Borrowed from the dead

So I remember reading something about calling upon the dead to borrow their skills. As in calling on Michael Jackson to borrow his charisma and dance skills. Is that possible?

Not sure, since a lot of that involves muscle memory, which means a permanent change in your neural network.

I think I good bet would be to use necromancy to invoke your chosen ancestor, and let them help you develop the skill.

My ancestors are for the most part babtists and farmers. So, I don’t think they can help.

In this case I’m referring to Michael Jackson as an ‘ancestor’. Not a bloodline relative, but a revered and skilled human to be evoked for his skills and knowledge.

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My Grandfather, Father, and Cousin were/are all great dancers, I’ve never tried calling on my grandfather’s spirit to give me dancing skills, but it might be worth a try.
I know that both my father and my grandfather were electricians as well, and although I have little interest in that trade myself, I do feel that I have a strong connection to my grandfather’s spirit sometimes. I once was telling the story of how my family says my Grandpa’s ghost likes to come back to make people’s light-bulbs die out, and immediately the lights in the room I was in flickered. I’ve also incorporated electricity into my spells before, hypothesizing that I could convert the electrical energy into arcane/magical energy. Results show that the principle works fairly consistently. I also have a few of my grandfather’s old possessions that I’ve used as part of various incarnations of my occult shrine in my room over the years, and I firmly believe I’ve contacted my grandfather’s spirit directly the last time I visited his grave.
My dad also has my grandfather’s favorite ring, an object which has had at least one highly supernatural event tied to it, but that’s a story for another time. One day this ring will be mine, and when that happens, I am eager to see what kind of power it holds.

The dancing is just an example.