BREAKING: All-New E.A. Koetting Channel Exclusively On Odysee

BREAKING: All-New Uncensored E.A. Koetting Channel Exclusively On Odysee

Good Evening,

A couple months ago, the CEO of the video platform Odysee had reached out to form an exclusive partnership with E.A. and me in order to replatform E.A., his weekly videos, and biweekly live chats. Therefore, E.A. and I have opened an all-new Odysee channel. Click here to follow the channel right now.

At 2:00 PM, today, Wednesday, April 6, E.A. tried his first live chat on Odysee. Click here to watch the live chat. As always, thank you for bringing your newest comments and concerns to ignite your magick ascent. Of course, it might take time to figure out the ins and outs of the new features on the channel, as a new crew at Odysee helps E.A.

As ultra-corporate, dystopian YouTube increasingly censors and bans small channels to give privilege to the large channels of dinosaur television corporations, I strongly urge black magicians to open a free account on Odysee — a group of genuinely kind people who truly believe in free speech and the right to share hardcore, innovative perspectives like demonology, Satanism, black magick, etc. If black magicians unify and migrate their presence to Odysee altogether, the preexisting community that had formed on YouTube can carry on uninterrupted onto Odysee instead, free from the harassment and big brother censorship of YouTube.

Again, please follow the new channel and come share your newest ideas and experiences related to magick ascent with E.A. at 2:00 PM on Wednesdays, either weekly or biweekly.

As always, thank you for your bulletproof defense and enduring help toward E.A., me, the authors, and black magicians in general.

Godlike Power,


Love it! Subbed there :wink:


Yay! :partying_face: Can’t wait to see what’s next! Rock on. :metal:




Cant wait after all that time :blush:


Already did as you asked, welcome back! :slight_smile:


Damn, connection was lagging all the time. I could listen to you speak for like 5 seconds before it buffered for another 5 seconds. Such a shame…

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I’ll go back and try and rewatch it later. At the end it kept cutting out on me and I’d have to restart scroll to it hit play where it cut out um and then I’d just get maybe another 10 seconds and it’d cut out again.

Maybe if I rewatch later when it’s not a live feed it’ll work better and let me see the whole of it instead of cutting out at the ritual and only letting me see 10 or 15 seconds then & go black like as if the the feed was done when it wasn’t.

How I know it wasn’t is I scrubbed to where it cut on me and I’d get another 10 or so seconds before it cut that wasn’t there when it cut off seconds before that.

So hopefully once it’s not a live feed I’ll be able to view the remaining section without it cutting off as if it was done (and going to black silence).

Add: hope whatever glitched this time is fixed by the next time EA does another video feed. :crossed_fingers:

Good video update. An almost perfect update :+1:except for the glitching at the end and a few small technical issues though (don’t know what made it glitch for me at the end but I’ll try viewing again later and hope it doesn’t happen again then cuz I really wanted to see that ritual ) :slight_smile: .

It wasn’t buffering for me it kept disconnecting or something.

Check how much high speed data you have left if it was buffering. When I use up all my high speed that buffering happens to me (usually making it so I give up trying to watch til my high speed data plan reboots the next month because I don’t want to keep feeding money in just to get a few more gigs of data. It’s not cost effective for me to do that).

It was sweet finally watching him live again…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart:


Finally! So glad you managed to figure this out and are back! :black_heart::fire::black_heart:

Is anyone else having trouble getting the playback of the video to run? I click the video and hit the play button and it doesn’t play at all.

@Reaper182 I don’t think they’ve put it up as a video yet it was a live feed this afternoon and it acted up for me then.

I’m HOPING they post it up as a video so I can see the end part because it kept cutting out so I didn’t see the end. I’d restart scrub to the dot hit play and get a few seconds then it’d stop and be black again so I quit trying to see the end part figuring they’d upload it as a video later on .

But with it set to live feed if nothings being broadcast live nothing of the broadcast will be playing. So just cross your fingers they’d post it as a video in the next few days. I know I’m crossing mine hoping for that to happen.

Add: the uploaded older videos are working though, which is why I think they have yet to upload it in video format (as posed to live broadcast mode). That is of course assuming they taped as they went along broadcasting it.

Add: the next live one is probably gonna be in 2 weeks because on the part of the broadcast tha worked he said biweekly feed.

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The live chat videos have become available to re-watch in two parts. @Kish