Book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons

Thank you for relying, I have another question, How long did you practice to hear Lucifer and his legion teach you wisdom ? And the best practice to improve astral sense (Meditation ? )

I started to have impressions from the first time I used the path workings. During the ritual I would stop and listen and focus on his presence. After about a year it became easier to sense him and the connection became stronger. New ideas and information would start occurring to me that I knew did not originate from myself. I now have a ritual about once a month but my whole life feels like I am constantly in tune with them and I feel influences and direction during my daily activities.

One of the spirits I asked to help with my finances was Melabed. During my daily work I would get impressions from him on what decisions to make for certain activities. I could sense direction on what to do and I could feel his emotions as if there was a person in the room talking to me.

Lucifer and his team of Spirits work together to help solve problems and provide direction. The impressions and influences you receive are actually from the collective of Demons who are working together.

I will quote from page 58 of the book :
“You should remember that you are not calling a minor spirit, but a legion of spirits that are working in harmony.”