Boost the Juice

My question is relating to the use of substances to boost or enhance What I am doing…
And whilst I’m posing question I’m adding another branch to it.
First. I am interested in trying “magic mushrooms” or something because basically I have not done drugs as most seem to my reasoning is not as random or frivolous as it appears.
I have tried weed with zero effect I know it was a fine batch because everyone else is was higher then a farting kite.
It only made me cough!!
I was drugged once 20 years ago but I stood up passed out and wolves kj e up screaming in a bath tub!

Drugs have never actually interested me anyway.
But I am curious for the experiment. I don’t know for sure if I have soul travelled. I think I have but :woman_shrugging:.

The second part: in my “Marbas and Raphael how to heal and kill” thread I was completely transported …
The section of the ceremony.

This kind of transportation has happened before without my conscious instruction.

I would like to 1. do that by will.
2. Know what that experience qualifies as
3. Would a form of DMT be useful. If so what is recommended

Dark Blessings
Queen Morgana Le Fae

What is your question? Can you be more clear?

Lot of talk about these mushrooms, used in shamanic practices, Or DMT. To assist in a process. So I e got this far wihtou but what if I had something to break through.
No idea where to start.

Hemp doesn’t work on me… Besides it a bit stinky.
Woul like to know what’s useful that won’t kill me… By that I mean back yard knock ups which can back fire.

Useful advice would be great

What are you trying to do, Lucid dream, astral project, soul travel?

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Soul travel by CHOICE rather than accidentally.
To relax totally beyond all I’ve achieved so far

I only know about supplements for LD and AP. Not about soul travel sorry, however I don’t feel as though any supplement will be able to give you the power to choose whether you want to travel or not, you need to still train without it. However you can try 5meo-DMT as lots of people have said it gives them crazy hallucinations which some people believe to be in different planes, but because it is a substance you never really know. I also advise to try most of your experiences completely sober to always know if it is real or not. Good luck though!