Bow's Dreamwork Journal

Here I will be posting the recordings of my dreams for the past three months and ones hereafter. My goal is to better recall them in order to compare symbolism related to my waking life.

After recall is sufficient then I will slowly introduce lucid dreaming into my regular schedule, and then hopefully the practice of astral projection. We shall see.

Month One •◇• October of 2020

A good few days that are posted without a dream incident are more often influenced by environmental stimuli (some of which reluctantly state aren’t exactly health conscious decisions :sweat_smile:). This would be another goal to prevent

Inside a video game (halo like) and nearly dying. Chased by spiders and zombies (some flood). Then in house where I’m shown animations list of videos. Lizards acting like cats licking the floor and running from me. Helping someone calm down with the dark winter music

10/2 Evocation Night
Buying something and not receiving what I asked but then receiving what I ask (convenience store). Not able to find the clothes I want for work and panicking. Walking to work and it’s raining heavily. While at work my shoes are wet and I struggle to serve. Am given dry socks but customers are being extra.

10/3 Stress dream of work and school combined. I took the customer’s order and wrote it down as math equations

10/4 Traversing an extremely dark tunnel and fighting something. Mansionlike with various different rooms. I come in and out through different door levels that open to the outside. As I move deeper into the cave I move up in the physical/outside plane. I’m asked to come out of the cave on each level by my “producer.” I come out and head to a restaurant (dunkin supposedly). The first and third food item is extremely expensive. My mother belittles me, denies it, and I snap. I storm out of my house/restaurant. (I was in both simultaneously)

10/5 Crying in the beginning but why I’m not sure. In a mansion again but I could see. I was being held against my will and using the multiple doorways to escape their site. Found a blonde girl on the way and became borderline intimate with her. We decided to continue to escape. Was looking through the cracks of doors to avoid our opponents and a shadow figure with bright white eyes was stalking. She knew where I was regardless. Her and I went through a window onto the semi/porch roof and jumped down safely by grabbing the cushion/curtain underneath. We ran with heavy packs on our back and crossed two main roads. She made it across as I lagged behind, struggling to not get hit.

10/6 Shot a white bird with an arrow. I go to find more birds but can’t. Three whales gone hunting.

10/7 Can’t Remember

10/8 Finding people choice cuts of meat and choosing sizes of pool cues

10/9 Dream I was painting school floor until I come across a strange dog that lost an eye. Dog tries to attack and I flee to my grandfather’s house and lock myself in.

10/10 Don’t recall much of the dream but possibly that I was weeping? Guy handing me money and apologizing for being an ass

10/11 Walking up a nature trail to a house that deals with some sort of clay. I had scooped some clay from dirt before entering. People were kinda rude and then there were the best skiers in the world. Whale, elephants, and some other (rhino most likely) large animal bones rested on the floor of the boat. I went to a village after. There was a homeless man outside and I entered the shop of my liking so I could buy food for myself and him. I was stuck there crying as she was speaking to me calmly. Cant remember what she said but it may be associated with some internal issues of mine. I recall having difficulty controlling myself around the sweets that she made

10/12 weird intimacy with one of my brothers while we play video games and I’m mad uncomfortablyduring the entirety of it and go to leave. I end up in this place with two hills, a river, and a bridge. Three men offer me a different sword. The sword of one with a name I cant remember, of darkness,and the last of death. I take the sword of death and I’m told I can bamboozle the first swordsman with it but I dont. (I spoke with them two different times and the last swordsmaster was nowhere to be found.) A ritual is done to the sword (everything and the sword is food at first and donned with the hottest spices) and I bite the tip of the sword. It becomes a large silver great sword and the original wielder appears in the distance and starts following me. Hes an older man with pale white skin and a black cloak. I can see his face and head, he is bald. I turn to flee and as he gets closer I swing at him and miss. He then retaliates with his smaller gold sword and I block then turn to flee again. As I flee someone else appears with me (possibly glenn for possible reassurance?) and we run together until we are stopped behind a tree. The wielder still pursued but stopped a ways from where we were and sat with me. I was afraid but he never attacked. Now I’m back at my work taking orders when our customers wish yo redeem points through other businesses on our app (imaginary) so I concede. We dont have the specific restaurants they’re looking for. One group is understand and the other is as well besides one. They take care to care for me despite this. I leave and I’m now in my backyard facing some cats here and there. I get into a scuffle with one or two of them (black, white, and grey) and they barely fight back besides a hiss and a scratch or two. In the distance a much larger blonde female Maine coon appears and she watches this take place wearily/intensely.

10/13 Possible humiliation. Crying involved and another male. Cant recall the rest

10/14 Driving people home and not getting lost. While I’m home I’m chased around bu a huge centipede. The centipede bit a snake and peeled a long strip of skin off. Sleeping cats. Serving customers. Then being on the road but on foot. I spy on the shape creatures with me until I’m walking home again. I come across a rat and flee. It’s hot on my heels so I climb a tall fence against the side of a building. There are a ton of rats at the top, so with one behind me, the others start to jump off at me. I push off the fence and flip “backwards” off the gate while a torrent of fire follows the rats.

10/15 Serving two picky customers. They wanted jolly ranchers but one wanted one much sweeter with extra grenadine. Trimming my hair???

10/16 serving? Fish beads. Being driven to work and forgetting makeup. I was then given makeup

10/17 ???boys?

10/18 Waitressing again and kind of going with the flow. People were patient. Then I was swimming across a shallow, naturally occurring pool sided by concrete bridge. I climbed out and almost took the stairwell but was call back. I saw a heavily pregnant woman. [Possible lucid dreaming control: I had my class on while I was “sleeping” and at some point saw my room and laptop screen vividly as the teacher was speaking. I thought my eyes were open and they felt so but I soon realized that they were closed]

10/19 something about disease

10/20 cannot recall

10/21 ???

10/22 Counting money

10/23 Glenn gives me food without fries so I order some and get in trouble.

10/24 Barely slept

10/25 Cat reaching out to me?

10/26 once again in a shop and going after the junk food, especially the cookies. The cashier is rude this time around. Before that I was walking up a small hill with a broken concrete bridge for cars to pass over while the sidewalk was completely separate

10/27 Throwing apples at my manager and shoplifting. I stole two royal blue nail polish but forgot the chocolate bunny

10/28 Serving again but I was assertive and things seemed easier. Painful lip?

10/29 Dream friend was told she was drinking too much but that was intended for me to hear. Alot of people there with me. I heard or read the name Leviathan.

10/30 A tab stapled with a one hundred dollar bill

10/31 ???

Month Two •◇• November of 2020

My dreams are a bit more vivid than the first month. I’ve recalled significantly more than the first and most of the symbolism is congruent and what I felt was easy to understand with my waking life.

11/1 Sketching a bird? I was very passionate about it.

11/2 Three bird drawings. All of which had blue, yellow, and green coloration. One corner of one was ripped, the other almost entirely cut in half diagonally, and the last was in good condition. Katie scratched the growth on her neck and is bleeding profusely.

11/3 Dream of buying a bunch of food with a guy next to me. (Especially candy but I couldn’t find a three musketeers). He was worried about the amount of the bill but I stated I’d be paying for my own. [Possible financial worries due to impulse buys]

11/4 around the neighborhood with some dude. (His face changed throughout) he was flirty and at some point became borderline sexual. My pants were ripped. We were on a bike at some point. I sat on his lap and hurt his balls lol. I end up at an Ex Coworkers place and her and I greet each other warmly. She fed me lots of snacks.

11/5 ???

11/6 ???

11/7 Bees in my hair



11/10 Brought along by love interests best friend somewhere and announced to all about how hideous I was. He was hurting but that didnt give him the right to lash out.

11/12 Roaming around a resort/hotel in a truck. Not finding my way exactly and my father is upset. We go to travel to the jungle of the area on this rollercoaster ramp road. I’m nervous about falling during the twists but we’re fine. We end up at my ex coworkers, Allies’, place then head back. There are two horses running and playing near/in water. They look like the horses from Spirit. The Male drinks from the ocean and spits it out. (This may be the point where I use the Dragon tongue). I try and struggle to find my way back to Allies place. I sleep over and DJ is with me. we share boneless wings between us. There are many other males there and two of which start to double team rape me. I fight back and they dont seem bothered after the fact. I start attacking them in public with increasing wrath. I wake up. At some point in the dream one dude burned one of my teeth and another was wiggly. My teeth were a little crooked

11/13 Traveling? There was a man willing to catch me so I didn’t fall into the rotting food but joked he would drop me. Responded to me going to the void by saying once you open that wallet, all they want to do is take


11/15 If you don’t want bad water, filter it. Also anger with someone and a wound on my vagina

11/16 Slept in segments. Dream consisted of me going off on Darren for speaking to Glenn poorly. My customers closed their tab with me and berated me for not having their orders properly separated.

11/17 more difficulty with customers being disrespectful

11/18 Cuddling with the man and being close in general. He was on top of me holding me closely. I rarely saw his face, body more. Uncomfortable being wholly intimate with him. Odd part of the dream where I had large flaps of connective tissues on my vagina as if I were getting ready for a massive breeding then laying process. :face_vomiting:

11/19 Something about a bear

11/20 in a mansion as cat people. Two stairwells leading to the void. We couldn’t escape and all put to sleep one by one after staring into the void. Our golden chips on a panel disappeared one by one and we each went unconscious. We were then taken to a massive white ball in the void to be erased. As we neared we were incinerated. I then wake to another dream of chasing a bull in the middle of nowhere on a farm

11/25 swimming in the Nile of africa. Wildebeest. There were crocodiles and I avoided them. Then came robed people in yellow. They took me away to somewhere underground but not through the water. I was in a bunker or somewhere. Still sunlight. Everything was cluttered. I helped a child to calm down and untangle a wire. Ms deb made me cupcakes and I was called racist afterwards. Idk why. I kept my composure


11/27 three sentient laundry machines lined up next to each other. One starts to leak liquid caramel?

11/28 Dream of applying something to a pool of water everyone was in. Unbeknownst to me, it was a bio melting substance, and took everyone underwater to be dissolved. Went to the “infernal empire” to find solutions. Avoiding people I knew. Robin at the end of dream.

11/29 I recall the end of the dream of me holding a worried little boy.

11/30 I was at work and busy. Fallon took a table while I ate. I’m at home and my mother upsets me so I leave. I go to a party in my bros car but have to stop and wait along the way at an elevator with signs around. People without vehicles are understanding of my impatience and I leave. I go to the party and it’s a massive arcade and I’m tempted by all the food especially the cookies. I eventually eat two macadamia nut cookies and initiate conversation with owner of cookies. He’s friendly and we chat while he holds me first some reason until I leave. DJ comes along and we go outside with I think the little boy from my previous night. He holds my hand on the path while until we walk along some broken up hills with metal fences and a river running through a narrow gap. On the narrow path I cling tightly to the child’s hand as we continue and keep him from falling. DJ leaps over to the other hillside no problem but I remain cautious. I cling tightly to the metal fences and bars now to reach the other side. Someone else falls in the water but it wasnt the child with me. I dont recall the transition but I find myself falling into a dark pit. There’s a dim light with me as I make my way down the pit. At some point I think I or someone else crawled out but then we were back in the pit and my “companion” turned into a spider I think and skittered up out of the well. Some odd shadow creatures take notice but they dont find us. They are rat like and wear fine suits. A circle of library bookshelves surround me. There are two entrances. As the creatures leave, one spots a rack of spears and is immediately intrigued. As he nears he turns around and speaks passed an entrance and spots me. He becomes a nuisance at this point and blows out the candle whilst giggling. I can hear DJ shouting with concern in his voice to get me out of there. (I think).

Month Three •◇• December of 2020

Dreams seem a bit shorter and I experienced alot of stress during this month.

12/1 arguing with someone in the beginning but cant recall. I’m at home and serving tables some how. One regular seems to be mentally diminished over age. I’ve run off along a river bank at some point. I pass a shed, yetis, and avoid possible crocodiles while near the water. Strange purple blob creatures come after me. I find an obsidian box in Pentagon shape with a salt lid. The river goes out into the ocean. I come back and kill a fish. I hit a purple whale and she’s angry. I avoid her at the dock with the two boats set up side by side and then return to my kitchen table. An ex coworker, Steve, plays cards with one or two others. My regular at this point is incapable of ordering a burger due to his deterioration. Steve has three boxes from the sea including the one I had originally found. I tried to ask for it and maybe was my answer. I had originally forgotten I had found it during this part of the dream and became angered I couldn’t claim it now. We played gofish and dreams ends here.

12/2 cant recall much besides possibly working or being in an office job. Little blond boy was with me again.



12/5 in a chocolate shop with Glenn and cant decide on what I want. People make it a point to get in my way and I remain as polite as possible. I keep losing the chocolate section and it disappears at some points. I become frantic searching for it and am told I don’t need it. I disregard this and continue to look for a while. We decide to leave and head into another shop. It’s a perfume shop. We sniff a couple and then leave. We’re now outside and it’s night. The stars are gorgeous. We continue and the stars start to fade and I’m trying to take a picture of a cat head cloud formation. A man is turning on Christmas lights and it is blocking out the stars. I’m angry as I can’t catch the photo and we leave and exclaim “goddamn” in front of DJ. Unable to catch myself I fell silent and left. I’m now elsewhere I dont recognize. Someplace indoors with a patio? My regular, Darryl, is competing against something. He pays for my food. I state that if he wins I’ll take care of his bill. He wins and flees the scene. I too leave.

12/6 dream of being handed a one hundred dollar bill. Having intercourse with people who are supposed to be my coworkers. Some rejected and one tries a second round with me.

12/7 I was on a boat and it started falling apart. Soon a crocodile attempted to board it but the boat fell apart completely. I was lying on a large plank of wood. The crocodile jumped on and joined me. He didnt try to bite me and turned his back.

12/8 DJ driving a car with me in the passenger seat. Trapped in an apartment with a couple who wouldn’t let me leave.

12/9 Sexy time with DJ. Lead to an apartment with DJ. It’s “Joe’s and allison’s.” They didnt have the same faces. I’m then in another apartment complex but larger. The couple was putting on a show while Emily was serving the area. Bullying from the couple commenced and I’m immediately incensed. It continues until they’re ready for live recording. As they begin, I stand up with my coffee, and fling it in their faces for all to see. Everyone is speechless and I leave. I’m then with a group I was with before. I greet the leader and he reciprocates. He then proceeds to walk down the line of apartments. He starts dragging out the members and murdering them in front of their children. I think they’re all mothers that he kills. I can’t recall if he kills any children too. I became extremely protective of the children and screaming and crying and howling for him to stop. He doesn’t stop.

12/10 Purple suit. Freaked out finding a dying hummingbird. I watched it to see if was still alive. It was but barely. I picked it up and fed it with a dropper. It slowly regained health.

12/11 ???

12/12 A large man requested sex in exchange for money. I accepted. I was in a home in the woods. At first I was with this other boy attempting sex. We did the deed and he made the mistake of not using protection. I freaked out when he finished and rushed to have all semen removed to prevent pregnancy. I come across a group of people with Glenn and we spend time in the girls apartment. It’s decorated with some purple furnishings. I knock over a board of hers and try to fix it. She takes it as a great deal and we leave. At the edge of the woods. I had to move silently to refrain from being caught by whatever void beast inhabited the space. I’ve had this dream before. I wasn’t caught and once I made it to the other side I had access to the woods without harm. The large man I previously encountered requested sex once again in exchange for money and shelter. I declined and fought my way out of the apartment were now in.

12/13 I’m in my neighborhood wandering. Lost? I avoid someone trying to kidnap me. The neighbors hate us for some reason. There are a bunch of antiques we have that they want. They can’t have them. I’m often moving in and out of the house through the window. Our home seems more decrepit and unkempt. Older and has a Victorian era mansion style to it. Someone (sebastian/gage?) tries to lay with me but reveals a pedophile side to him. I shove him off and leave.

12/14 Having sex with Toby the regular. Disgusting first of all. Feeling insecure and disgusted with the entire thing.

12/15 Two chains. Braided. Silver interior and gold exterior. I’m comparing mine with another.


12/17 I was in a school. Math class. Teacher Ms. Holly with black hair and a red dress. I leave the classroom and get let but find my way back. I’m in my room. Katie is a kitten with folded ear tips. I smuggle her in. The room is messy and I start organizing. Katie pees in a corner and I reprimand her. A girl is in my room and she opens something. It’s a makeup kit and I tell her to stay out of things she doesnt belong in.

12/18 Man yelling at me for lending money

12/19 Cant recall but DJ was there

12/20 Ginger man that turned into a red and purple dragon with a beige belly attempted to seduce me. Dream skips and I’m serving a table who barely speaks English

12/21 DJ and I going all the way. Most of the dream not recalled but was definitely eventful


12/23 Bear. Fish in a self sustaining ecosystem jar. I was at one point a common potoo bird that hides in plain sight.

12/24 Being taught mathematics?? Red book with golden letters called Twins.

12/25 in a relationship with a girl and kissing another girl to make her jealous. Being looked at and stalked while taking a shower. After this people kept coming towards me. My hair in the mirror was especially curly and lots of volume. Large crater like zit on vagina. Allyson and I decide to cook together.

12/26 ???

12/27 Cant recall


12/29 Somewhere in the beginning i flee from something. I find a secret room along my path and enter. Once there there’s an orb similar to that of meridias beacon but smaller, geometric, and silver. I touch it and a boy appears to explain the use of the room. He becomes offended somehow and a towering black fur “coated” figured figure with a goat/deer skull mounted on a huge white goat. I flee to the other end of the room with another smaller room through a carpet of violet flame. I’m worried of burning but didnt. I turn around and now I am the white goat. I charge the creature and cast violet flame back. He flails back a bit before the dream changes.

12/30 I find myself at this resort for exercising and battle training. All involved are nearly or completely naked. A tall black woman, the leader, looks at me knowingly/sadly? I turn to go down the path. I’m trying to find my way home. The path is paralleled by a cold water lake and trees too close to the path. I take caution to not fall in. I’m afraid of falling in. Realizing it isnt the way home, I turn back, and enter the building. I speak with a girl and she doesnt seem concerned.

I am now in a field. I’m with two others seeking shelter from some unknown creatures. Possibly zombies? We find a cabin with a door that doesnt work. They dont move to do anything so I rip it off its hinges and try to fit a new door that I found onto it. Theres a yellow snake outside and I gut it.

Now I’m in an underwater cabin. Here I’m breeding balloons that turn into rabbits and cats. I’m giving them something that causes rapid growth and breeding desire. One of the cats I outside in the airtight porch passes away. I wash the cats bowls

12/31 All I recall is having to enter a gorilla enclosure. I was afraid that the single male would be aggressive towards me. We made eye contact and his eyes spoke of longing?


Me, every time I see a dream journal (I know what I like):


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Lol. Well plenty more shall be provided

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Month Four •◇• January of 2021

Some of the vague dreams I do recall having tons of detail but is all forgotten unfortunately. Three nights in a row with dreams including defecation.

1/1 Dream of being a knight and defending someone. I was a large male in this dream. I find myself merging into another dream and still as a defensive knight. I’m fighting people/creatures. I think I’ve seen this knight before in past dreams

1/2 I’m to take over the position of director for some rich dude. My friend became sick from covid and assigned me as the best candidate.

My dream skips and now there are dragons. They’re colossal red, yellow, and white. The red one is aggressive. I’m handed a dagger and tasked to destroy him. I flit in between their world in the clouds and mine on the Earth. It’s time to fight. I’m in the clouds and standing on invisible ground. The red dragon flicks his tail at me and I dodge. He keeps coming at me harder until the white Dragon rams him off the platform. Yellow has been off to the side. The white looks at me and lays his head down to rest. I watch as red falls to his death. I’m on the ground again. As I watch the colossal beast fall from glory, his flesh is stripped from his bone as hes bearing the ground. All that’s left is a skeleton.

I’m now at the beach with my family excluding my two eldest brothers. My sister and her toddler are there. We wade into the water and take note of the brown thrashing waves. My mother warns us of undertow and quicksand and how a child shouldn’t be in the water. There is a bit of drag in the water as we drift out farther. I start to swim back and family follows. I try to get out of the sticky water I find myself crawling over. The bank is steep and I’m just short enough to be unable to climb it. I claw at the sand until my sister/eldest brother helps? I’m panicked and hurriedly demand he/she help me. He/she is upset with me for this but helps regardless and pulls me over the bank. I’m frustrated I had to ask and peer down at my family in the water. They’re closer to shore now. I find myself trying to remove the sticky sand from my hands.

I’m now viewing the interactions between two male demons. One stereotypical red and the other with straight black hair and burnt beige skin. They both have tails and horns. They’re bickering for the most part about goals. At some point the burnt tries to seduce the first and is rejected. He dedicates a putrid black liquid substance on the floor. They continue to bicker and the image of another demon, a much more saturated red with tiny pinprick horns and no hair, and mention a “powerful” thick red braid he’s creating. The bickering is severe but they continue. The burned one looks longingly at the braid in his mind and wishes to create and practice power as well.

1/3 A large man? Defecation by me?

1/4 dream I was at work trying to park in my red car. My first few attempts were crooked and I couldn’t seem to do it properly. I find myself whipping and speeding in the parking lot. I become frustrated and then I’m in a motorcycle instead. My first attempts were a failure. I finally am able to park it and one of the regulars defecated within the parking lines. I bitch at him and move on. My other regular mentions a dagger in far side of the lot. My best friend, another person I dont recall, and I dash for it. Friend claims it and I try to take it from her. It has a basic gold handle and silver blade. I am cut as I attempt to take it from her. She considers giving it to me.

1/5 Cannot recall but intense.

1/6 Trying to turn into a wolf? Possible direct contact with demonic entity?

1/7 I’m back in my school. I cant remember what goes on but I leave. I miss my shift by twelve hours. My manager doesn’t seem angry but I try to get her attention anyways. I’m now outside my home. A man explains a strange bird to me that is the only being that can eat this certain type of nut. The nuts fill up the entirety of my trashcan. He then goes on to explain to me the types and uses of plants around us.

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Month Four •◇• January of 2021

For the most part sleep has been decent. I’ve taken to only drinking caffeine before 12 pm. I think some of my guides are playing as some of the characters in my dreams.

1/8 Can’t recall but vivid.

1/9 traveling and accosted by flirtatious men along the way. I’m in a store and being harassed by them again. I tell them no and get off me. Their girlfriends become my shield. I pick up a deck of cards and throw it at the main dude. He backs off. Before I leave the store I give him the card with the dagger. I’m now in a house with DJ and the people who were harassing me. Girlfriends are there too. They keep harassing but eventually stop after my millionth rejection. I stay with DJ. I’m outside of the house in this shed. I’m in the attic part and now I’m being chased by zombies. They try desperately to bite me. I climb out from the side and they fall off chasing me. I almost fall with them as the wire slips but I manage to escape.

1/10 Running from and to something? DJ and I are being intimate. It’s a gentle process but we’re interrupted often.

1/11 DJ and I are together and we’re having drinks. He asks me to make him a long island. I’m not at work explaining to my coworkers that I’m not serving a particular customer for being nasty to me. They agree this is the best action

1/12 I’m with a group and we try to avoid a zombie in the house. He chases us a few times but we shake him off. We find ourselves in a room with more people and hide there. A girl comes in and I tell her to hide as it isnt safe. She’s crying. Once clear we move on. We avoid the creature again and end up in a strange bathroom. It has more hiding places but this time we also make the move for self defense. I climb the stalls as they’re wider now and climb high so I’m not hit. I step back down and climb an arch that’s higher. This repeats once. Before I’m at the top of the arch the material under me is destroyed and I fall to the floor. There are about four people in matching fight suits attacking. I’m now toe to toe with them. They speak to me and continue to destroy the area. The people fight back. They offer me a helmet and I put it on. I’m now matching the enemy. I turn my back to them and now face odd creatures between me and the people I fled with. They’re hurt and one by one I touch them. As this happens they glow and their “souls” sing. I sing to them. The enemy flees now and my group regathers themselves. We make a move to destroy resources of the enemy.

1/13 Theres a beginning dream I cant recall. I’m now in what is supposed to be my home. There are others working and living here as well. Im trying to make it more homey for myself and DJ. Im often outside as well. Theres a winged woman in the house? I come across this little bug and destroy it. Then I come across a room full of many of them. I commence the slaughter. I continue until I realize the movements are odd. One of my roommates takes a closer look and the bugs are aliens looking for a new home. They can stand on their hind legs

1/14 popping a zit that’s very deep. It looks like the sections of a scorpions tail but elongated. I’m now tasked with something but I can’t recall.

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Month Four •◇• January of 2021

1/15 Can’t recall. Someone reaching out to me or me to them? An item may have been offered.

1/16 I walk into this small room and I start to urinate on the floor. I make a sweep of the room and create a helix then turn around and continue creating a double helix with my urine. I leave the room and come back. Two of my coworkers are there; Steve and Nate. Steve says nothing as they try to wash out the floor. I play it off as if whoever had done this was disgusting. I ask who did this and they answer with I don’t know. I offer to help clean I think. I ask nate if he hates me and he states that I’m his favorite motorbike buddy.

I’m now with another coworker. She and I are on a motorbike. She’s wearing all faded red and the lead driver. Her bike isn’t fast enough and she doesn’t keep up with the other drivers.

I’m now with DJ again. He and I are invited to his family dinner. We come over and wait for its preparation to complete. He sits down in a chair and I try to find room to sit with him. I find a chair behind him but it has items that don’t belong to me so I don’t touch them. I’m move throughout the small area until dinner is ready. His family swarms the dining table and we struggle to find a place to sit in time. In the end, we don’t have a place to sit.

Something that stands out to me a bit. I’m not sure if it is subconscious or otherwise but a statement had formed: “You say that you’re busy but you have time to watch a movie?”

1/17 Dj is over but he has no place to sleep but my tiny bed. He rejects my offer to grab a mattress but I get one anyways. Glenn’s comforter is still on it for some reason but he thanks me. I make a move to push something in front of the door so no one disturbs us but a child is in the way. He is pumping this gun that shoots diarrhea from himself and I kick him out. I clean up the mess.

I leave the room and now find myself in some sort of lair/cave. A massive red wingless dragon is there and I speak with him. He’s gorgeous and I ask to take picture of him in certain poses. I tried to take more photos of him from the side of his face as I felt he looked a little odd for a frontal photo. The angry poses looked “correct” from his front. He does them but not without scattering silly faces in between. He then grabs this massive toddler and snuggles to sleep with him.

I move on and find myself entering a clinic to have my sore ankle checked. The nurse speaks to me in Arabic as I put you ankle on this stilt to be looked over. The first thing she says to me i understand and comply. She seems pleased but when she continues I can’t understand what she’s saying. She seems slightly disappointed and asks me to remove my ankle. I leave and pass by two people waiting for a checkup.

In this dream slot of people spoke to me but I don’t recall them all. I’m fairly certain I was trying to outrun something like a disease but I’m not sure. I asked spirit for a sign and received it.

1/18 I’m waitresses again. I’m back to this week’s Saturday morning shift and it’s busy. The night shift rolls around and they take their sections. I am to work a double but the other server claims the section that I have is hers due to covid. More like it’s hers because the section has more tables. At first I’m okay but then I refuse. I go to the back room check on the customers. Some regulars complain about our new drink prices. I get their drinks and forget about one. As I return to the bar there is a massive swarm of people coming in for all tables. We’re at half capacity due to covid so I panic. Some are impatient. I bring my regular his correct drink and return to start serving. Some of the other servers have poached my tables but I’m happy I don’t have to deal with all of them at once. The first table I serve is of a wife and husband. The wife is kind and the husband is impatient. The husband is iffy with me about me having his credit card on file for the tab but they finally oblige. The next table is of two friendly women. I have to explain the deals repeatedly but they’re kind about it. One is German and the other American.

I’m now in another dream. Dj and I are together outside. I see a semi melanistic jaguar and children trying to surround it. He’s crouched down looking at me and I continue to approach. He’s now looking at the children and I start shouting to get the children away. I stand between them and the cat. Then a group of children come up behind the jaguar and start climbing all over him. The jaguar doesn’t attack but I still move to scare them off. The cat is growling a little but I get close enough for him to sniff my hand. I don’t give eye contact until he’s ready. He’s calmish now.

1/19 I’m fleeing from something or searching through water. The water leads out to sea as well. I come across a pocket of water with sea urchins. They’re barbed and I catch myself on them as I try to leave. They sting like mad but I take a moment to remove at fragments and leave hesitantly. The exit is narrow and the water flow is more intense. I can hear my family while this occurs.

I can’t recall anything else

Jan 1/20 I’m serving customers in my room for some reason. There are a good few and I try to keep up. Everyone on the floor is working hard to keep the owner happy. I come back to complaints that they want another server instead. I offer to bring her around instead but they’re dismissive.

I’m in a convenience store and I search around to find something I like. I can’t seem to and the customers there seem to tease me. I either ignore them or give them a bit of bark. Before I stop searching I find a red necklace. It’s made out of wood and paper and opens up like a small bowl. It has a darker red top that swirls and comes with two smaller strawberry necklaces. I take them all.

I’m now in a store. I’m with a child and he’s making a fuss about me being cruel. He has missing flesh from human bite marks. The father comes over for the commotion and asks what happened. I’m not certain if I bit him or not but I certainly wasn’t the kindest. I tell him that I did nothing to him and he believes me over his child.

I’m now with dj again. We are to be intimate “for the first time.” Somethings off. He is in fact DJ but he appears to me as my first hookup instead. We continue with foreplay a bit but we stop due to a lack of birth control. He now appears as himself as I try to convince him to continue as long as we’re careful. There’s a sense of melancholy here.

I’m back in my old room and make way to my backyard deck through a passage that doesn’t exist. I’m leaning against one of the large tree pots and look across into my neighbors backyard. The nature is lush and I spot what looks like strange orange and black birds in their yard. I caw loudly and every bird scatters. The orange ones appear to fly too. Their are a couple hundred crows and ravens flying about. I don’t want them to spot me as they fly in my direction overhead. I duck down and move towards the house when a raven slowly drops down. He’s a massive bird and his feathers shine. He looks at me but I keep moving. I’m on the ground now but nears the decks stairs. The orange birds are actually cats. I try to come close and they start to flee. I get close to the ground and assure I won’t harm them. It’s my deceased cat, Steve, and he’s brought his kittens with him. I pet him and he has an eye with a different color. There’s a newborn with him. His wife is their too. She is black and white while Steve an orange tabby. She gives birth to another kitten and there’s a third in a bowl. Its filled with eggs white and a single yolk. Part of the shell slides from her face. She struggles to keep her head up and I wonder to help.

1/21 Most of my dream is scattered. I was tracked. Intimidate with Steve rather than DJ again but DJ was still there. Concerned I would be pregnant so Glenn and I went to get plan B the next morning. I was traveling somewhere.

Month Four •◇• January of 2021

Dream detail is sparse this week. I forgot to mention that I would also like to use my dreams for spirit communication. Too often I’ve been spoken to and the words are either muffled or I’ve forgotten them

1/22 Can’t recall. People speaking to me. Serving maybe?

1/23 Can’t remember.

1/24 I’m in my room but it’s simultaneously in a high level apartment. I have a book of these origami birds. Each page they’re so colorful. They can fly if I release them. In the next apartment there’s an actual bird. He can turn into origami too? Some sort of creature or one of my birds can harass him. He always tries to escape from the supposed threat and he usually does. His cage resides outside the window in his cage so I make it a point to have him put back with a note that says to bring him inside. I’m now in my kitchen area. I’m making coffee but am interrupted by footsteps and I hide. Its my mother and she knows exactly where I am. She’s yelling at me for one reason or another. She moves off and I try to make the coffee or leave. I’m back and she’s still talking. The coffee I’m trying to make is the wrong kind and it tastes off. I finally snap and start screaming at my mother. I tell her that I hate her as a mother and how she treats me and everyone else in the family (she does this irl). Anyone who steps in to defend her is shut down immediately. My mother looks offended and shocked and the rest of my family says nothing. I make my coffee and it tastes off. I leave to my room?

I’m now in a facility. It’s kind of run down. There’s some sort of zombie outbreak. I’m able to outrun them but there are a few close calls within the facility. There’s this professor. I think he caused this experiment and he’s trying to fix it or save the rest. Zombies are still chasing. I think this next segment is altered by him. Another girl and I are transformed into miproportioned giants. We’re thin and extremely tall. Maybe more than a fifteen/twenty story building. We walk along this track outside of the facility. Then we are tasked by others to start a race on the track. The track is wet and I’m to successfully slide across it at some points. I’m nervous and say I can’t do it. Some of the instructors voice their displeasure with that and tell me to do it anyways. One of the ladies tells me about how that kind of talk/mindset passes her off. I start in the race and I’m moving past everyone. I successfully hydroplane with my feet when needed. I make it halfway through the race before I wake up.

1/25 Running with wolves

I showed a nude picture of myself to someone I used to know but not my boyfriend.

1/26 I’m being hunted down for not following the policies of the governments. I’m shown clips of myself breaking these rules. I’m fleeing for this dream

I’m now in my room and two young men have these tools they’re using improperly so DJ and I take them. I’m thinking of reorganizing the room. Dj then initiates foreplay with me using his fingers then the tools that we confiscated. They look like pool sticks.

I’m now at work and I clock in as another coworker as I had to step in to help her earlier. A regular then asks me to take his order right before closing and I do. He makes his order extremely complicated and I decide it isn’t worth the effort. After he leaves I rip it up and throw it away.

I’m in my front yard. I’m flying with the waves of the ethereal as a dragon. No one else can see that I’m exercising this for. I stay adrift in the same spot for a bit before I turn to the tree in my yard. I start climbing it and my mother worried tells me to come down. I don’t and continue climbing. I’ve always been afraid of climbing but I continue. I want to fly from a higher spot. I stop climbing and just kinda hang there for a bit.

I’m now on my porch. I’m a child. All of my family members have turned into tiny animal figurines on a plate. They’re in a circle facing each other. I’m freaking out trying to use salt and tater tots to bring them back. I poor more and more salt. I call my grandfather. I receive a slight scolding for trying to bring them back incorrectly. I retort with the fact that I’m a child and don’t know what I’m doing. I wipe away the salt from the figurines and wake up crying.

1/27 Being tracked again? A deal made? Zombies after me.

I’m in my room/castle. I’m to be ready for a ball. I try desperately to go through my clothes to find something as my evil stepsisters ripped my dress a part. Before I head out I look into my industrial laundry basket for change. I find a good few handfuls and put them in a pile. I also find my headphones in my laundry and pull them out so they’re lying in front of the basket. IRL I lost my headphones and found them near the area.

I’m now a short tan man with my son. We’re not allowed into the city. It looks like a coliseum with the stairs pointing outward. We look for a way in. Finally we find a place to hide amongst the citizens. There are many merchants in boats along a water path. We speak behind one and I state we have nectar to sell. The man turns to us incredulously. I grab him and throw him over this waterfall in the city and take his boat. My son scolds me.

1/28. I’m in an apartment building. I’m evading any sight. I try hiding in the bathrooms but everyone is there. Im concerned about losing money but my brother has provided the money i need. It was in my wallet… I leave and go into an apartment. I murder four puppies with a knife. (Before or after apartment idr). My sister, a mother and son are there. The mother ignores me. My sister offers for me to play this cave game but I’ve played it before in another dream. The door is locked up with rubber bands. My sister scolds me for something and I think I snap back at her

Month Four ◇ January of 2021

1/29 Dream of hostessing. Discussed specials to guests and was generally pleasant. DJ at some point and I were together and he asked if I wanted to go out to eat. I was hesitant then said no. Back to hostessing.

1/30 I forgotten nearly every dream sequence. The one thing I remember was something in defense of darker magics? I told the girl that I blooded my tarot cards and everything was okay.

1/31 ??? Someone was talking to me

Month Five ◇ February of 2021

I think I’ll be ready soon to start lucid dreaming.

2/1 The last I recall was being stuck in an odd island world. I pull myself out of the water into some mud. As I pull myself out of that I’m now on dry land. It looks off and coated with webs. I get stuck on some of it but barely. Spiders come out of nowhere but I escape. I run until I find this small underground house. I slam the door behind me. Its an extremely small cot with a bed and I think closet or cupboard. There’s another door and I take a look. The island is massive and there are other buildings around

I’m now at home and with other females. A man comes in and starts advertising dildos to us. Double pen, glow in the dark. An entire collection. One blonde girl takes the shark style one and I the orca. My bestie takes some but leaves them in the bathroom. I retrieve them for her before my parents see. Of course the toys were used and we all found them pleasant.

I’m now in this strange town I’m trying to escape from. I think I’ve escaped from some mansion. It’s a rich neighborhood and I avoid them all. I run until I’m at the end of the neighbor. Dj is pulling out of a driveway and comes to collect me. We make our way back to take a uturn. I have him stop after spotting a somewhat starved cat missing half her tail. She’s reluctant but comes when I present treats to her. She eats many and starts to settle down in front of me. She has a gorgeous slight leopard pattern with tabby markings. Another cat is spotted and I mention it but dj says it was some strange one from another dream sequence I can’t recall. It was a large blue grey Tom with and extended lower jaw. It wrapped around a pink shark fetus jutting from it’s chest as one organism. We find the cat we harbored is the pet or some dangerous rich inhabitant and release her immediately. Some point later dj and I are intimate again.

I’m back in the cot but it’s different, larger, and I don’t think in the forest. Maybe it was the mansion? A man and a woman are at gunpoint. I try to talk them down but they hold firm. I uncover the poison projectile traps they had for each other set up over their heads in the closet. They both stand down and leave just to work on new traps.

At some point I also dream I was on my period and feces kept getting stuck on my hands.

Brushing my teeth until they bleed profusely. I think someone was scorning me.

Clipping my nails.

2/2 Making small cookies that look like cinnamon toast crunch. The demand is high for such a small batch.

I’m traveling with Toothless the dragon and a few others. The rider is a blonde man and we’re intimate a couple times. The next is brunette and we are intimate is well. Were all traveling somewhere. I think fleeing for something. They climb into this van with others and I’m late to it so they leave.

I follow them and find myself inside a modern style mansion. Someone is in the shower so I sneak around carefully. As I sneak the person comes out of the shower in a robe. She doesn’t notice me. I avoid her gaze and follow her down some stairs into a closet like room. I stay in the hallway watching her. She states aloud that the men were brought here to meet someone/her husband? I see him on her computer screen but I stay out of sight. He has glowing blue eyes and a normal face but then it changes. His mouth is bound to a fleshy muzzle now. He announces something but I don’t remember what it was.

I’m now in a store. I feel sick at this point. It’s a store I’ve been in in another dream. Convenience. I’m with a group I can’t recall and I target the sugar cookies they have available in multiple tubs. My goal is to eat as many as possible before anyone else does but I’m late. Many are stale and crumbling. I slowly turn into the grinch at this time and become more aggressive. I start taking certain items. As I’m up at the front Dj or someone else has approached me. I attempt to buy proper clothing in time to travel with him. Ladies at the counter are rude and I ignore them.

Now I’m in “New York City.” I’m now a man in a plane fighting the enemy overhead. There’s a giant building i keep referring to for use in the fight but it never happens. I think I’m keeping the enemy at bay. As it’s time to land someone else remarks about the huge building being unsturdy. Then a colossal long furred white cat walks on the road separating that building and what I think is supposed to resemble the Statue of Liberty. The building comes crashing down.

2/3 something before this but I was dressed up as those in the Salem witch trials. I was with my “father” but he was different. The entirety of the village burned down and we fled out of this maze like area. I was a child in the dream and he seemed much larger despite that. I looked him in the face and he had the look of a rapist. The intent was to use me to increase the population of the village. I would rather be dead. I nod to him and we start to run back but before we get close I bank a hard left. I lose him and run out of the maze to find a car. I jump in immediately and a coworker is driving it. I tell her to drive and explain the situation. There was also a goddess being kept alive underneath the island that lived off of blood. (Reminds me of a movie I can’t recall the name of).

I’m now elsewhere. A store/storage room. I spot spicy doritos and b line for them. A lady yells at me because they’re for an eating competition and I’m being selfish. I put them down and find myself in the storage area. There are tons of bagged snacks so I start eating. I’m with another coworker and she encourages me? I come back and find the competition is a bunch of dogs and they don’t even touch my spicy doritos-_-.

I’m now outside in a port. The water is still and I’m with a mother seal. She explains to me that the seals are dying and need to be replenished. She digs at the bare tree trunk is on and places a tiny worm inside. She repeats this. And then a bunch of larger worms wriggle out. They break out of their cocoons and they are mini baby seals. She leaves me to it.

Now I’m in position as teacher and try to show another how to raise the baby seals. She doesn’t understand and becomes frustrated. I’m now on the other side of the log and it’s like a small staircase that goes to and underground area. A man and others question some of my actions with the competition. I explain but they’re still uncertain. I have something of the mans. He becomes frantic. I make him a deal to give me what I want and I’ll give him what he wants. I have him go underwater so he can transform into a tiger so I may pet his wet fur. He complies and I wake up.

4/5 I’m serving and glenn and I get into an argument. She calls me a bastard and I tell her to do my job. I lose her as a friend.

I’m on a bus on a one way street on a mountain. We have multiple instances of the road acting as a blanket we have to pill taut to drive across. Its foggy occasionally.

I’m playing hide and seek with a group of people. I’m found a few times.

2/5 Military???

2/6 Military and reincarnation???

2/7 I’m in a store with my best friend. It’s a convenience store of sorts. I’m struggling to find what I want. They have the Jiffy brand muffin mix but no chocolate Jiffy mix. Tons of other flavors. One of which I keep viewing is mint. As we go around the store I still don’t get anything as I’m undecided. There are some of my regulars throughout the store from work. I end up going back into this room. Soup is being made so we leave to come back later. I finally decide to get some things but were on a time crunch. There’s this powdered ice cream that I want but decide not to get. I grab some muffin mix and these thinly shaped popsicle things without sticks. They’re hard candies one red and one green. The red one I think has wings and the green I can’t recall the shape of. I head to the back room again and soup is being served. I leave to find a bowl because I want some. I’m nervous about leaving because I still have to pay.

Now I’m with my bestie but towards the end she becomes my cousin. Were in a small boat (rubber raft) and swimming across this gorgeous still lake. We keep going until we decide its time to get to dry land. As we head back I spot a massive alligator and become concerned. She (as cousin) now says not to worry. The alligator submerges itself and is out of sight. As we head closer to land we are now naked and I’m up against her back. As we continue we sink a little and she says not to worry. Our privates interlap and we sink again as the boat folds over and and flips over at some point. I fix it and we continue. We’re now on dry land.

We’re now clothed and find ourselves in her house. There’s a plate of nachos and I start to eat some as she prepares us for the next journey. They’re stuck to each other. Most of them are broken ships forming precarious masses on the plate. I pick one up and its mostly stuck together from cheese but some fragments fall away. I start eating and she joins me at some point. She asks for me not to eat them all and thanks me for having them. She eats as well.

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Month Five •◇• February of 2021

This has been by far the worst week for sleep and any kind of dream recall. Bits and pieces have been helpful to me. I’ve taken a notice that some seem to be premonitions and they’ve been very accurate. Problem being is me recognizing what they are in time before the actual event occurs. This next week I’ll try to sleep a little easier and soon enough start to lucid dream.

2/8 I’m with the bestie in the middle of nowhere and come up on this cute diner. I come in and we meet the owner. I give him 1000 dollars for my tab because I don’t have change. He takes that as a donation because his business is struggling. I’m upset but don’t cause a rochus. We head to the back room away from him and I express my irritation. I express that it’s my money and wasn’t for him to take like that. I state “imma kill him” if he doesn’t return it. After this two of my bosses from my real job come out giggling. You’re not going to kill him/it was an accident they say.

We’re now sitting at a large table at the breakfast diner. There are various plates of food. I sit down and the bestie sits to my left. I’m still livid. This attempt to reconcile wasn’t going to work on me. Some of the orange juice was spilled so I wiped it up. As I did this one of my bosses remarked something about the entire meal as if to warn me. We start eating and I’m still upset. The man to my right turns out to be my uncle and tries to offer a kind word. Most of my eggs are gone at this point.

2/9 Skeleton I’m trying to bone

Giant Emperor Leviathan like creature (subnautica) is on land and I try to befriend him.

Sliding down something

2/10 A tick on my neck

2/11 Being shot at/hunted. There were dragons at some point that I had to fight. I killed two and they fell into the ocean. Building my mini empire. Someone was there either guiding or discussing plans with me. I climbed on my dresser and held myself with one hand and used the other to search for something. I found coins.

2/12 Can’t recall

2/13 I’m staying at someone’s home. I know them but can’t recall who it is. I leave and come back at some point.

I’m elsewhere but I think in the same area. I start slaughtering a bunch of people and traumatize a girl. She calls the police and I flee. I manage to escape the cops in the beginning. I dodge bullets but one of them grazes my thigh. It isn’t deep so I keep fleeing. Soon enough I’m surrounded. I don’t fight it. I’m taken to court and sentenced for fifty years. I take that as time to better myself. Once I’m within the prison I concern myself with how I’m to keep a relationship with DJ. Many of the inmates are insane and I keep to myself.

2/14 Can’t recall

Month Five February of 2021

I think its about time I start practicing lucid dreaming. February has been fairly trash for remembering my dreams and I’m receiving indications that its time to move on. Honestly I don’t like waking up for this kinda thing but gotta do what I gotta do :sweat_smile: It’s about time.

2/15 Spider biting me twice. Swelling.

2/16 I was using a cash register and drawer called the queen drawer. A waitress asked me to do something I wasn’t supposed to and I refused.

I was swimming around a dam/port. There were others swimming with me. I was naked next to another naked girl with her friends. She seemed to mock me but I gave no mind. I wanted to swim but not in certain areas. The girl said she would take something from me and I asked if it was because she was jealous.

2/17 Amazing sleep but barely any recall.

Had a dream where I was braless in a store. I kept my hair covering the area. Look

2/18 Can’t recall but vivid

2/19 Can’t recall but vivid

Better relationship with problematic coworker

Showering and washing my face then showering again but just with water

Given hot cocoa with marshmallows by coworker. Just the way I like it.

“You eat your food the right way. You take your time and enjoy it.”

2/20 Can’t recall but vivid

2/21 Something relating to a family.

Sculpting a cat with bat wings

My new face cleaner causing chemical burns.

Month Six March of 2021

So uh, I haven’t really been doing much at all consistently. I took a week from work and home life and everything else and have slowly but surely been hopping back on the bandwagon. I feel I’m having a strong aversion right now to lucid dreaming but I’m fighting through it. Ain’t shit going on yet but its time to buckle up buttercup! :joy:

3/8 Nothing happened. Listened to the guide and ended up turning it off halfway through.


3/20 Nothing spectacular. I was distracted during the guided meditation

June 28th of 2021

So I haven’t been lucid dreaming really but I’ve been called to come back to dream journaling. Daily posting should suffice to keep better track.

I was fleeing from something to my video game home.

There was an unrecognizable man with me being intimate but not all the way. He wasn’t my partner and tried to persuade me into full on sex. I closed into myself and rejected the advance. (I felt extremely upset during the entire time of this encounter). I also kept asking myself if this was cheating and part of me said no and the other said yes. (Maybe this could be about me lying to MYSELF in the waking world?)

I felt like a blubbering child pleading my case to my Father. He had accused me on murdering a close friend and I had nothing to do with it. He was dead set on me being the one to blame but I defended myself with tooth and claw. It was seventeen years ago. How could a four year old kill someone in that manner? There were other details I made to be clear but couldn’t recall them.

(My mother was also there and she appeared to be in a state before she had her stroke in the real world. She didn’t say anything to defend me).

I found myself looking for another apartment with my partner. There was a set of small one story townhouses together. Nearly all of them had masks at the top of the door and clothes or other accessories differing in style hanging in the centers (this indicated those being occuppied). I found one that I liked and stepped in. It was very dark in the single room apartment and I had trouble navigating. I was approached by a blonde landlady that looked awfully similar to one or my elementary school peers. She explained to me the pricing of the apartment and we parted ways so I could tell my partner. As I was leaving I could hear her gossiping to another landlady about how stupid I was for not passing her test. When I came back to confront her about her nonexistent test she hands me a packet about how the covid virus works and the symptoms. She starts asking me questions and when I go to speak she calls me “Fucking stupid” for not even getting passed the second question. I tell her straight up that I answered none of her questions because she never asked them. I never received a test but a breakdown of my payments for the appartment. I tell my partner we’re leaving and turn back to the landladies and state “because these two are fucking cunts.”

(Also when you first step through the door of the apartment there’s a camera imbedded in the frame that takes a photo for documentation. I kind of note this in the dream and others in the dream notice too which will become apparent later).

We leave and then come back with another to sneak into one of the apartments. It’s lit up and I find two stoves. They’re both old school metal ovens and one is filled with coins in a green basket I gave to my partner in the waking world. I start sorting to take the money and find any old coins, especially wheat pennies. A disembodied Russian voice starts to speak to me and tells me that he had my face on camera. I disregard his statement and start to scoop the changed into my bag quickly. The coins are now mixed with blueberries and they’re hard to sort. I find a single wheat penny and the voice states that it’s him. I rush to cover the change again and start trying to sign/play charades with my crew so he doesn’t hear us. We find ourselves discovering an impossible upstairs of the townhouse. There’s a group of four men there. They seem to be disconnected or dormant but they’re there for protective purposes. I find myself dropping the bags outside of a window which would be a window of my old home out into the backyard and follow shortly after.

I’m in my home again. I’m writing on a whiteboard to my family for help. My mother again appears in a healthier state before her stroke.

I’m being tracked but I keep fleeing like my life depends on it. I find myself upon this alien creature like Oppa from Avatar: The Last Air Bender but he’s colossal and different in appearance (similar structure). The creature bellows about how he’s stuck there as I climb atop him. He’s sad about his situation but I ensure him that he can in fact fly. He sounds dopey and says “oh rreeeeaaalllly? OHhh Kayyyyy.” And we fly off.

The entirety of these scenes are connected in the same dream world. There is also a faded blue lighting to evening (like that during winter). There was snow in some places and none in other scenes

June 29th

Not many details remembered but it had a similar feeling to the night before.

My dad was chasing me and my boyfriend at some point. I was supposedly pregnant but unsure. Instead we settled for a kitten and that seemed to relieve my father.

We got the kitten by going down thin adjacent corridors at an adoption center. There were people in most of them playing with their chosen kittens. I pet one and kept looking.

Another part of the dream I was in a car but it’s unclear.

June 30th

I think I was chased again.

I made necessary appointments successfully. Confidence.

July 2nd

There were more things but I can’t remember them.

I was serving any my too half was naked. No one really seemed to notice so I tried to quiet any insecurities. The less than appealing women to me personally gave me looks of disgust and other criticisms. They were trying to make me feel bad so I went to get clothed. During that I had to urinate badly so I did so while changing in the office. I tried to stop it but urine was pooling now. I tried to play it off as if it weren’t happening in front of the camera that was in the office.

I ran off elsewhere to get cleaned. I found myself at a senior pool get together. I tried to play it off as if I wasn’t to young to be there so I could get to their restroom. I would have asked the head guy but I couldn’t find him. As I near the pool, I overhear some conversation. The place I found myself in was just a nice looking prison (like the ones in sweden?). I’m spooked but no one seems to want to target me. Then they’re all lined up sitting or laying at the edge of the pool. As I near the last guy in the lineup he starts asking my questions. I’m more dismissive than anything.

July 4th

Driving a car and being terrified but making no accidents. I get used to it

I wanted a modelo and had one opened for me but then I poured it out. I think I’ve had a few dreams about modelo and michultra especially

July 5th

I find myself fleeing to prepare myself for a fight. I find a cellar door and come down the ladder. It’s like a dark, underground walmart. As I prepare I come across my best friend and others I don’t recognize. There’s a rack of shoes I’m going through. I’m trying to find the right size as I keep my eyes on the darkness. They’re ballet shoes and thin at the bottoms and have perfect traction for running. Occasionally strange creatures come out of the darkness but they’re dealt with by the others. I accidentally break one of the shoes I wanted and try to fix it. I go back for another pair I chose but can’t find them. I’m stuck with the slight dissatisfaction of a cosmetically broken shoe.

My plant irl has thrips and I had confirmation on what to do with it in my dream. One of the leaves said neem oil.

July 6th

Someone was being removed from the store I was heading into. She was arguing with whomever. I enter the store and start shopping. A coworker and a friend of mine were there. They greeted me. I go off to shop and fill my cart. I eat while I shop. I come to the front counter for some brown and pumpernickel bread. I receive it. “Seriously?” The friend asks. I continue shopping then find myself playing pool. The man I’m with won’t leave me alone so I move to beat him. He makes a few of my balls and realizes his mistake. I think I won in the end

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July 7th

Can’t recall but intense

July 8th

I was at my mother’s house packing my things. She was screaming at us again. My little brother was served the brunt of it. I looked in the mirror and my body seemed malformed.

Now I’m at a party. It’s a military party at my managers home but it looked like a casino when I walked in. My boyfriend and others are there. We’re being served waffles with cream and strawberries. I need to find a bathroom.