. I’m dealing with a stubborn target, with whom I have a small child, and who also pulled many shenanigans while with his now ex-girlfriend, so I had to attack from a few different angles before their relationship was destroyed. It took a year but it finally happened.

I never called on Amon to break up a couple but I’ve called on him many times for reconciliation and he always came through. Since you’ve had results with him already, and since he can breakup relationships, I would call on him for the breakup.

I don’t usually offer sexual energy to any of the spirits on which I call, but I think offering them are a personal preference between the practitioner and the spirit. If that’s what you prefer to offer and the spirit accepts, then I don’t see why it’s a problem.


They’re so, SO fast, it’s unbelievable! I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight and see if they got any messages for me!

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Moralizing is forbidden on this forum. I have flagged your response for the mods.


Thank you :smiley: Posts removed, carry on!

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Well, I’m not sure either Amon or Dantalion want to help me at all.

When I ask Dantalion through the tarot I keep getting The Star card as a sort of “be patient, I’m on it” kind of message.

Amon has been more elusive and I keep getting hostility cards like 5 of Wands, which could mean he either doesn’t want to cooperate with me at all, or he’s more keen on the “breaking up” part rather that the “reconciliation” one.

It’s only been a few days since I first contacted Amon to breakup ny target from someone else and bring him to me, and Dantalion to influence my target’s mind with caring and loving thoughts about me.

It seemed to work right away a few hours later, but now I feel trolled.

  • My target and their fwb are having a great time together, even posting photos together in a hotel room. You get the idea.
  • My target hasn’t contacted me again. Last thing they told me was they were busy with a lot of work (f-ing the person I wanted to separate him from and taking me for a fool).
  • I did the heartagram ritual today, and got the news of the photos of the happy couple before the candle was even done burning.

I feel like a clown. Like every single spirit (Haniel, Amon, Dantalion, Astarte) is just laughing at me and trolling me. I’m crushed.

After so many years of practice, I’ve never felt such a failure in my craft. I’m almost scared of trying to do any other ritual on totally unrelated areas of my life because I might actually get the opposite in the end.

I’m having a major crisis here.

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