Bow's Dreamwork Journal

July 9th and 10th were a blur

July 11th

My boyfriend and I were traveling together and occasionally being intimate. He’s unsure about moving but I convince him to. We keep driving sound until we’re at a store. Before he goes in his buddy shows up with his girlfriend. They chat and the bf goes inside. The friend and his girlfriend get into the car. He starts to flirt with me and puts his hands on my boyfriends gummies. I take them back and eat them. Awkward silence between the three of us and I glare at him. We all go back to our home and they start to set up the yard for a party. Its for my bf and they have a bunch of other people over to help.

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July 14th

The night before I wondered if I should visit my parents to gather the rest of my things.

I dreamed that I had traveled to me parents place. There were these creatures in the beginning collecting things and one was upset I had collected something better than it. Then I’m in trouble with something. My parents gazes are unfeeling and intense. A few points in the dream I was outside barefooted and walking in cold puddles.

July 15th

My boss fired me. My coworkers tried to defend/reassure me but I wasn’t having it. I left work.

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July 16th

I don’t remember dreaming. Mostly black.

July 17th

I was in some strange place and then my parents house. I went to go outside and my childhood cat, Ira, was there. (He passed irl). He was older looking. Rickety and thin. I was so excited to see him that I picked him up and brought him in. Apparently he was captured and being tested on all that time away. I found myself being attached to wires as well in that moment. I freaked out as there was a massive tube in my major artery of my left leg. It poked out at the top of my thigh to the lower inside of my calve. My mother instructed me to carefully pull it out so I did, slowly. It filled with clear liquid as I did.

I don’t remember anything else. Maybe Ira was visiting me. My grandmother has in another dream. I’m just hoping he wasn’t tormented in any way before his actual last moments of life.

July 19th

I was at a store with an ex coworker. We were gonna split the bill on anything we purchase. As we loaded the cart more and more he kinda wandered off. I went to the desk and the bill came up to 219. I asked to put some things back until it was at 100 more of less. During that time two of the cashiers asked if I was seeing someone. I said yes.

I now enter a door and step it. It’s my work place. I’m serving a tournament. They’re all from out of town and very new to the place. I start getting orders. I go to the farthest table to a group of women. They ask what kind of cocktails we have and I list some off. One asks for a specific one. A lemon blast or something. Something I’ve never heard of. She lists of the liquors and I ask her if we don’t have one of the liquors if we can substitute it. She laughs and agrees.

I’m now passing my bartender making drinks and entering another door. Now I’m in this underground ruin/mansion. It’s cold. I’m looking for something but I don’t know what. I don’t remember if the voice speaking to me was disembodied or not. He expects me to fail something. There’s a trap in the mansion ruin. There’s snow in here and it’s cold. A fox comes towards me and freezes under a blanket of snow. Then a walrus does. Then another creature (idk if it was the one speaking to me). I start to freeze myself. I try to stay close to fires around the ruin until I come across this small strange candle. It’s a curved, circular disk. I break it in half and it turns into two. I continue to break it down despite the voices dismay. The flame doesn’t hurt so I place it in compartments in my clothes. I’m safe.