Book Recommendations: Go!

If you had to pick one book to recommend right now, what would you choose?

To make this more specific, think about intermediate to adept level books.
A book I’ve been going through recently is Lucifer: The nine demonic gatekeepers book 2

Please use the search function. There is already a thread on “if you could pick one book to recommend what would it be.”

Hopefully this one helps you.


The Become A Living God Forums.

Listen well, and you’ll find the whole spectrum of understanding right here. You’ll see a lot of clashing information, a lot of dissent. But overall, this is a gold mine.

What is the wilderness?

If you’re a beginner I don’t recommend lol.

Edit: not because there’s bad information here (there are many good rituals around here!)
But because it can be dangerous. New rituals/incantations can get you parasites. Also I don’t agree with blood offerings or other bodily fluids… but that’s just my opinion and you’re free to ignore it :raised_hands:
Safety comes first :+1:

Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flowers.