Books on posions and posion magic

I’m having a hard time finding books on posion magic I Know hecate is a goddess of posion magic I have monkshood Poppy castor oil hemlock I am missing other poisons I know that but uk looking for websites and or books please help me as I’ve been trying and finding not much

I believe the Picatrix has information on poisons if I recall correctly

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@Faustus thank I’m grabbing a PDF rn

Look up Poison Path, Veneficium, entheogenic plants. A good author is Daniel A Schulke.

I like this blog:

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Thank you as I have a hard time finding posion and I did just learn that honey locust is not toxic sadly… But makes great blowdarts

Dude its hard topic. I was looking for alchemy books too. And nothing good so far, wat i found is old and hard to get. I tnk a member post few weeks ago a book or link but its not great.

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I have found a posion group but it’s just a college student guy who study’s the posion chemicals in glorifies the pictures of the plants no knowledge no histor

@Mulberry. I’ve been reading it thank you

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@Faustus it’s. Useful but I see no poison mention

Welp I need glasses…just read that title as positions and position magick…was thinking this was something way different than poisons lmao


I know that feeling too well

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You might need to consult the Liber Atratus edition for that. Even then, the poisons are not always explicitly labeled as such.


Define what you mean by “poison magick.”

Are you talking about herbal magick that uses poisonous plants, or are you talking about the Path of Poison, where you purposely poison yourself to obtain spiritual enlightenment?

A mixture between the magick posion mixed with useing the posion to make Posion pins for my candles poppets and protection

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@Faustus thank you for the heads up I’ll keep an eye out

So basically the herbal magick of poisonous plants.


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It’s one way to get a higher tolerance to poisons to avoid being assassinated by that poison

Yes, it is. Taylor Ellwood talks about his experience with it in one of his books.

You basically poison the body to connect with the spirit, and gain insight. The Path of Poison has an effect very similar to the way trauma and disease can open one’s perceptions.

Obviously, it’s not the path for the faint of heart.


That looks interesting but doesn’t seem Useful but somewhat useful Wich books are they