Breaking in a new deck - 10 readings [CLOSED]

This makes sense, especially with the way things are going with my currently

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@CovertCreator and @Ray, I will do yours tomorrow night (about 24 hours from now) :slight_smile:

Its accurate…My senses are so dull but i didn’t understand the part where you said I will have a reawakening later.How would I know whether its reawakening like you mean to say is that my astral senses will boost up?

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Wow so accurate. Thank you so much ^-^

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It’s more like, you will be inspired to keep working. You might have some kind of breakthrough or a leap in progress that renews your faith in yourself and what you are doing. It could be to do with your clair-senses or it could be more general, like you start to see results from magical practice, or your approach/mindset changes.

the magician, five of swords, two of wands, knight of pentacles (rx), nine of cups.
clarifier: the devil

had two cards jump face-up out of the deck here; the five of swords and the reversed knight of pentacles, which I take to be of particular significance as I don’t use reversed cards in my draws.

seems like there is some situation you are trying quite hard to exert your will over, or something you’re determined to have at all costs. i’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if this is the case, there are decisions and actions pertaining to this situation which rely on outside forces or other parties conceding to your will or intent before you can have what you want, and if so, it seems like there has been some struggle in pursuing your goal in light of that. be wary of pursuing one thing single-mindedly to the point where you push all other thoughts out of your mind.

the nine of cups shows up here, which is normally a great indicator of success and satisfaction. an interesting outcome. i pulled a clarifier as well: the devil. it seems likely that you’ll have this desire come to fruition, but there will be danger of obsession, or of trying to micro-manage your success to maintain it. be wary of that.

i would appreciate any feedback. even if my reading was way off, don’t be shy about telling me that none of it makes any sense to you, i won’t be offended! ta :bouquet:

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four of pentacles, knight of swords, two of swords, the fool, page of cups. clarifier: the lovers

overall seems like you have a lot of ambition and will to get shit done and make changes in your life, but there are a couple of things preventing you from fully achieving what you wish to achieve. first, beware of operating from a mindset of “lack”, for doing so usually only results in more lack. second, if you rush into action without forethought, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are faced with difficult choices; most likely, you’ll be too overwhelmed with the options available to you to be able to commit fully to one, and you’ll end up spinning your wheels with no progress.

perhaps you should try to examine what it is you really want, let go of rigid ideas about how it might be achieved, and trust that everything is working out for you. i pulled a clarifier too: the lovers. this card can often represent relationships and unity, and perhaps it does here too, but i am inclined to think that in this case it represents choice. what is most important to you, and what do you really want? do you want it because you want it, or because it’s expected of you?

Thank you Veil, I have to say the reading is highly accurate.

A lot of what you say does make sense in various ways, so when I first read your reading I wasn’t sure which angle to see it from but I think that the imprint that you describe covers different aspects of my experience of life over recent times, both in terms of recent months as well as of the past ten years or more.

Thank you for your insight :blush:

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Thank you, I appreciate the detailed feedback! Good luck on your journey :bouquet:

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