Book recommendations?

What are some good book recommendations that helped you with your craft? I’m looking for book recommendations on the following topics
Mastery of the mind
Spirits: (of all form, I want to learn how to distinguish them from each other, what kinds are out there, ect
Energy work: (balancing energy, pulling energy from specific sources
Evocation and invocation guides
And what ever else you can recommend. Thanks


Law of one
Emerald Tablet of Thoth
Manly p hall , secrets teachings of all ages
Laws of success Napoleon hill
Reality transurfing


Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll.
Changed my life!

The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino, especially the Appendices.


For the mind, you have to study and learn the skills of hypnosis. Nothing beats programming your mind for whatever goals you want.

For energy, it’s tai chi or qi kung of any form. It’s also a skill in learning to manipulate energy.

It’s not about book knowledge. You have to learn it. Meaning action skills ,not just reading about it. Take time and dedication to get to somewhat decent level.