Bow's Dreamwork Journal

July 9th and 10th were a blur

July 11th

My boyfriend and I were traveling together and occasionally being intimate. He’s unsure about moving but I convince him to. We keep driving sound until we’re at a store. Before he goes in his buddy shows up with his girlfriend. They chat and the bf goes inside. The friend and his girlfriend get into the car. He starts to flirt with me and puts his hands on my boyfriends gummies. I take them back and eat them. Awkward silence between the three of us and I glare at him. We all go back to our home and they start to set up the yard for a party. Its for my bf and they have a bunch of other people over to help.

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July 14th

The night before I wondered if I should visit my parents to gather the rest of my things.

I dreamed that I had traveled to me parents place. There were these creatures in the beginning collecting things and one was upset I had collected something better than it. Then I’m in trouble with something. My parents gazes are unfeeling and intense. A few points in the dream I was outside barefooted and walking in cold puddles.

July 15th

My boss fired me. My coworkers tried to defend/reassure me but I wasn’t having it. I left work.

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July 16th

I don’t remember dreaming. Mostly black.

July 17th

I was in some strange place and then my parents house. I went to go outside and my childhood cat, Ira, was there. (He passed irl). He was older looking. Rickety and thin. I was so excited to see him that I picked him up and brought him in. Apparently he was captured and being tested on all that time away. I found myself being attached to wires as well in that moment. I freaked out as there was a massive tube in my major artery of my left leg. It poked out at the top of my thigh to the lower inside of my calve. My mother instructed me to carefully pull it out so I did, slowly. It filled with clear liquid as I did.

I don’t remember anything else. Maybe Ira was visiting me. My grandmother has in another dream. I’m just hoping he wasn’t tormented in any way before his actual last moments of life.

July 19th

I was at a store with an ex coworker. We were gonna split the bill on anything we purchase. As we loaded the cart more and more he kinda wandered off. I went to the desk and the bill came up to 219. I asked to put some things back until it was at 100 more of less. During that time two of the cashiers asked if I was seeing someone. I said yes.

I now enter a door and step it. It’s my work place. I’m serving a tournament. They’re all from out of town and very new to the place. I start getting orders. I go to the farthest table to a group of women. They ask what kind of cocktails we have and I list some off. One asks for a specific one. A lemon blast or something. Something I’ve never heard of. She lists of the liquors and I ask her if we don’t have one of the liquors if we can substitute it. She laughs and agrees.

I’m now passing my bartender making drinks and entering another door. Now I’m in this underground ruin/mansion. It’s cold. I’m looking for something but I don’t know what. I don’t remember if the voice speaking to me was disembodied or not. He expects me to fail something. There’s a trap in the mansion ruin. There’s snow in here and it’s cold. A fox comes towards me and freezes under a blanket of snow. Then a walrus does. Then another creature (idk if it was the one speaking to me). I start to freeze myself. I try to stay close to fires around the ruin until I come across this small strange candle. It’s a curved, circular disk. I break it in half and it turns into two. I continue to break it down despite the voices dismay. The flame doesn’t hurt so I place it in compartments in my clothes. I’m safe.

August 14th

I have had dreams before this and recently about my best friend, Glenn, actually being problematic.

I dreamt of bearded dragons being stuck in small tanks. One of which has seven heads. They were on very small tables in this dark, decrepit building. I came at the people who were keeping them that way. It was Glenn, Donnie, and Nick. Donnie called me stupid for confronting her saying that she was taking good care of them. I agreed and backed down. As I was leaving, Glenn came to me asking why I was going. I was fuming and told her that Donnie was abusing these animals and I wasn’t going to be around to witness the neglect.

*Confirmations: Developing thicker skin, ability to survive the storms, needing to go outside for meditations, those around me not having my best interest, stop beating myself up, change and rebirth, down to earth and grounding, knowing when to go go go, and paying attention to my surroundings.

*Dreaming of lizard abuse can be interpreted into the repression of primal desires. This would make sense as a later part of the dream was of me being intimate (more like trying to) with my boyfriend.

Next was me being in this house. I can’t recall the specifics but it was my landlords and he had two cats. After that I was invited to sit down with some people that I’ve sat down with in real life. The main guy, who was a bit bigoted in real Life, was so in the dream so I left.

Lastly I found myself back inside the house I was originally in but it was different. Larger and more spacious. A woman knocked at the door and I opened it. She had a shopping cart and a child with her. She stated that her ex husband lived here and that he left things of hers. I told her that he didn’t live here and those items didn’t belong to her. She went for an expensive watch and I blocked her. Turned her around and pushed her out the door with a cart. She fell into a pool outside of the door that wasn’t original there. For some reason I was Latina in the dream and so was the woman (well her being that was less strange but I’m not latina).

*In regards to protection I definitely need to defend whats mine.

*Cats: Intuition, independence, self care prioritized, creativity, emotional nature, deceit by others, finding my way through the dark

Only one of the cats was purple
Symbolizing that I’m powerful and can handle anything thrown at me. Spiritual growth.

One of the bearded dragons had seven heads
That could mean abundance, alliance, and attachment. It could also represent Leviathan.

August 15th

These alien like ships start to roll over the city. We flee to more rural parts. There’s an Amish society there. We try to be stealthy about our attack. I’m pregnant for some reason. A little hand pushes inside of my lower abdomen. I think it’s an alien baby or evil. We’re running.

I dreamt my cat had to be put down during the construction of an Apex like place. I was very upset.

Later I go to this Apex like place. There are many regulars from my workplace that I know. Being there is a bit sad when you’re alone. I wander around and start to become startled. I call DJ to pick me up. He’s at work but he says they don’t need him and he will be there in an hour.

Euthanasia of an animal typically means the end of something you care about. A civilized end of a relationship, habits, beliefs, or situations you’re getting rid of by choice.

Maybe I’m afraid of new beginnings.

ADDENDUM: I had the book Evoking Eternity in real life but I also dreamt of having it with me. I was considering using it again so I’m taking this as confirmation as the right way to go.

August 16th

Dreamt that I was preparing food for myself or an offering. Either way, the food was intended to be a good offering or very nutritious for me.

*Taking care of myself.

Then I dreamt of being on a boat with some other people. The river was filled with lots of trash. They were foreign and their skin had plastic and other trash embedded into it. Me and another sat down with a woman and gave her a US citizenship form to full out. She was excited. I thought her to make bread and we marked it with makeup to look better. She put too much on and her tastes heavily of makeup. There were other people in the room. Some were drunk some were tourists. Some guys came in and started attacking so I killed then.

*Dirty water may signify a need to cleanse myself on negative or toxic energies. I feel this may be pointing towards the subconscious mind especially. Find those toxic points and resolve the issue.

*Dirty bread may be an overconern for time. An unpleasant task I may need to perform. It also represents habits and behaviors that are no longer or use to me (something I’m trying to resolve) and may not have the full truth. You may be taking things too seriously and need to lighten up a bit. Physical limitations as well. Alot of misplaced rage and aggression as well. I’m trying to find my footing.

**I’m working towards a better me that removes alot of my bad habits. I.e. eating poorly, not exercising, not getting up early, putting myself down.

Then came another part of the dream. I was still in the same area just outside. A white dragon landed and was speaking. I had multiple mini fragment dreams about this dragon. One part was of her being a venomous snake in some puddle of water and biting someone. The man had stabbed her back. As they both decided it would be best for neither to die they started to heal each other’s wounds. Slowly the brown and tan snake morphed into a white dragon. Then she appeared in a human form and started to speak to me. She was intended to be Lilith in this dream. She was taller then King Paimon. Lean, had an antler head ring, white and grey straight hair past her shoulders, and skin white bordered with grey. She gave me a sword she told me I would need. It was long, thin, and white. It had a crooked tip at the end. I think I thanked her.

*White dragons symbolize purity and wealthy. Solar dragons are purity and holiness. Sun gods or gods of creation.

*Lunar dragons symbolizes death and rebirth. Dangerous supernatural power, associated with a moon god or mother Goddess.

**I had mentioned to King Belial that Queen Lilith intimidated me. Of course the information I grew up on about her was less than kind and I didn’t want to assume she was necessarily like that so maybe it was a kind of peace offering/show of peace?

I was back in the original part of the dream. Same room. Now what I assume was the sword was a black dagger. I started killing people in the room. More people came in to attack as well. I targeted everyone and then towards the end two obese girls. They would not die. They were pleading. I let them be for now. I was on a call at this point. I think these people were also pleading. They were asking what to do to appease the situation. My boyfriend wanted a sandwich (he wasn’t with me and I don’t remember calling in the dream). He said a kebab or a Reuben (that looked like a grilled Muenster cheese sandwich). I told the girl a Reubens. She said “not the half off one?!” I said no. I got the sandwich but it was a bit cold. I went into the area of the two obese girls and asked if I could use their microwave to heat it up. They said yes. It was heated and very stringy now.

*I’ve had dreams like this before. Especially concerning the attacking people with a blade. Unresolved aggression and anger. I feel this may be indicatory of me going against the old life that I was living. The life and the habits that I don’t want/destroying them.

I don’t know where this part belongs but I also dreamt that I was flexing in the mirror. My muscles looked toned.

**I’m exercising in real life so I think I could use that imagery as motivation and a goal. It was the plan originally anyways.

August 17th

King Belial was there earlier in my dream. He told me something and I was able to grasp it at first but then I forgot.

Some part was about food.

Another about me helping a girl escape a situation via parachute. There was an abusive guy trying to keep her there.

*I believe the escape means that I am trusting myself to take myself out of the unwanted circumstances that I’m in.

Last thing I remember was having oral with my boyfriend and spitting the seven surreptitiously into a cup for “use?” later.

*Communication with my partner.

*Spitting semen may be indicatory of terminating favorable situations.

*May mean enrichment, improvement of health, fertility.

**At face value I don’t want to be pregnant.

August 18th

Dreamt of a dead hairless cat. He was frozen and still moved a bit.

*Lack of independence and confidence. Taking note of your emotions and experiencing deeper feelings.

*It was a sphinx (hairless) cat. Feelings of nakedness, exposure, insecurity. A fear of being rejected or expressing authenticity.

I was at my old job serving. I was getting tired of the people talking to me a certain way. I was receiving instructions from an ex employee in real life. I told her I didn’t want to be here and she told me that she needed me there.

*I feel this may be me receiving a peptalk/encouragement to keep going in a situation I’m not fond of. Just keep swimming!

Dj and I went to our apartment. As we got up there I shouted “Hey!” And something flew across the room and shattered. We go the hell up out of dodge. We fled. Dj backed up into a driveway and then pulled off. There was a calico cat watching us. There was a tiger charging us in the road.

**I’ve read somewhere on BALG that someone experienced King Belial as a calico cat as confirmation for something.

*Calicos indicate introspection and guidance. Confidence, independence, femininity, and spirituality for cats in general. Young at heart so live a little. Stop taking things so seriously! Consider things from a larger perspective. Don’t be too hasty in making a decision whether it’s personal or relationship/situation decision. This may indicate issues with emotional or relationship problems. Carefully plan out emotional or relationship situations. Calicos also indicate insecurity in what you’re doing or who you are. Focus on your goals. Over-thinking, over analyzing. Backtrack and go over plans again. Patience and adventure.

*Tiger represents aggressive and angery feelings. I need to take control of them and face them head on instead of dodging them. Take charge of negative thoughts.

My mom and dad get a new console for the TV. She fidgeted with the new controllers until dad tried with them. Then she started making lipstick. She made red to orange colors. Maybe yellow too and gave them to me. I was worried the ceiling would cave in. Dj was impatient to leave. We left because we were going to be super later to work.

*All the colors for the lipstick overall I believe means I should focus on my lower chakras and being grounded.

*Red lipstick: Passion, festive mood, hypocrisy, falsehood. Being more honest with myself. Being given lipstick may mean the person in the dream may be developing a better image of you.

*Orange lipstick: Warmth, positive life change, optimism, well-being. Possible wealth and success. Renewal.

*Yellow lipstick: The area of life you are working on. Your goals will be completed. Anxieties and negative memories needing to be left behind. A new life you’re working on will emerge. Keep working hard. Hiding things about myself in fear of being judged or criticized. A plan or idea is starting to be put into action. Changing old habits.

**As my dad always says: “Fuck 'em.”

*Multiple colors of lipstick means I have a very emotional side.

August 19th

I can’t recall. I think the blond girl from the August 17th dream was part of it. May have been a bit of confirmation for what I thought it meant.

August 20th

I was traveling with a bunch of guys I didn’t know. I yelled at one because I thought he was gonna hit something but he didn’t. One of the others thought he was too and we apologized.

*Taking control of my life, fear of a situation turning out poorly, someone making decisions that I should be making, something missing in a partnership.

**I had asked King Belial if there was anything that I was missing/any last advice to relay that I could consider before starting the process of planning and mending our partnership. While nothing is romantic, the bold line was definitely telling:

Seems pretty clear to me!

I was accepted into this group along with my coworker, Christine. We were introduce to everyone and I caught the attention of a guy who looks like me ex and a very small girl. They started to follow me around the home. One of the guys was diving headfirst across the ground with a huge fro of multicolored hair. The streak was leaving multicolored sprinkles on the ground.

*I personally feel like the multicolored hair has something to do with my own creativity and creative passions.

*I keep thinking and not just feeling with my intuition. Something the gave you much emotional comfort is giving you much stress (food). Clarity for a situation. Redirecting anger into productive and positive energy. An ability to be independent. Reward for devotion to a project. Power, size, strength, authority, status. Mind my own business. Emotion(s) I may have to confront or deal with. Going on the right path and moving to a new stage. New perspective and positive outlook to overcome obstacles. There is something I need to face (myself). Pay attention to your surroundings and thoughts and use your intuition.

*Rainbow sprinkles: Joys and good fortunes. Special treats in life. Pleasure and satisfaction. Enjoying the moment.

As I rounded a corner in the house the people following me were becoming a bit sexual. The guy was feeling himself and the girl took interest in me. I was slightly bent over a table and the chick took that as interest. She started to finger me and asked if I liked it. I said yes. The guy was still masterbating in the doorway. He turned to look and me and the girl and glared. He said “We don’t do that here.” He was jealous.

*Masturbation: Taking care of some need and being content with one’s life. Anxiety about a current relationship.

Next I know I’m in this massive man-made lake/pond with Kristine and everyone else from that building we were in. There were bleachers to the back of us. Everyone was chit chatting. I dove underwater and there were a bunch of fake white crystal’s at the bed of the pond. The water was crystal clear and it was only a little dark out. They had lights on so I could see underwater. As I came back up the announcer brought attention to the two of us.

*Pond: Uncertainty in your life that you’re comfortable with. Trying new things. Confidence with confronting challenge. Reflection of the inner self. The water was very clear. Cleansing and emotion. Subconscious mind.

*The taking away of autonomy. Accused of doing something I didn’t do.

He was sentencing us. I don’t know what Christine did but I know the guy wasn’t having the fact I took interest in someone else. Christine probably just did something cunt-ish as per usual. She was now in this suit of some kind as they started spraying her with a massive hose. People started to fight. I think an internal civil war was going on. I tried speaking to one of the directors/cleaners or whatever they were that I was innocent. He didn’t look me in the face. He couldn’t help me.

*Unresolved interal conflict.

Then a frost dragon roared and came into view. It had very flat wings and it was a bit smaller than a house. My boss’s husband was there and said it had the logo of the place on the wing and he built it. I was impressed. The dragon was blue and black

*Maybe logo is indicative of a specific point of conflict I need to resolve.

*I’ve often used this to keep people away from me. I’d rather be left alone.

*Ive been worried that I’m going to fail miserably at trying to mend the partnership. I understand mistakes are inevitable and not the end all be all but I want to be strong enough to get through what I need to get through.

*Black dragons can indicate a great fear that I have. They can also mean gathering strength, wealth, and good fortune.

I started to run towards the end of the pond but then I was the frost dragon. I started blasting people with frost. I landed at the end of the pond and started snapping at people. That’s when two black wolves/dogs came up to me and started to attack. One proclaimed he was demonic and clamped hard on my Dragon wrist. I roared in pain then bit down on his muzzle with a sickening crunch. The other stopped and contemplated “Am I demonic.” I told him no. He didn’t attack me.

*Turning into a dragon means I have the ability of self control. Success well within my reach.

*I did have a fixation on wings: Aided by an influential personality but with possible strings attached.

*Dragons mean strength and courage. Maybe I’m taking into myself those qualities to overcome the obstacles.

*Trying to reach understanding of my shadow self. Unresolved emotions.
Subconscious. Keep watch of those around you. Someone, close or otherwise, isn’t who they seem.

*Talking wolves may mean you need to look into who you’ve been putting your trust into lately.

*Apparently my boyfriend also had a dream about wolves last night.

August 21st

I think in the beginning I was having the treats that I wanted with no issue but I’m not one hundred percent.

The next dream I had I encounter one of our strange regulars that went too far with the insults (also grooming vibes). He tried to kidnap me and I was fighting tooth and claw to get away. I told Ryan (one of my coworkers) everything. He (in dream world) had kidnapped and tortured me two other times. He was trying to beat me into submission to have sex with him. I had the panic of a wild animal. I hurt him badly and plead my case. I was believed.

*Finding the freedom I crave. Desperation to leave life circumstances. Escaping insecurity. You don’t give up. You don’t succumb to bad circumstances. Solid and clear understanding. Independence, strength, death and renewal, and you will overcome your hardships.

“YOU CAN’T TAKE ME! I’M FREE!” Song from the movie Spirit

I think this horse cloud is confirmation. Has a bridle and everything.

**I feel this may have been a result of me figuring something out the night before.

August 22nd

A woman gave me a coffee. She was hospitable. Then she came back around with another coffee. But then she came a third Time, angry. She told me that this was made incorrectly and that she’d throw it away. It was a slushy/frozen coffee and she told me that she didn’t make it.

Running away from home.

August 23rd
Clearing away items from my mother’s dresser.

I was at a lake some point.

I took more commissions.

*Excessive eating and anxiety.

August 24th

My parents disapproved but I didn’t care. I had a horse to care for. He looks like war. He’s very affectionate. I’m pretty sure he represents DJ or something. Or I just have relations with a horse lol. I’m preparing my stock so I can feed him. I have plenty of groceries I’m organizing for him. At some point I go back to check on him and we kiss. Though sometimes he’s with me at the car when I’m organizing the groceries.

Green beans. I think I was picking them up to throw them away.

August 25th

Dream of being chased/hunter but not really?

August 26th

I had a dream that King Paimon and Lord Lucifer were voluntarily going into this cryosleep chamber (the one that freezes you???) That’s in a rocket and sacrificing themselves by being launched into what I think is a meteor so that their energy can destroy it.

Now I’m absolutely flipping my shit because I’m sitting here thinking whether or not it’s going to be permanent. I don’t want to sound oooey gooey but I was expecting panicked about King Paimon (as irl I’ve been talking with him for about over a year now and it transfered to the dream). Also he had more detail than Lord Lucifer did. I think it’s because I’ve seen King Paimon in my minds eye and once physically so I have a general idea of how he looks, stature, attire,etc. Not so much Lord Lucifer.

Anyways I decided that I would search on the most recent posts on balg and there were no posts about what was going on. At this point I think my panic had peaked. I was like why is no one posting about this. I know they’re some of the top spirits spoken to. Why is no one batting an eye at them disappearing forever. So I decided fo make a detailed post about it.

Also I was stuck in an area that I couldn’t escape to go get them. I was introduced to my new dirt packed home. Also I was accused of being racist.

August 26th
I dreamt I was in my home court and I could fly. I was a dragon kind of and I could finally fly. It took a few tries to get me off the ground though.

Some point I was avoiding traffic on busy roads at night.

Then I was a passenger in djs car and we were traveling on broken roads. One of the turning bridges had a broken ledge and a huge concrete piece shifted upwards. We got to this house with an abusive family. Dj and I were helping the kid up the stairs. He had a walker he needed to get up a narrow stairwell with. The abusive father said nothing. He didn’t look at us but did try to help his son up the stairs. We got someway up the stairs and dj and I took it from there. At some point my pants slid down a little and the dad looked away. (Weird.) Once we were up the stairs I sat on the kids couch and his golden retriever came right up to me and layed down on my lap.

Next I was with someone else, I think Glenn, near a large body of water. It was an ocean and we were on a small beach. There was debree and broken down ships I think. We started to go into the water to swim. I think we encountered some sea creatures that could talk but I could be wrong. We encountered an aggressive enemy and ended up back on the shore. We tried the water again and took this salt water/fresh water river. The water was murky and we couldn’t see anything. The entity was back. It was humanoid. It could have caught us but it lingered in the back. As we were swimming six stars appeared. Like a star rating at the bottom of our vision ‘screen’. How they’re placed in video games. I think we said something off about the creature a couple of time as the stars went from four out of six to two out of six. He sped up and caught my friend. Then he came after me.

August 27th

Something about food.

August 29th

I was on the road driving somewhere. I can’t remember what I was searching for but I was with others at some point. On occasion we had to turn back and then go back on the path. At some point I called dj to either join or pick me up.

*The road was smooth. What I want is achievable through my own abilities. I’m the one in control and I’m the one who can make my decisions and no one else.

*The people with my didn’t seem to have my best intentions indicated by their facial expressions. Some people in my waking life may not be trustworthy. Even close friends.

*I didn’t know where I was going. I need to establish a better plan for my future.

I was in my room next. I had to grab items I had left behind when I moved. In the first few minutes my mom came in and I ducked and hid behind the bed. After a few moments she went away. I took a few small books and I think a box full of stuff. Maybe some knickknacks.

*I’m avoiding my mother like the plague irl.

*I regret not gathering absolutely everything from my previous home.

*Books: Knowledge to gain for daily problem solving. Research.

King Belial’s gargoyle statue that I got him irl was there so I took that too. Dj was there to help me move out my things from the window. There were alot more items like books that were in the room that I didn’t own irl. My brother’s comforter was out too. I took change as well. Some were wheat pennies.

*Loose change: Desire for a different economic level. Ability and resources to achieve goals but may be difficult. Value, luck. You’re worth something. You’re going through a transformation for the better.

*May be taking too long to accomplish your goals.

Next I moved onto the next place. I think I was still in my old house but this time I was in my first room. We were looking for these orbs that turned into God’s to get something. We had two that needed help finding the other two. We found one and I found the last. We went to some place but I can’t remember the details. Also I dreamt of masturbation without even touching myself. I tried hiding under the bed at some point.

After whatever was done we left and dj and I went to his buddies house. We chatted. Idk what about.

August 31st

I put my hair into a ponytail in the mirror. I could see myself clearly in the reflection.

I and someone else escaped an abusive home. We packed our things and left. On our way some soldiers stopped me. I was told to put my hands above my head slowly. Reindeer approached and I gave them scritches.

I was at my family’s house spending time with them. At some point I had been told that I was wearing two shoes from two different pairs so I went to change them. I was gonna wear something fancy but I forgot.

I arrived home and their little security robots kept following me. They said something inappropriate so I assumed they were hacked or something. I let my aunt know and that was that. I opened the back door and dark brown reindeer without horns approached me. More and more surrounded me and they were very friendly. I gave them head scratches.

There were two males and three female reindeer. I can’t remember when but one of the males was shot and killed.

At some point we moved outside and started exercising. The weird robot approached me and I let my aunt know. We went back inside and they were trying to figure out what animal to call for good protection. Julie said some animal I can’t remember but I told them a horse.

September 1st

*Went to a carnival with DJ and there were two cows there. A lady kindly gave us water bottles for free. Dj and I looked for s place later to be intimate.

I was on vacation. There were other people with DJ and I. We were shopping too.

Bleeding lip

Stomach ache after eating too many sweets.

At some point I was the Master Chief from Halo completing an important mission. Some dude stopped me. He kept trying to find items that led back to other people I cared about but he couldn’t. I was injected with some sort of drugs. I found myself in in different bed with a box full of my things. This chick named Sarah’s decided to straddle me and I wasn’t having it. I was upset which set off the alarms. A chainsaw came down through her right shoulder slowly and she screamed. Alarms started blaring. I said it didn’t have to be this way and then everything went back to the point of Sarah straddling me. Sarah started speaking about something and I yelled “Sarah get off of my.” I flung her off and she fell unconscious as she hit the floor. I started to have a PTSD episode and more reaction to the drugs in my system. I curled into myself and I was shaking

September 3rd

Dj and I visited a childhood friends home. The parents didn’t recognize me at first until I told then who I was. We came inside and sat in the living room. Dj sat opposite me across the room and watched tv. Then the dad got all up over me and tried to kiss me. He said something I can’t recall but I kept pushing him back and looking at DJ. I kept pushing him away.

Then we were at our apartment. There was this weird cockroach that I’m pretty sure means an invasive spirit in my home.

September 4th

I was at this house. I think it was my grandfather’s home. We were having a get together. Glenn was there I think. People started leaving and Glenn was in this huge ‘ditch’ area. My dad started driving away and I shouted for him to come back. He did and I got into the bed of the truck. I was eating. I ate these blackberry cookies and they were nasty. Then I did lime. I felt like garbage after eating them.

I was in the apartment again. Some guy was visiting while I swept the bathroom. He spoke but I can’t remember what he said.

September 9th

I could really fly. Two purple feathers I’ve seen before in dreams landed in my care. I flew somewhat high. I was getting better at dream flying. It’s always around the trees in my neighborhood. I tried to avoid electrical wires. Some kind of appeared to be net like but I got through anyways. I flew over the neigh slightly. Some of my neighbors had towers. I was jealous at first but was glad I could see the tops of them with their little gardens. 0

I ended up helping some children away from my abusive Uncle David and Auny Dawn. I tried to leave little DNA behind. My huge wings were getting In the way.

My artwork was being scrutinized by my father. My mother too distantly. They hated me in this dream. I think at some point called me a whore.

I saved a kitten and an older cat from euthanasia. The kitten was so tiny. It had sand in its mouth. I let him bite my finger to get the sand out. His mouth was so small I had nothing to pull the sand out with. When it fell all out I gave him water and some food. He ended up being a bigger size quickly. The other was a long furred tuxedo cat. Friendly. I picked both of them up and some other items and went on my way.

I ate crackers dipped in peanut butter. I said I should have only two or three.

I hung upside down from a plane to trade items with my grandfather to calm the waters between him and I. He didn’t recognize me. Neither did my grandmother. I was hanging above the ocean. At some point I was let go.

I found books I was interested in. Some of which was Persian conflicts. My gaze caught these small golden books. I picked them up and they turned to this thin blue leather bound book that said “Grandma.” It was her sheet music. I collected then and put them in her living room which was now on a display corner in a city. She and grandad were wearing fine clothes and still couldn’t recognize me. I told her to open the drawer. I wasn’t able to grab all the books at once and I had a short time to grab grandma passing by. She opened the drawer and started sobbing. Up music was being played. I said I’d grab the others and then my alarm went off.

September 10th

I was in a room with another lady. I’m pretty sure she represented me or possibly my shadow self as I was told I needed to face her. She wore the purple armor I often visualize myself in and had blond hair.

I was also killing this strange creature with fire and ice balls. I slit his throat. His insides were purple.

Beheading a cat?

September 11th

Telling customer I didn’t care that I hadn’t gotten her her drink.

Collecting a large pile of change.

Needing to pee. Ask waitress wear the bathroom is. Chick in my face with phone camera and then I’m alone. Idk if I pee myself but don’t think I did. There’s urine coming from the bottom of the toilets.

September 12th

I went back to my first home and snuck through my room window. I was quiet. I started started pack everything I left up. All of the books that weren’t originally there when I moved but in my dream move they were. I had a dim light that I used to keep from attention. My gaming stuff was there too.

I left at some point to grab more containers but I got ambushed by these wolf people looking things. They were very friendly and we walked together. We played together. Once I headed back with them a woman stopped me and said she was their mother. They all fell in line for her and merged into one full wolf.

September 13th

Defecating in a toilet.

Gathering bell peppers.

September 14fh

Collecting small goods from a shop. It was a miniature tea set with a cat as the tea pot. The teapot itself was a cat and the tail handle was broken.

I came into this dungeon looking area. Everything had a blue tint to it and it was dark. This rat looking thing tried to attack me. I was able to dodge it with the person I was with. We were searching around for supplies. I had stabbed the rat in the lower back. My companion grabbed it and held it for me while I put my sword into its neck. Then we went to a darker area. The door behind us closed. It was narrow that came into a boxed and flat horseshoe shape. Each side had bars blocking our path and there were benches on the backs of the walls. We went up to the bars and faced the main boss. He said something but I can’t remember. It became very cold and one of the empty plant beds lit up into a small charcoal fire. We warmed ourselves there. At some point we escaped and came across the boss. I felt bad for attacking because he looked like King Paimon. I apologized and stabbed him in the throat.

One of my regulars gave me some money. All of the other girls wanted children and I was disgusted by the thought. It was 125 dollars and I think it was to start my own busines.

Me and some of my friends were in the water now. There were puppies and Talon (another dog irl). They were playing with each other. I think there was a bear there too but there was definitely an alligator. I seemed to be the only one concerned. I think they represented the ladies children. Some of the puppies I called and they came to me. One of them was bullying the other and I told them to stop. One had a bite mark on it. I was very worried about this alligator attacking them so I ended up pressing myself with the dogs at the wall and my back to the alligator. They were children again and I was being attacked by the gator.

I was back with my regular and she gave me the keys to her office. I had come into her place often at this point. In search of something. To steal or not I’m not sure. But the last time I came in there had been an outside party beforehand. She and another guy were sleeping on separate mattesses in the living room. I asked if she didn’t mind and she said no but you’re being weird.

September 15th

Dream of being in battle. I’m riding a black dragon and I have to sacrifice it to save myself and my army. He’s an old dragon.

I’m one the store with DJ and we’re looking for a place to sleep. We find this mattress and cameras are pointed at it. Oh well. Glenn and I are exploring the store a bit looking for things we want. We keep coming back to the snack isle. Soon after I come across these abandoned sea creatures. There’s a turtle, a seal, and a shark that have been abandoned. I started setting up their enclosures so they don’t die of exposure.

September 16th

There was a group of cats I was tending to. There was one that was ostracized. I think it had something to do with the owner. There was a mama cat and two kittens too. I washed and dried them. They were fairly calm.

There was this mad scientist trying to do things to me so I hid alongside my boyfriend. I found some laffy taffy. I think it was lime and grape flavor.

I was someone else now. I was hooked up to this suit that would take care of me without needing to eat or bathe. Aliens communicated with me that I was to clean the space assigned to me thoroughly or these privileges would be taken away. So I started cleaning until I accidentally broke something. Then I broke absolutely everything I could get my hands on.

My little brother was looking to move in with us. He couldn’t and I didn’t know how to tell him. I was able to do this little trick in the meantime. I created a mini tornado with this piece of lint.

September 18th

I dreamt I was driving a truck at some point. I think I was leaving behind some place or escaping something. I had to drive over this narrow bridge.

Next I remember hanging out with some people on the Discord channel. I had left to get my hair and nails done and came back. I had purple hair and dark rainbow colored nails. I felt very confident and posted my picture in the channel. My roots were totally done though.

Next DJ and I were traveling somewhere. He shaved his head but missed a few tufts of hair. We passed by these two girls that asked if I was single. I said I had a boyfriend and pointed to DJ right next to me.

Lastly I was on a different train with my family. I brought the food we ordered to the table. Fried chicken and puffs from Pollards chicken. I ended up bringing too many puffs and forgot the shrimp. I went back to the food hall and got more. The lady at the desk was explaining to me my different food options to the best of her ability as I was a foreigner in France. I came back and that’s when zombies started attacking. We all moved out into a secluded room on the chain to discuss our options. I was one of the stronger ones but there was only one of myself to fight. We then moved onto the roof of the train. At some point we had to duck as a low hanging bridge came up. I fell in between two train cars. I hung from a handle on the top and kept my balance on an open swinging door. The zombies noticed and started coming through the opening. They were trying to grab me but I kept out of their way and they started to fall underneath the train until the car was empty. I jumped into the car and there was one last one but he was different. He was stronger, smarter, and faster than the other zombies. Pretty sure he was just a person but the dream didn’t point to that entirely. We fought. I woke up.

September 19th

I dreamt that I was keeping a sigil with me for safety as I slept. I also was Evoking new spirits. I kept waking up in the dream and irl.

Next I was on a boat running from people with my own people. We had some dogs try to attack but I switched their attitudes around. It was a group of Chinese women hunting us down. The boat was in a jungle like area though and the boat was stuck where it was in the river’s end. One of the dogs I had to forcefully put on a leash to bring with me.

I was in my old house. Emily and Julie was there. There were dogs too. One of them was humping a giant yellow ball. There was a chihuahua too. It kept following me. I put a leash on that one as well. Emily yelled at me for making it jump off the couch by itself and I glared daggers into her. At some point I think I came back and told her off but in the moment I set the chihuahua down.

Lastly I was with dj and some of his friends at a Waterpark. Ocean breeze I think. The ride we wanted was kind of like the spinning tea cups but up in the air. We ended up not going because dj was too tall for the ride. At one point I wanted to jump off the platform I was on but was worried I’d break an ankle. One of the friends agreed that that would be a poor decision.

September 20th

I was in a military ship. I was a newbie kind of thrown to the wolves with how things work. I was trying to find my place when I came across a room that my captain was in. Her life was being threatened by one of the soldiers. He kept talking and talking so I grabbed a spear while he was distracted. After putting it together I stabbed him in the neck repeatedly. I was on top of him and kept stabbing. The captain was thankful and she threw a party for me. I said I couldn’t understand what soldier x didn’t just finish her off but he kept rambling on and gave me the opening to kill him. My captain poured me a generous amount of scotch and we cheersed. I debated whether or not to tell her that I don’t drink but decided not to. I drank.

The next dream I was walking towards a beach I think. I think I had slid down a steep slope as well. There were workers building a bridge atop the ocean. They mentioned some diety or spirit owned this ocean. His name started with an A. The waves splashed me as I was on the ground and seaweed rolled onto my arms and I flung it off in a deep panic. I started to climb back up the slope. The waves splashed me and it became exceedingly difficult to climb. His waves hitting me had some sort of mental destruction and kept trying to make me turn back into the oceans. (I think the workers were enslaved by some glamor this way). I kept climbing and got splashed again. It became more difficult to climb but I kept going until I reached the top. Instead of being at the place I originally was I was back at a shore with a smaller slope. I started to climb again.

Dj and I were driving along some highway when he decided to abandon the driver’s seat. I took the wheel to steady the vehicle and tried not to panic. Once I hit a third stop light I got out of the passenger seat and took the wheel. At some point two regulars from my old place of work were in my car. They were giving me kind words and directions I think. I made a turn into this garage looking place and there were lines of cars. When I entered though my car turned into a shopping cart full of some of my things. I was with the two regulars now and an older regular as well. We turned off to the side for our things to be checked and waited in this little room. We came out after a few minutes and the older regular had his gun out and was trying to put it away in this firm bag he had. The security lady noticed and came right away. She said that he had better have had a permit for that and took it. He said he has a permit and we were placed back in the room. After that we were interrogated by the lady and the old regular looked smug.

September 21st

I was with DJ Driving down my neighborhood. We ended up stopping for something. The traffic was intensely fast. There was a friendly dog trying to get to the other side but the cars were too quick. He was trying to get to his owners. Dj drove off somewhere. I finally got to the other side and asked Bill where he went. He said he went the direction we came after he had two rounds of beer and shots. I went there and came back. Bill said he could see his car hidden away. I met up with DJ after finding it. We had relations then.

September 30th

I dreamt I was traveling with a group in an apocalyptic world. We were in a field and had to race on our knees. I backed out of it until we moved on again. One of the girls shoved in front of me.

We reached a tall building that was and wasn’t in a city. I entered with a select group and we made small talk alongside of what we were doing here. One of the guys and I were joking back and forth. We split up to search the area. It was houselike on the bottom floor and upstairs. We kept going until come across of old ladies in wheel chairs. They said they’d lead us around and they did.

That was until they planned on leaving us behind to be devoured by the zombies. I rounded them back up and pushed them into the room the zombies were coming into from the opposite end. I put a wheel chair in front of the door because it wouldn’t click in place. Then I placed a bed in front of it too. The zombies were aggressive at the door. I couldn’t find most of my team and I went up the stairs. Two levels in a found two rooms that were similar. A black cat in each and it was messy like a typical kid/teenager’s room. I went up one more level and this man was there. I don’t remember what he was spouting but it was forceful and he tried to coerce me into doing what he wanted which was going down to the dead.

I don’t remember how but I escaped and went another level or so. I found this woman who would not shut the fuck up when I first saw her so I grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her dead in the face while stating what was going on. She decided to help me and we descended down the stairs. I think a couple team members were with me at this point. We killed whatever came too close to us while we found a route to escape.

October 2nd

I dreamt that I was at a gathering with some non military folk and some military. They were discussing some important project and then we went our separate ways enjoying the party I guess. A soldier buddy and me were accosted by another military man. He had ill intentions and threatened to get soldier buddy in trouble. I threatened him back. He tried to get him in trouble for drinking alcohol but failed. There was some ancient technology or site involved.

Next I was stranded on a boat in a lake with someone else. Another boat came and found us stuck near the edge of some man-made waterfall. They were lime traders and told me to be careful with one I dropped. I told them we needed to get out of here and speak with the general immediately. We bickered about what boat to take but ours was bigger in the end. Idk if we merged boats or just tied them but I woke up after this.

Also, I poured lemonade onto bread and called it lemon cake. I accidentally mooned someone too.

October 3rd

I can’t remember a ton of my dream but my best friend and I were being pursued. We ran and fought our way through to the best of our ability. We came to a hidden place in the facility we were in to escape.

Earlier I had been speeding in a car and so was everyone else on the road

October 4th

I was traveling to a party with my people.

I was trapped in the home of the evil lady creature. At first she only wanted to enslave us but then she got fed up. She was very tall and wanted to take our shit and kill us all. She took our horses and our carriages and everything else. I had had enough. I told everyone to get out and I faced her.

She was this tall thin white creature with long straight hair and hooves. She told me “I’m gonna kill/beat your ass.” And I said to her “You only want to kill/beat MY ass because you ain’t got none.” So I pulled out a whip and lashed her. It went straight through her, slicing her up. She lunged at me and tried to attack but I started to whip her faster than she could defend herself. Every last cut clean through her body until she was crumpled to the ground, dead.

I left her lifeless body and went to check on my people.

It’s funny how I used a whip in the dream when I stated the night before I didn’t really like whips as weapons.

October 5th

I walked into a house of kind Hispanic family that let me in immediately. The husband informed me that the cat, his wife, and himself (or maybe he was later) was infected with the zombie virus. Not full on infected. His nearly newborn child was infected too and was outside in the arms of another being cradled in the backyard. I explored the home a little bit and then the cat started getting a little aggressive towards their five dogs too and then they were infected. I heard the sounds of a zombie babie and the family rushed but it was too late. Whoever the caretaker was at the time took a bat to the child’s skull. The mother screamed I think and I demanded the dogs outside before they became aggressive zombie dogs. After that an obese man barged in and said he was infected, and that if he was going down, so would everyone else, and started biting people. I stayed back but people soon started to turn. I dodged their newly zombified bodies and entered a clear room. It looked like my old room with dim sunlight. It was very calm. But before I had gotten in the obese zombie man squeezed himself out the window, taking the frame with it. The room had a cold breeze and I carefully made my escape. As soon as I left I turned into a reindeer (that looked like a common deer) and flew off (like Santa’s reindeer). I stayed high up and away from danger. I spooked a truck when coming to close and flew higher and away. I had a fawn with me in a carrier either behind me or at my side. I can’t remember if I birthed it right after the window incident or not but it was mine. We kept going until I noticed a weird spot on its paw. It was a baby bobcat now.

I was a child again in an empty card that had just gotten into an accident. It was raining and cold outside and the windshield had been broken and a few other windows. There were people outside trying to help and most noticeably a man with shoulder length blond hair. There were for cats with me and I sent them out of the car and the man welcomed them into the blanket he was wearing for safety. Soon enough I came out (with or without help idk but I don’t think so) of the car and the man approach me. He asked me if these envelopes were mine and I said yes. He asked if the check with two cents belonged to me and offered to give me the two scents. I hesitated and said yes (I had just written that number kinda randomly). He gave me the side eye and smirked (playfully to lighten the mood). He said Ah I see why that number is there now and only handed me the check with two other envelopes. They were my belongings and me and my cats were sent on my way. I was sent back to a house. I thought it had been dangerous before but it was quiet and calm now. I opened one of the envelopes and there were three of my colored pencils. Two were very short and one medium length. There was a red and green I’m sure of and a yellow one too I think. Another envelope had change in it.

October 9th

A tooth was loose and I finally popped it out. It was a molar and once it was gone it revealed another coming in halfway already.

I went with my boyfriend to a gas station. We only stopped because the train was blocking out way to chik fil a. There was a burger King though with the popcorn chicken he wanted. Then some random event started with a blonde girl as lead. I interacted with her as she seemed interested in my presence. I was told by another that too much interaction with her would piss everyone else off. I did for a bit more but the crowd start shouting at me so I backed off.

Next I was preparing for a set on a play or movie.

October 11th

Some strange dealing with knives. I accidentally cut myself and was treated as the underdog in some sort of hero/assassin guild

October 12th

I was over a buddy’s house with my boyfriend and his many dogs were loose including his own. They surrounded me and were playful first but this bulldog came after me. He tried to bite me and then Dart the buddy’s dog joined in. Dart and the bulldog actually bit me and the other dogs started nipping at me too. I kept stabbing them to get them off but they held fast until I got them both in the skulls. The other dogs backed off. The buddy said he’d press charges and I said I would for letting his aggressive dogs loose.

I went to the courthouse with DJ my boyfriend and he waited for me. I was guided into multiple waiting rooms. It took forevererrrrrrrr. This little girl came up to me and when I went to turn I accidentally tripped her. She went crying to her parents and I explained the situation. They said they’d press charges and I retaliated with camera footage and reason. I played with the girl to make her feel better and gave her butterscotch candies. One of them was huge. She was happy and I left.

October 12th

I was in a sinking boat of some King. Thefe was a debate. Some blamed me and some blamed others for the predicament we were in but we all agreed that we needed to get out. We almost had until the boat fully capsized and sank to the bottom of the pond. Everyone started to struggle to find and exit.

Next I was helping clean up this couples lawn with a weedwacker. I had to get in between the concrete path and the grass. Some of it was a tad uneven but fixable. I came across some stuffed animals near the fence. One a tiger and two others I can’t recall. I split the tiger down the middle and the couple came over. They weren’t upset and I asked if I made a mistake. They said yes and I said I’d fix it. So I went about mending the toys.

Something* there*

October 13th

I took people home after school

I was catering to a bunch of people during a party. I had to cut a ham up for everyone and keep children entertained. My dad’s new wife (not irl) told me she appreciated that I treated her kindly as her ex wife glared daggers into my soul in the background.

Something about insects and their mandibles.

I was in the passenger seat with DJ and my little brother was in the back. Lil bro asked if I had my headphones, which I did, but I told him no. Dj said he had had them earlier which was true. I was not sharing. Lil Bro asked specifically if I had “headphones diamonds” which I understood as the little rubber ear pieces in the dream.

October 14th

Some sort of apoloclypse was going on and I and a few others were trapped in a school. A little kid named Junior (ik irl) was being targeted for some reason. I’m not sure if that apocalypse had to do with children or otherwise but he was innocent and I wasn’t having it. I kept him away from the angry mobs and he understood what my meaning about what was going on.

Next I was going up to a woman’s house. Before I entered I spotted a red dragon fly zooming past me. Idk why I was there but I entered and looked around for something. Then I left but she came out after me and said I could come in and take a look around.

Now I was in a different place again. It felt like a busy arcade/public gaming place. I saw a man pulling a huge tub of stuffed animals. My cat was inside and he was stealing her. I took the other end of the tub and pulled it back. I grabbed Katie, she was a kitten in this dream, and got into the man’s face with threats of discovery for his actions. He backed off real quick and I left. Katie was nuzzled into my neck as I held her. I put her onto the end of the bed (irl she sleeps there the most), and without missing a beat she curled up there and fell fast asleep.

I was in a classroom with on of my close friends, MJ. She had long rainbow hair in this dream. A classmate named Mario was making fun of her. I wasn’t having it and made my way towards him. He said her hair was greasy too before I was upon him. I snatched the glasses off his face and snapped them in half. Greasy, huh? I said and then proceeded to beat the shit out of him.

October 15th

I dreamt I was collecting boiled eggs for my sister from some reason. A purple cat named Cade approached me happily.

My sister accused me of something and I denied it.

October 16th

I was in a store and tried to purchase opposite desserts than what whoever was with me was getting. I think my dad.

My ex boyfriend had r**** me so I r**** him back more violently.

People kept mistaking me for a dog (Doberman to be exact) but in my perspective I was still in human form. So I played along. For some reason I kept chewing up candy canes and just spitting them out. Julie, my ex coworker, told me that that was some sort of hazard (I think fire). Slowly because of the candy canes people started to suspect I wasnt a dog at all. Eventually I was in my human form (with even more luscious hair than I already have) and took over the gang that was collecting in my area. Julie and the others around me said it would be dangerous but I did it anyways. I was in my old house during this entire time and I had gone down the hallway and turned into a room. There was a man there and he pulled out a small knife. He was an actor irl but an assassin in here. I just started to shriek at the top of my lungs and screamed for Bruce Willis for some reason (I think he was this man’s opposition in the dream). The man left and then the house was under attack from a sniper in a helicopter. The whole house went dark besides the light glow of dusk and the helicopter flashlight trying to find my head. Many shots were attempted and they all missed. I found a place to hide and stayed there until the storm passed.

October 17th

I had gotten in trouble for something and was in detention. I was with Glenn and a few other students with our old middle school coach. She guided us where we were supposed to go. It was going to be cold and wet outside and she was trying to get us to not wear our jackets or something. I said no and wore two. I tightened the hood around my face. We went outside and it was a bit damp. Couch wanted us to sit around in a circle so we did. I sat next to Glenn. After that a tall demon creature appeared in the center of us. It was “Satan/the Devil.” Everyone but me scattered. He was pissed about something and lashed out in place. I don’t think he could move. I got closer and he lashed out a second time but didn’t hit me. I received these weird molds/dried feet of his that he was spewing out like a minecraft character. One was broken in half while the other whole. He told me to keep the half one and make a mold out of the second if I wanted. He was very kind and calm when he spoke to me. He turned to Glenn who was now Dj in a girls body and he was petrified (scared irl too). He asked “Lilith?” Dj was very confused and didn’t answer.

October 18th

Unfortunately I couldn’t remember most of this wildly detailed dream.

Chased by vampires and escaped

Cheated on DJ by flirting with someone else.

Trying to find this solution to make myself and friends significantly more powerful.

October 23rd-26th

Very sex oriented dreams for the most part.

Second dream I rode a “sassy” horse.

Third dream I flew of my own will.

November 3rd

I dreamt I was mopping up peanut butter with a diarrhea consistency. I stepped in it and it was getting my long leg sleeves dirty. I also spit out some peanut butter.

I was in the ocean near the shore and the waves were getting turbulent but I never went under or got swept away. There was a man there helping me. I lost my phone and he gave me a spare one with a good few of my main contacts. I was upset but it was better than nothing.

Weird sex dream kinda with nothing actually happening. Giant my little ponies kept interacting with me though.

Next there was this weird deformed hellspawn creature coming towards me. Looked like he came out of dark souls. Had a bunch of deformed hands merged together and burnt skin. A huge mouth with huge teeth and empty looking murky white eyes rimmed with black.

November 4th

I was lost in some new place. There were creatures trying to kill me at some points but I kept going. I found a place to rest in. I decided to mark each land mass going in two direction so I could figure a way out. I flew too to try to see anything familiar but it was futile. I came across a dead end land mass and accidentally summoned two lurkers from Skyrim. I tried to escape but got pulled back by a tentacle. I got hit a few times and hid to heal myself. Then I attacked one with a bow and took it down. The second one was tough. I had just started fighting it when a group of people came by and took it down. They were friendly and I explained my situation and they helped me.

I was at my old workplace I was trying to serve people back in the VIP room but I kept forgetting their drinks. They were getting progressively more upset. I snapped at my old manager. Then my ex best friend came into the picture and tried to say something off to me and I laid into her. I told her how I really felt and I was harsh. She was crying and I went about my business. DJ was off the clock at the bar eating.

Now I was in my dark midnight looking room. I was with a few people and I was still pissed like in the last dream. Someone else upset me but I decided to help then out instead. Now I was naked for some reason but comfortably so. I was in bed and gonna do the deed but then I got up. I was going to kill someone in the room but then a small octopus appeared on my body. I was worried he’d bite me but he didnt. He was whispering to me a better plan will moving all over my body for some reason. I agreed. I like that octopus.

November 5th

I was in a school with a bunch of people I grew up with. We were pitted against each other to fight to the dead. I killed a few and then died by piercing through the heart. That’s how everyone was meant to be killed. I respawned and tried again. I had to calm some people I knew down saying I didn’t want to kill them. There were zombies coming and we needed to fight back. I shouted to everyone else to do the same. We fought some.

Then I was outside running with two others. Sarah a chick from my elementary school and Tyrees from the walking dead. We ran past the hoards and kept going. We ended up at this hip high fence and looked it over. There were two parallel chain gences and I got in the center. There was this rabbit trying to climb up and balanced on the top of the fence perched there. There was something wrong with it. I had a premonition Sarah would be bit and turned into a zombie by this thing. I pushed it over the fence and it squealed. It was sprawled out on the ground. We went to the farthest side of the fence parallel to a taller wooden fence. We leapt over and sprinted as far as we could.

Now I was in a house of my own. It was tall with many levels and my neighbor across from me had the same. I can’t remember much. I taught my neighbor the minecraft wolves can take down the zombies and with many there would be no more issues but it was too late. The zombies started to come out from my neighbors basement in droves. I fled into the top floor then ended up in another building.

Now I was Ross from Friends for some reason. I was running from the zombies and someone else in order to ensure the safety of my kid at the time? We went up a few stories in this huge apartment complex building type thing. We got to a secure spot and I had her jump out of a window. But somehow the window was at the ground floor so the kid was safe. The window was small and I couldn’t get out myself. There were thorned grey vines all over the bushes too. I opted to kill myself so I didn’t have to deal with being torn to shreds while conscious. I took as many pills as I could find and collapsed to the floor. I could barely feel anything and I was afraid of dying. At some point I turned over. I couldn’t feel my hands or my feet. My body was tingly and numb. And then I heard music playing. A bunch of calming songs. I said mentally I didn’t want to die. I felt myself being lifted up slightly off the ground. There was this pink sparkling energy telling me everything was going to be okay. She/it made me feel very calm and at peace. I was at that point myself and not Ross.

I tried to move my limbs. It was difficult. Very very difficult. I finally sat myself up and started peeing without peeing the toxins from my body. I spit up a good bit too. I thought to myself that I’ll need to hydrate soon. I propped myself against the edge of the fridge and saw the door was wide open. I heard footsteps and tried to make myself small. Carol from the Walking Dead came and said “Oh, you’re awake. Good I brought some fresh groceries.” Or something like that. She opened the fridge and replaced some of the wilted items. She told me she would be right back and to stay pout. I wasn’t worried anymore.

November 6th

I dreamt I was naked running across a crowd of people but no one noticed. It was in front of my old house. I put some clothes on and ended up heading behind the house. It was smaller than in real like and I met up with a coworker. We were walking together towards some sort of get together.

November 7th

I was trapped in a house with nowhere to go. The older couple there wouldn’t let me leave and tried to implement strange rules. I escaped though.

I dreamt I was building a minecraft house to sell to real people. My employee was giving a speech about the house to sell as I was adding a basement and other final touches. In the basement was a billiard and a couple that was constantly complaining. She was complaining about how much work other than attending to her every two seconds I was doing. I ended up getting into a fight with them and kicked them out.

November 9th-11th absolutely nothing for the most part. Couldn’t remember my dreams to save my life.

November 12th

An attack was occurring. I fled behind something for cover and spoke to my little brother somehow to know he was safe. He hid too and he was safe. Someone else spoke to me. One of the attackers. They spoke to me as if I was one of their buddies and I wasn’t being targeted throughout the entire situation so I suppose I was on the attackers side.

Next I was in my apartment. I had a very very very tiny baby boy in my lap. He was naked for some reason. I was loving and protective over him. I had to pick him up and he pooped all over my hand and the spot we were in. I cleaned it up. I had to leave for a minute or two and when I came back my cousin was holding the child and screaming at me for leaving him alone. (He was fine.) She was hysterical and it took a few moments to calm her down. She told me to proceed with my side of the story and agreed with me that she had overreacted.

November 13th

I dreamt I was speaking with customers as a server. These girls in different blue hoodies kept coming in and sitting at the bar without my notice. The bartender was serving them but they were getting irritated that I wasn’t serving them. They started to mouth off and I told them if they were gonna talk to me that way then they can gtfo wanna be blueman group.

I was at my childhood friends place. Some guys offered me a platter of different parts of bull meat. They kept giggling about it and were disgusted when I ate it. They said one of them was bull penis so I got it close to their faces and they backed off.

At some point there was masturbation that kept getting interrupted by intrusive thoughts about the spirit I’m working with and I was not having it. Even dream me is like uh uh nope :joy:.

There was more I can’t remember now though.