Books suggestion for occult history

i tried to find some threads on this but did’t found much, can any of you guys suugest some books of like roots of how occult started, how it was diiferent in different places, diiferent paths of esoteric practices and of course a lot of history. so that i can actually set a real good base of knowledge In my free time.
p.s. maybe a bit occult philosophy too.

You’re not going to find one book to encompass all of that. What we now call “the occult” encompasses a whole lot of different things, including religion.

However, for a basic look at the roots of the Western Magick Tradition, you can start with the Kybalion, and Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Donald Tyson has a decent translation with commentary).

You will also need to study Greek and Egyptian mythology. Your best bet for these subjects would be books written by anthropologists and historians, NOT magicians or occultists, as they often conflate historical facts with their own peculiar views and often inaccurate interpretations.

And that’s only barely scratching the surface of the Western Tradition. It doesn’t even touch the various shamanistic cultures in the world, or the mystical traditions of the East such as Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto, or the various yogas of India.


Perhaps you should also check out the writings of Mircea Eliade. Here you can see a list of his works:

See also the works of Samuel Nolan Kramer on the history and religion of Sumer; book by Graves R. Myths of Ancient Greece and, if you find it, Losev A. F. Ancient mythology in its historical development; Mathieu M.E. Selected Works on the Mythology and Ideology of Ancient Egypt; Assman Y. Egypt: Theology and Piety of Early Civilization.


oh sorry i just typed the title wrong i was asking for books not book, my bad

Its not related to this but how is seven heads of apophis workings for building a base and standard for grounding and like to get your senses under control of ourselves.

Not a book recommendation but check out the YouTube channel Esoterica. He goes into a variety of different historical grimoires and has book recommendations for each in his video’s descriptions. The videos are a bit long but he does go indepth with the language and a little dry humor to keep things interesting. It has been helpful with some of my own work


Is this the writer who turned out to be a medium and talked with the spirit of his daughter or something like that? Eliade is like notorious right?

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Hey @Rav would you know any spirit or entity which good at teaching or helping with physics?

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@ARD how about Furcas?

I’m not really sure about that. Because Mircea Eliade is known as a cultural philosopher, historian of religions, religious scholar and ethnographer, who researched mythology, magic, rituals, occultism and shamanism.

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Was another writer also a genius. He talked with his passed daughter who told him to build a castle and how. Hasdeu

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