Bow's Dreamwork Journal

November 14th

I was trapped in this room with another girl a a rapist. He was morbidly obese and naked. I kept my eyes away from him but he had this star like scar on his back or buttocks I’m not sure. He left us in the room and I took that as opportunity to escape through the window. As soon as I was tampering with it I could hear him coming back. I escaped and ran. He was chasing me somehow. I kept running until I knew I was safe. The other girl had escaped as well and we met up.

November 15th

My house was on fire. Cats were trying to escape and I was trying to help them. Calypso, my childhood cat, was chilling on the porch. She seemed peaceful.

Another cat was with me on a harness. I tried to bring him with me but he was shot in the head.

At another point I was merged into some dude who had an odd number of arms, and I made them even. I was still sentient and I think I started causing him problems.

November 16th

I was a horse. I was breaking free from my mother’s grasp. She has no control over me and she never will.

I am my own person. I bite the hand that abuses me.

I was working my old job as a waitress. I was a bit behind but there was another server to assist me. My movements started feeling like molasses to a point I needed a break. I went to the previously named smoking section and saw the women’s bathroom was open. Hailey, an old classmate who never spoke to anyone besides the teachers was there. I didn’t want to startle her so I spoke lowly. I asked her if she could help me as I couldn’t physically and mentally move at the pace I usually could. She looked concerned and said she’d help. She took me to the back door and I started to feel faster. Then I turned into a red breasted Robin and she set me free. I felt totally fine afterwards.

I wonder if she’s psychic irl. Thank you dream Hailey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

November 17th

Someone was trying to coerce me into going into a haunted house. I think I had to solve it. It was an old man ghost. I think he was being forced to haunt the place or be agro? I’m not sure.

November 22rd

My little ponies were involved. I had to choose one to fight an invasion with in this game. I was given a run through with Twilight Sparkle. I chose Pinkie Pie as best fit pony. When I was in the game the invasion was intense. People were trying to capture me and it didn’t work. I met up with some people who were friendly and they were explaining something to me. Some creepy dude was trying to fiddle with the knob of the house we were in. I kept pulling on it to keep it shut. The lock wouldn’t work. He said “What an interesting spring.” Then pulled out a screwdriver and went for the knob again. I woke up before he successfully did anything. RIP team.

November 24th

I and some others were trapped in an iced over cave lake type place. Like a massive bubble of air was trapped under thick ice but the still water wasn’t frozen, it was slowly freezing. People were panicking. Everyone thought we were going to be trapped. I started to get angry because everyone had an ability to not only stop us from being encased in the ice, but to break us free. I started to direct everyone. “So and so, chip at the ice.” “So and so, heat the water (he could generate great heat with his body.” Etc. They did as I said and then ice started to receed.

In the dream the ice and the redirection of everyone is supposed to be symbolic (I knew in the beginning of the dream). But I forgot so I need to figure it out. Also they weren’t quite people. I think they were dragon like or dragons. They were noticeably not human.

November 26th

I dreamt of indigenous children being swallowed and ground up by the earth. (Freaked me tf out)

A charm was taken out of my throat chakra (and symbolized the throat chakra) and given to me assist in the development of that area. (I had done a throat healing earlier that day during an exercise)

I was in a parking lot near my current place of living. It was night. Katie (my cat) was there. She meowed at me. I was excited to see her, picked her up, and embraced her. She was purring

My cat has been missing for a couple days and I had asked to Universe to send me a sign that she’s okay. So I think that was it but we’re still looking for her.

November 30th

I was entering into a store in a wheelchair. The front desk had said something but I couldn’t hear it so I kept going. They accosted me and said that a meth head like me isn’t allowed here and that my needles were a hazard for everyone else. Of course, I was not a meth head, and didn’t have any needles. I defending my case brutally. Kristine, another coworker, started being cruel. I felt slightly hurt but I laid into her too. I also slammed her head into the counter. I left. Also I took my beanie off and my head was shaved strangely.

Next I was climbing up a hill to this house. A vampire was after me. I was required to write his initials on the windows of this house everyday. There were many windows and I was there for nearly a year. I wrote AD piously until one particularly stormy day. I wrote the initials from the inside of the house but it was backwards compared to the ones outside. I fixed the mistake too late and was taken away by the vampire. Happy ending tho?

Next I was in some fantasy-con. Daenarys Targarian was tthere. At first I didn’t want to bother her but then decided to approach her. We chatted :heart::heart::heart: