Brains - memory and intelligence

Is there a planetary power to increase intellect. Air is an element that can be used for intelligence I think. I have read that the 19th name of God (לָוָוָ ( Lamed Vav Vav ) LaVaVa) can be used to increase learning ability.

What would be the easiest way for a beginner magickian to get some magickal help with learning?

Air I assume works all the time.
LEUVIAH on the other hand, might work all the time or I may not be able to call on this angel until June18.

What is the easiest spell for a newbie who wants to learn a new computer program. In this case Blender 3D (possibly Inkscape). I would just like to make it as painless as possible so a little magick bump might be useful.


Excellent question. Ars notoria. Merry Christmas

Try Paimon or Leraje for learning and mental strength.

Doesn’t sound like limiting yourself into planetary hours is working our for you - try a different system or just call the daemon when you can and see what happens.

Learn how to learn. Memory recall storage skills. plenty books on it. It’s about practice. Science backs up memory techniques. It’s about learning how to store info from short term to long term memory and training recall ability.

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