Book Recommendation for those interested in Hindu Mantras

There is a Music thread on BALG and I was wondering if some might be interested in
starting a Book Discussion thread that covers all aspects of the Occult that you found
enlightening, life changing or a book that you’ve worked with that has reaped results.

Below please find a book on Mantras that I found in India years ago. I have
worked with some of the Mantras found in this book and can say that the gods
deliver quickly. The has this book and
Amazon has one Used copy on sale.

Mystical Formulae (Part 1 - Mantras)

by K.T. Shubhakaran

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Mystical Formulae (Part 1 - Mantras), K.T. Shubhakaran, ASTROLOGY Books, Vedic Books
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This book deals with some rare mantras useful for the mankind. These are the mantras for the health, wealth and peace. The best part of these books is the explanation given for the origin of sounds and how each mantra is made out. Use the mantras and yantras given in these two books if you have overcome Kaama (passion or desire), Krodha (anger) and Moha (illusion or infatuation).

About the Author:

Mr. K.T. Shubhakaran is the author of Book title “Nakshatra Based Predictions with Remedial Measures”, which has been acclaimed as a new landmark in the astrological world, by the learneds in astrology. In the present book titled MYSTICAL FORMULAE he has, with his several years of research, brought out rarest remedial measures. This book mainly deals with the proper method of SWARA (SOUND), which is the essence of any mysticism, proper technique of recitation, Asanas (postures) to be used and remedial measures for wealth, health, cure of innumerable diseases which even the modern science has not been able to find answer. Mystical Formulae is in two parts. Part I i.e. the present deals with Mantras and Part II deals with far ancient Yantras. He is by profession a Financial & Administrative Adviser in a Central Government organization.


A book discussion thread is a good idea. Especially for people like me who like reading up on and studying multiple systems.

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If you read my thread called the list there is many many sugestions of really great books
However, we did not go into detail discussing these books.

So if someone wanted to start a book thing where we actually go over and discuss the books and compare notes I think that would be pretty cool.


LOVE the onebox thing this forum can do!!! :smiley:

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Thank you! :heart:

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I had not seen it before now but its definitely bookmarked for future material.

I think this is an interesting idea because it would give more of a support group for newcomers who start reading about new systems


I think you maybe right about that.

If any one want bona fide mantras pm me and I will ask my tantrika guru on your behalf :blush:

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Baal kadmon had books about mantras for different gods and goddesses as well as vashikaran mantras.

And Zamael what would be the difference between the ones you get and the ones that are available online?

Baal Kadmon’s book are superficial - you can find the Mantras in his books online. He does no research nor does he have any
expertise or background in this field.

Mantras is stronger when they are given by an initiated guru because yoga/tantrika is a initiatory path. The mantras are powerful without a guru but maybe 5% of the full potential of the mantra. And the mantras found in many websites and books are “official” mantras that can be found in the Vedas, Srî Isopanisads etc