Break a relationship

Hi. I was wondering what’s the right method to break up a relation for good. I don’t want to hurt any of the two people envolved, I just want them to stop loving each other, to stop even liking each other, with more focus on ending HER feelings for HIM. Is it possible? They are not in a relation right now but they might be in a future soon.

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On the night of the New Moon, get a white egg. Begin by meditating on the couple you would want to break up, the nature of the relationship, the individuals, the specific desires, the motives, the vectors at play, etc. Once you are done funneling your full desire into the egg, place it in the freezer for a few hours. Between 10:00 PM, and midnight, declare your desire, and break the egg at a crossroads or a graveyard, with your left foot. Walk away and don’t look back.


Have you or anyone else tried this one?