Breaking couples

can some help about breaking a couple can some help me to break that couple i need to pursue the girl

Search here for ‘breakup spell’

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I have good experience with sour jar, worked in 5 weeks. Simple too.


you ‘want’ to pursue her not ‘need’ her. You never “need” a girl. that’s lusting and it will repel and get you in unreasourceful state of mind to do behaviors that isn’t fit to your goals.

You don’t need to break them up. you just have to get her to focus on you so she leave other person. She have to see your the better person. telling her to dump the person will backfire as most ladies do opposite of being told even if it’s the better path for her. For example: tell a girl to leave abusive person makes her stay more with person. they make all kinds of excuse for the douche bag. don’t know why. :man_shrugging: they will even lie to self and turn you into enemy. It really hurts their ego when your honest and right. They get revenge by turning into trashy person cuz you offended them with truth. Happens to many people not just me. =o)

You can both break up people and make the victims fall in love with you at same spell.No need for philosophical talk here.

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it’s not philosophical. He needs to focus on his intention and that’s to pursue the girl. Focus on the goal. Focus on wrong thing and he lose resources. If he’s more interesting to her, she will break up with him as side effect.

Well , my post is the only lengthy explanation and your post is after mine so it’s a reply to my post. And base on the wording, it’s the only one that can be applied to my post.

Could you give some more info about this please? I think there are many members here that would be interested in this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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i just want them to breakup

I suppose you want both of the spells?

Use moon for your spell.Spell should start at full moon, since in its start, they will have love, but, if the spell works, when its new moon,they will be done, and second phase of your spell starts,with the next full moon, victim is yours.

This just came into my mind by the way.This works better than just making victim fall in you because, person who he/she was with will also hat him/her.Just a love spell would make things complicated.

If you spare me some time, I can find something even better I bet.


Try the Archangel Anael

No i want them to breakup

They do, they will do the exact opposite of what u are asking so just let them break up on their own ALL relationships end. Seriously.

I just want them t breakup thats all their new not even a month

If it’s new then maybe she’s just browsing. Many ladies do that. Just be with guy just as a place holder. If u show up better person then she leave him in a heartbeat. There’s a end relationship 33 days in the magickal attack book.
There’s even some spells with the demons to get person to lose interest if you don’t want baneful way.

It’s not that easy when she went and have a lock down marriage due to baby. Baby is big influence to stay with a douche even if he’s not good person. I’m not after her. As with any real friend. you want what’s best for friend. Unfortunately she have to learn hard way. cuz he threaten me and made me lose a friend , he gets wonderful time being guinea pig of my baneful magick practice. I’m in no contact so i don’t knwo if my magick works. Either way. It’s good practice for me to attempt to break them up. Threats don’t work with me. They could of been adults and talk things out if he has issue with me being a friend. When they become a baby insecure boy with tandrum. It’s game over. He had the nerve to come to my workplace and threaten me with no just cause. That’s a no no.

I already know things won’t work out due to reading their astrology chart compatibility. I’m just helping it alone with extra flavor for doing wrong for all my good help. If it weren’t for me , she might not be alive. I help her recover from brain surgery. All my good deeds she accidentally project to him. It’s called positive conditioning by mistake. I do all the good work and she gets better and she give credit to him. That’s what happens when your not often around someone and you help them.

Enough about my situation. What other ways to help original poster without harm to break couple up?

I just want them to break up can you help me

You have to figure out how you want to break them up. Than ask the right demon for the job. U can get a book ’ demons of magick ’ . It has 72 demons at your disposal to use. So u have like few hundred listed powers of them demons to choose from. There’s many degrees of arguments from dislike to hate u can cast.
To be honest. A person will not break up in early stage cuz it’s like getting a new toy unless trust is broken so i don’t think there is no harm way to break them up… Someone’s bound to get hurt feelings.

there’s the old conditioning way if you interact with her often. Talk about bad stuff and point gesture or turn head to left. And good stuff and turn head /gesture to right. Then when you mention about her BF you do gesture to the left. Any topic of bad feeling for her to gesture left. then you gesture to right when talk about you. Condition for good and bad.
Over time she lose feeling for him by conditioning bad feelings to him.

Yeah mate i just dont have an idea to do it can you help me

thats why i seek help

and you got help by recommendations of what to check out with instructions. It seems your not seeking help on learning casting yourself or ways to get her disinterested but more of someone casting for you. weather they break up or not, you still gotta learn to socialize so she has interest in you. Either way, its gonna require work on your part. That’s life. Nothing comes without work that is worthwhile.

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