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Looking for something to read that I can physically enact upon viewing its content… reading material that I can immediately use and receive immediate or near-future results from is something I haven’t found much of. I read through tons of tables and descriptions on different deities, deific masks, ritual methods, magick history, philosophies, etc. but It’s rare to come across some reading material that will have me eager to try exactly what is written in the pages and feel like I’m actually doing some magick, spell work or even alerting my state of being/consciousness, even if only temporary. Please give me something I will be able to practice and use in replace of sitting around learning about hundreds of demons, their Enn’s, lore, meditation techniques and various philosophies magicians have collected overtime. I want something exiting to do! Thanks in advance.

Something like Gallery of Magick books then?

Yeah you want an actual grimoire, either to work though, or to cherry pick from for specific workings.

My first grimoire was the Book of Azazel by E.A. Koeting, you can’t go wrong calling up those entities.
I also like Corwin Hargrove’s Pathworking the Goetia.

Other book recommendations are in this megathread, and you can find more if you search “book recommendation”:

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Yes, any you have in mind for my request?

Thank you!

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