Book Recommendation - Quantum Conciousness

About 7 years ago I read a book that blew my mind. I had an experience during a particular meditation where I did not exist for 26 minutes.

I was on a road trip with friends to go to my best friend’s wedding and as I read I had a shift where my mind merged with the void and I was reborn in a way. We stopped at a gas station and even though I had words for what thing were there was the sense of seeing literally everything I had encountered for the very first time. Everything was surreal and it felt similar to the idea of waking up in an alien world where everything is new.

There is a chapter that dissolves time in that “when” is actually a “where” and everything is really happening at the same time. If you want to be tripped out at the deepest level, read it.

I’m finding that it holds up in my study of Magick. Holding onto a desire outside your locus of control maintains the state of always seeking said desire because your consciousness is holding onto that aspect of reality.
(Lust for result)

Maintaining grip on desire that is within your locus of control brings it to you. (Invocation of that aspect of self/obsession)

The author Steven Wolinsky quotes quantum physicists and states how the fundamental operations of the mind work mathematically. I’m big into simulation theory and chaos Magick so this has tremendous implications. I’ll be reading this again shortly. If you want some very interesting meditation exercises this read is at the top of my list. Try it on if it calls to you.