Breaking Up A Perfect Relationship?

How can I break up my enemy and his girlfriend? They have a “perfect” relationship, are completely smitten with each other, and 100% totally in love, no problems in sight. They may also be getting married because he proposed to her.

Is it even possible to break these two up? My understanding is that breakup magick works by amplifying the problems that a couple already has, but these two don’t seem to have any.

What is the best breakup spell, curse, or demon who can break them up, ideally before their wedding?? ?


Now nothing is impossible but,can you tell us how developed you are as a magician ?

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I’m in between beginner and intermediate. I have experience with casting spells but only about half of them worked. I am a complete beginner in evoking demons, so far I have only been able to evoke smaller spirits such as incubusses and succubusses.

I am not a complete beginner to the occult though, I have 3 years experience in tarot/divination.

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Money always starts problems or really the lack of it. I would start there.


Thats a good one.
Also any destructive spirit is going to make it work,send one to them and see how much they truly love each other.


But both of them grew up poor and worked hard to get money, so they know how to handle the hard times. They are quite well off now. Are you saying I should make them poor again?

My question is “why?”

Why do you want to break up this relationship? Jealousy? Lust? Because you can?

You’ve referred to this person as an “enemy.” Has he wronged you in some way?

Your “why” doesn’t matter to us, but it should matter to you. If it is just being petty, some spirits may be disinclined to help you, in my experience. Also, you run the risk of your own mind trotting out guilt and “karma,” turning your magick back on you .

Be clear on your reasons for such actions and be in agreement with yourself about it. Then let loose.


Just do a break up spell to fuck them up. You can do a very extreme one, for example, put them in a coffin and bury in a cemetary :stuck_out_tongue: you can hex them generally as well so they become devestated and more prone to psychic attack


Thanks, I’ll try that. Will any spirit work, or is there any specific one I can use?

Because I want him to suffer and be miserable. He’s screwed me over multiple times over the years and I’m completely sick of his shit now and want to get revenge.


Andras.But dont forget to send him or he will mess you up too.


Good. Understanding your “why” aligns your agreement with yourself and prevents your mind from creating any “karmic” backlash.


But most breakup spells I find only work for relationships that are already on the rocks. Are there any spells that work on strong relationships?

Weaken it first then.Look anything can be done with a little imagination,intent and willpower.


Of course. It all depends on the intent you put into it. You can even do an impotency spell on him so he cannot perform in bed so she gets frustrated and leaves him xD


This is too cruel I love it.


You’re not trying to break a relationship… you’re trying to create a breakup. For that to happen, a relationship must exist first. The more “perfect” the relationship is, the more ugly the breakup will be. That’s what you want, right ?

So what’s the problem ? :smiling_imp:


Thanks everyone, I will try the suggestions mentioned in this thread and update when they break up :smiling_imp:


Attach a spirit to the girl to cause anxiety back and forth between the two.


Don’t be jealous is my suggestion and as for perfect it’s not likely. You don’t see what happens behind closed doors simply. But remember you do that to them it’s going to backfire in your face pretty damn fast. Whatever your disagreement you have take it to the one your wasting the energy on to hate and talk about it. And just talk and get it out of the air. If your going to be silly enough to consider him a enemy just knock yourselves out and move on if you absolutely think you can’t work it out peacefully but understand the cost of that. Typically it’s not worth it and leaves nasty scars. Better to talk it out and go your own ways or just be chill.

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i really do not like comments about receiving a “backfire” there is always a reason why to do certain spells… if you feel that it is the right thing to do then by all means do it!
I have suffered a lot in my life although i have done nothing wrong… the tables are turned now and i learned to become strong and fight back
if karma existed then good people would not suffer