Breaking fears of opening up to demons etc

Hi, Im guessing this subject might have been discussed here before, but as much as i love the spirit world, I, like many here too, i guess, had the old fasion fear instilled in them in the begining. My main concern if i open up or get too receptive for example and work on try to see things/summoning for example, or notice something from the corner of your eye say, wont people pick up on it and call you mad?. Because people tend to draw a fine line to claivoiance and madness. And obviously i dont want to be labelled mad especially the community i live in i cant go sharing my passion with lol. Also all this sheilding and grounding thing, i just want to be to be able to spread my aura to the ends of the universe at times without the fear of negative or psycic attacks at times, or fearing what mess i might get myself into for summoning a demon incorrectly maybe,posessions, and tricksters, or wanting things in return i might later dread?. How can i let my spirit fly and go from strength to strenghth in my craft without fear?
( And yes unfortunately havent still found myself a suiting teacher… ).
Thoughts? Thanks.


One of the things ive been trying to let go is the same fear you speak of. But at the end of the day, you have the capacity to become nastier or just stronger than whatever may be out there.

Monsters dont really scare me, because I can be the meanest monster out there, yaknow?

So i approach entities with a respectful demeanor, but am starting to approach them as equals. Somewhat like talking to a cool teacher or supervisor at work


Yes im getting used to the ‘scaries’ and i like spirit company even in my house if they are friendly, but as i once came across some kind of ‘possession of depression’ in my heart chakra and i want to know how to be safe from these kind of things for example. Tbh most of the spirits ive come across in my life have seemed loving and like you call teachers and brought me nothing but spirtual extacy, except those dark scary lurkers etc… so maybe this was someone deliberatly directing this at me(i wouldnt be surprised), but belive me it was vile and physically painful and if i couldnt almost handle that what kind of magician am i?
Ive even felt physically touched once or twice… by a spirit but it was all loving and not scary at all so thats not the issue. The issue is too is any of this true, like possesions,tricking or inflicting pain or demons being ‘evil’ etc have any significant hazard or truth to it? I dont clearly know. I never had a book or teacher willing to teach me all of this and how to keep things in control if youve angered someone or something, or how to taim the heavier demons before becoming teachers/friends like maybe how one puts them in a triangle or something that i read. I need help and guidance from the higher planes especially at the moment so i cant go around ages learning more new things completely that i feel confident i know all there is to know and jump on headlongs when i have alot going on generally in my life ( in the physical). So at what point can i feel adept if from every point i pull from here and there of what i learn and how can i know i got the full picture especially without a teach. And i find it hard to find a teach that takes my views and intrest in both the light and dark path to me, its all part of this world so one cant really say they will be oblivious one to another in my opinion. ( e.g Like some mentioned which demons can work with what angel for example) i want to know both sides and how to master it) if you get me.


i found out that some spirits are dark by their own nature,so they bring with them all this massive wave of * fear * to some * adrenaline * to a few,a mix of both too

when you overcome the fear of the * unknown * you will feel euphoric,the state of euphoria,when you are in the highest level of fear,it become so massive that you will end up laughing and not because the situation is funny but it seems that we react in this way,atleast thats what i experienced when i first saw the King Belial…

you stay in that state of awe,because you in the second that you are face to face with a spirit,all your reality will break,it will reset your system,it is amazing.


you will have to have your first interaction to see how your body will respond to the encounter…

and you said that you are afraid of possession,id say it will not occur because your system will react to the situation not letting this happen,you will feel a shock of energy but mostly likely it will be repeled,atleast it happened to me in the first time…


Gosh yesterday i had that experience i laughed from ephuria just because i felt a spirit(s) near its soo amazing.
What i was doing was, something i did in my younger days, that i came up with, i dance to a relatable or favourite song in prayer to them and it just gets extatic at times especialy if you can sense them nearby at times :slight_smile: but thats just me lol.


And what about demons causing ill luck or havock? Can you just not except it and itll be fine? So where does physical ill luck and directed havouck come from that is difficult to expel ( besides directed by humans?)
And whats if it doest repel that easy or forget to repel it and go around like that?

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The fear reaction is still one I’m working to break. When I sense feel or see something my gut reaction is fear, which I think negatively affects the potential interaction. Slowly making progress, just needs time and experience.


You asked what kind of a magician you would be if you almost couldnt handle the parasitic entities, and my response is that youre a new one like many of us were/are. There is no shame in it, youre finding your current boundaries and anxieties out.

LBRP, lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is what i was referred to learn first. From there, you gain confidence and learn other banishment.
If you dont like it, get it out. Simple, and you can achieve that effect in almost any way you desire


you have to think out before you do anything,in this operations you are the operator,the will is coming from you,the will that you have must be transmitted,either in words or thinkings,so as the operator you will conduct the whole thing at certain point,of course you will adapt as the situation is goin on but you have to remember that you need to have a reason to do this operations as it cannot be vague…

so you will transmit your will and then you will offer something in return if you wish to…

for example.

King Belial i want to affirm my will in the world i want to materialize my wishes,i wish to have a better job,i want you to break this barriers between my will and whatever is preventing me to achieve this ( obviosly if you are your own barrier,you can expect that he will shape you in a different manner ).

i also know people that even wanting to change,they gave up in the path,i know one that until today trembles,just hearing the name of the King…

i say King Belial but it could be a different spirit that you choose,but of course i still believe that there are spirits more powerfull than others,in the end i would say to start with the King Belial will give you strong foundations,strong will,stamina,confidence,will also make you ambitious again…

i say that the King Belial is a spirit of progress because you start in a point and along the time you will see that the ambition of life will show up again and it will be the fuel to make you able to conquer whatever you want.


So true about confidence and ambition!
He is a very good teacher for building yourself up.


You’re susceptible to tricksters and psychic attacks whether you practice magick or not. Learn a banishing technique for those times when you feel something is off. If you’re going into this thinking demons are bad and evil then guess what? They will be.

Forget everything you heard about them being evil and get to know them one on one.


Read, learn, ask. And follow the traditional foundational rule: to Know, to Will, to Dare, to Be Silent.

As you read others’ experiences with demons, particularly certain demons, you’ll learn what it can be like. But your experience will be unique in any case. And your method of contact and extent of communication will also be unique to you.

The reason to do your research before you act is because you need to know what you are doing and whom you are dealing with. Ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds disaster. The best protection from negativity on the psychic plane is knowledge.

I, personally, believe that with the proper grounding, knowledge, and attitude, banishings and other such rituals are unnecessary. Even if I were to work with a demon deemed dangerous by others, I would not use a circle or other such elements. However, that said, I would perform detailed and in-depth consultations with humans and demons on best practices so that things go the way I want them to. This may involve asking demons to guard me - but ritual banishings and such, I find them insulting to demonfolk, but that’s just my opinion. It’s like inviting a friend over, then when it’s time for him to leave, pushing him out the door and locking the door with a dozen locks and setting on the alarm system - if I’m that scared, why invite him?

@AradiaX said:

If you’re going into this thinking demons are bad and evil then guess what? They will be.

This cannot be emphasized enough.


An example of the LBRP: 3.

Or KOF banishing incantations (Kingdom of Flames)
Use this with your energy and say this 3 times (KOF banishing incantations):

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.


My opinion is you need to go into a graveyard at 3am. Meditate on top of a grave. Draw a circle around you and the grave and start raising all the energy you can. Then reach into your unconscious mind. Pull Fear out of you. Evoke Fear in front of you and then dominate him. Or another method is to purify your samskaras


Oh and I’m a baptized Catholic, tired of dogma. So I did got a lot of fear before starting with opening up to Demons. Lucifer was my first fear to overcome. Now I feel like he is with me often and it feels great. He gives very good vibes. Azazel was the next fear, overcome. Imposters or testing overcome. Just be respectful and you will be just fine.


This. Spend time with a spirit and know them. Then you’ll be able to spot a fraud. You’ll know when they don’t feel like themselves or speak the same way.

Learn them. Don’t be afraid. And there are always lessons especially for you not to be shared.


Sounds amazing, and i would be interested on the result on what might happen. Just have to find a undisturbed cemitary cuz around here they get open and locked at night to the public, the last thing i need is the police turning up…-than my fears will be really turning up lolm
ps how does one dominate the fear? Calling it by name?

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Conversely, there’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing not to work with demons. I only work with angels, and my abilities haven’t been less for it. If you want to work with demons, go ahead; but know that there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to. I am not afraid of demons, I’ve worked with one or two. But, I prefer to work with angels because they have such an uplifting energy. In my experience, a demon will descend to your level and work with you; whereas an angel will ascend you to their level and work with you. Furthermore, I live as a roommate to a large family, and I’d rather not have demonic entities frightening the young girls that live here. I’d rather have angelic entities protecting them.


You dominate it with sheer will. You must stare into his eyes and assert your power it. However you do that i based on you.

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