Books of Shaitanic Current?

Hi all,

Does someone knows any good books about the Shaitanic current? Such as working with the Djinnic Shayateen/Ifrit

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Please do not offer PDFs on this forum, it’s illegal, this is the forum is by a reputable publisher so it’s against the rules.


I compiled a compilation thread of recommended books thread

S Ben Quayin did one called the Book of Smokeless Fire
and Practical Djinn Magick by Corwin Hargrove.

That book does not work with the Shayateen Djinns

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In that case no one who’s here in these few days knows. Feel free to do your own research and let us know when you find out.

You’re fucking welcome. :roll_eyes:

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why the french ?

Why the entitlement and ingratitude after I went out of my way to try to help you, when you didn’t get another valid answer for 3 days?

Don’t worry, I won’t make the mistake of talking to you again.

the entitlement and ingratitude ?

Your perception is clouded, I just shared with you the information. That the book of Corwin does not work with the Shayateen Djinns. You are very easily triggered. Without any reason

That sass. :joy: