Book of Azazel:

Does anyone here know any spirits in the book of Azazel to create miracles and shatter the laws of this physical multiverse and the next, I’d appreciate it so, I know theirs Krehl’a’teral and Azazels other left handed man, and no negative responses saying, you can’t do that, blah blah blah, etc, just please no negative responses tis all I truly wish for, if you know any spirits that can perform the seemingly impossible whenever it comes to magical workings in the book of Azazel let me know, okay👌because I ain’t giving up on achieving my ultimate impossible goals, and that’s a fact brothers and beloved sisters. Please don’t fail me now, and give me a great response with the spirits informations and what they do for the living god/goddess and what they can do to support the summoner in how to develop miraculous powers here on earth in the flesh’n’blood. Don’t hold out on me, lol, Multiverse Blessings.

The Book of Azazel is free in audio form on EA Koetting’s YouTube channel. You can get the information on the entities presented within from there.


Also try the search, at top right. This forum has been talking about this for nearly a decade, and many of those people are not here to repeat themselves anymore. :slight_smile:

I like working with Ant’harratu and Lae’ti’kohl myself. I didn’t get great results with Kiltan.

Etli’osh may fulfill a goal almost miraculously and also teach how to do the same.
Ahk’laht’esh teaches rituals to affect the past, opens gateways to future and may halt, slow down or accelerate a bit the time; although, after that, the opposite has to happen.

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Kiltan is another Nether Lord from the Book of Azazel.

He’s very personable and we had a good rapport and some long conversations. I got results for one working for a friends, but for another for myself, the target’s will was too strong.

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I already told you that you can listen to the book for free on EA Koetting’s YouTube channel.

I thought that twas a hour long story guess I haven’t heard the whole thing, silly me

The first part is the introduction written by Dante Abel, describing his experience with Azazel. Then it goes into how Azazel came to EA after a ritual with his wife. After the introductory stories, it then goes into EA’s 90 day pact, and what he learned during that period. You can skip ahead, if you want to just get to the meat of things.

He talks about the Nethers around the three hour mark.


@Midnight_Stargazer I’ve been reading and I can’t help but think ’wait a minute this person I’m reading wants perfect results every time they try something?’ And the thought that followed is not even pros have 100% track records (even E.A. has a video about a spirit not coming to his evocation doesn’t he?). And my thought is this…

  1. if you don’t wanna buy the book listen to the free audio book that DarkestKnight told you about. And…

  2. don’t expect things to go perfectly every time for everything to always work every time

So instead just read or listen learn then try try again because not even the best magickians have a perfect track record of 100% success.

Heck not even pro athletes have perfect track records. Baseball players strike out football players (American football players) get tackled. Expect some of your stuff to flop BUT don’t let that stop you from trying.

Oh and even if 1 ritual fails/flops keep trying and keep expecting success because it will come. Those players that strike out they manage to hit home runs other times.

Their secret which is THE BIG secret is NOT GIVING UP :grin:. So keep on keeping on.

And know what? E.A. may have failed to have the spirit appear that one time, but he didn’t quit he tried again and succeeded.

So keep trying if you want earth shattering dramatic impossible results. You can’t achieve if you give up. (And the book would never have been written if he hadn’t had success after)


Woohoo theirs that inspiration, that’s just what I wanted to hear aka beautiful full silver moon tonight,

Sorry guys just made a few adjustments I decided to get rid of my negative responses, don’t worry I didn’t touch y’alls post just mine, goodnight everyone.

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Sure there a few that might help of it’s physics you want to change like Krehl’a’teral master of miracles, Ahk’laht’esh Master of Time, or Etli’osh who specializes in in enhancing your natural magickal ability which can translate to defying physics.

If you just want to turn your life around maybe try Suhn’tal’ock, Pent’osch, or Halah’thor either on there own or in conjunction towards a single goal.