Books on female entities

Any good books of rituals with female entities?

In black magic, probably not whole books unless it’s about Hecate, Santa Meurte, Lilith etc.
E.g. Marc Alan Smith’s The Red Queen is a devotional work to Hecate. I own that and devotional works to The Morrigan and Ereshkigal (these are anthologies).

You could also look for “Goddess tradition” stuff. That’s going to be more pagan though.

Did you have a particular type of interaction in mind?

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Nothing in mind really however I feel like I usually gravitate towards Lilith

That’s an easy one as there are loads of books about and for her. I’d go by the Amazon reviews for this, BALG isn’t big on book reviews. But someone might chime in here.

Asenath Mason is a prolific author, a contributor at BALG and widely respected. Her collected anthology on Lilith is probably a fine starting point. You might need to adapt the stories to make more rituals from this work.

In this book you will find personal accounts of practitioners who ventured into the sacred and unholy garden of the Dark Queen of Sitra Ahra and returned transformed and empowered by her gnosis. Spells and invocations, dream magic and guided meditations, visions and stories of intimate encounters with Lilith - all this is contained in this unique anthology, written from the perspective of the Left Hand Path and the Draconian Tradition.

Check out this amazing ritual channelling from that book… I super relate to this myself:


Thank you so much! The reviews for that book sound excellent

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Check out Goetia Girls by Faustus Crow. It describes the female forms of the 72 spirits of the Goetia.

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You’d probably have to google books that were solely written on female deities