Experiences of the Black flame (candle)

Just wondering as this happened as I gazed into the blackened fire, I am used to odd internal sensations however, here’s what happened:

  1. a very persistent ringning inside my head and parts of my head tingles a whole lot during and after the exercise. Some very feint voices or whispered mumbling just barely audible were present today…

  2. Most of the time my mind were really Silent which more or less is hard for me to accomplish (overactive mind) .

  3. The images I saw weren’t scary it related more how I live my life, habits, etc. that I should seemingly change.

Do any of who are or on this path or one who has traveled it that is or were having similar experiences? And what does the ringning mean especially? Anyone who’d like to share?


Senses opening. The images are what your scrying brought you, trying to help you improve


That explains a few things. Esepecially the ringning, you response made me remember something Robert Bruce mentioned something about in a course of his that the ringning is usually a sign of awakening and tappning (developing) into your latent psychic abillities


The sound possibly being the “sound” of silence. I hear a similar ringing during long meditation sessions that i dont hear at any other point of the day. Either that or drumming in my case.

Could also be it. Is that sound high or low frequency ringing that you hear during these sessions?

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More on the high side somewhere between a singing bowl and nails on a chalk board lol

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Nasty sound that scratching on the board xD, mine is more of a low end ringing. Hasn’t stopped yet.

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I dont notice it too much these days. I keep getting distracted from all the colors that end up comijg off the candle. That and i Usally follow this meditation up with a 10-20 minutes meditating on the circle of counter creation in the book. If anything really weird happens during my meditations its usually during this one.

I haven’t created that (the circle of counter creation) though Kurtis recomeneded me when I asked where to start to go by the book from the start sequenctially, however did you do that or did you created the circle of counter creation right about from the begining?

I read the book through once then started with the foundational exercises for i think 2 months before i created the nexion alter and the circle.

This was one of the first rituals i did before i made my alter.

I also use the sigils from the book itself for my evocations of the divs. Gonna be doing my next with Aspenjargack later today.


That’s very cool, thanks for notifying me about this I will definently try it. So you actually use the book then so you never draw the sigils out on paper due to the reason Kurtis Joseph stated in the post you just linked me to?

Thia post explains why i use the sigils in the book for evocation. For now at least i will be making my first wood fetish in about 2 weeks. Taking care of a few things first.