Book sigils for evocation

Hey kurtis this came up briefly in the Facebook group but ive been rereading the book and wanted to ask. In the process of using the sigils from the book would it become a fetish similar to the ones made for the path of pacts over time?

My plan once i am ready is to use this method to create the venoms of the black sun.

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You mean blooding and activating the sigils directly from the book? It will further activate talismanic properties yes. Fetish??? Meh… yes and no. The path of pacts is powerful as fuck… but the Gold leaf is needed as an offering and conductor of the specific Divs energies.
The book will become a fetish for the totality of the current and an open gate for the gnosis thereof. Does that answer your question? If not elaborate and so will I.

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That answers it thanks, i figured it wouldnt be as powerful as the path of pacts but wasnt sure what the total effects would be. Ive already consecrated my copy and finished by anointed the seals of the mandala in the book with my blood. Ive nodded off more than a few times meditating on it and woken up with a vortex (guessing the atheryic double of the mandla) of black and purple fire right in my face since my alter and book were right next to me, similar to what i see during peering into drukasgas. Bit startling first time it happened.