Book Club: Talia Felix's Book- The Intranquil Spirit

There were a few instances where I was bumping into Intranquil spell posts last week while researching. I was curious enough to open the door a bit further and see what others really think. The Intranquil Spirit is known far and wide in our occulture as a spirit who will help you but also fuck shit up for a bih sometimes.

There are too many opinion pieces on the actual spell so I’ll leave that out. My post today is to speak on this book “The Intranquil Spirit: Bring Back Lost Love and Return an Ex with Black Magic Witchcraft.” Yes, that’s the entire ass entire title. Long ass title. I bought the book because I couldnt find her secret recipes to her particular spells anywhere online. Literally had to buy the cotdamn book. I scoured this forum as well. Nary a true mention on the recipe.

Let me be clear on my stance with metaphysical world, magick, and anything related. The belief is the power and the focused intent is the heart. You cant have one without the other. You can use the bare minimum of ingredients but with those two things in your hand you can create your world. I do NOT believe in giving up or telling someone it’s not worth it. Free will is an obstacle and can be smashed. Let’s not be coy. Magick is manipulation. Sugar coat it the way you want. We all want something and we turn to this when the mundane world gives us too much red tape. We are all wired differently and where money can appeal to one and for them makes their world go around, love or fame can do that for someone else. Never diminish one’s cause by telling them it’s not “worth it”. Desire is personal. Desire is a desire and we can want it or not. Let the caster be the judge of enough is enough.

I truly disagree with telling someone magic doesnt always work. Are you fkn kidding me? Look, that shit right there is why some of the best casters keep to themselves and never open their eyes to how much they can attract into their lives. You’re debilitating someones growth by saying something like that. What we do is not a rabbit in a top hat. It’s a craft. By definition of craft we MAKE things. Craft work is layered. Prove me wrong. Go to your chair or table and see the pieces it took to put those things together to get the end result. Yea. That’s what I thought. We sometimes need things that will assist in the process. Be it a beckoned spirit or a glass candle. You dont make a cake with just flour. That cake needed sugar, water, etc. to get to the place we want it to be.

I digress. The book opens to her speaking on a client who needed the Intranquil Spirit spell done and she basically states towards the end of that chapter “magic spells arent always guaranteed to work. Its magic. That’s why its magic, not science.”. I was taken aback immediately. Turning things into newer versions of their previous form is SCIENCE. Alchemy. Isaac Newton, take the wheel! That felt like an insult to all who work towards their craft and hone it. You dont do ONE spell and it’s done sometimes. This is exactly WHY I dont charge for my knowledge. I know this is a layering process in some cases. We hold down belief, intent, and then bring it to the material world in a crafted way. Be it a drawn sigil, a dressed candle, or herbs and spices in an oil charged in moonlight. All of those things took more than one thing coming together to make it. Pen and paper. Oil and herbs. Wax and wick. You feel me? What allowed us to create those things was the alchemy that put it together in the FIRST PLACE. Magick and science are lovers.

She goes on to discussing the ingredients for the spell which was another jaw dropping moment when she shouts out the botanica bottles of oil as just scented oil of “fruit and floral fragrance”. :no_mouth: Wayminit. You mean all this time that Commanding Oil that I paid 2.50 for is NOT commanding oil?


Yes, the fuck it is. Why? Because I said so. I took that oil and I enchanted the fuck out it before I started and BOOM. Commanding oil. Shout out to my botanicas! Do ya thing!

That was actually pretty shady to do because dont get me wrong as low budget are, if you know that YOU can put that into it you’re good. Things need to be visual sometimes in order to enchant them. Like how we charge sigils. It’s a visual for us to be able to connect with. Everyones senses differ the same way everyones budget does. If someone cannot afford an oil from a solo witch online shop that is charging $10 for a ready made oil then what’s the harm in the $2.50 version? The one that I can add my own herbs and directive to? You better ask somebody!!!

Anyways…I read on and the spells in the book are legit and having more than one version of the oration was good. I like detail with simplicity. So if I can do something without pomp and circumstance, I’m there. I’m not a beginner witch. I was born with this beautiful gift to believe and see things beyond the invisible. To see and appreciate other ways to obtain your outcomes.

I give her book 3 Empanadas. She does give some good history and it was nice to see the origins be spoken about because the colonized version is the more famous version online. I appreciated her not having so much fear into actually doing it because the bs surrounding the spirit shadows the actual work. She also provides more spellwork for uncrossing and advice on keeping the lover. She didnt get 5 empanadas bc of the aforementioned gripes but also because it leans towards religious stuff. Saint this and that. Not my bag but I can work around it.

I would recommend this book for anyone who has a solid path. You could be in the game as a beginner and still know your path. Some know their belief system and are strong in that state of mind where they dont let shit deter them from desired results. I fucks with you. #KINGBELIAL

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I read a lot by the way.


I have some books of her, my qestion is its this book like real. I mean no copy of copy,? And you results or just read it. I find a prayer once on a page which use demons, to return a love, i did it for someone but it was just signs, no results were the guy i did the spell saw animals, white color for days, which was the spell sign to work. But never see her again.

Yes, $14.99 on Amazon. Dammit. I was looking for a PDF but somehow she’s got the internet locked. I’ve done an intraquil spirit work but it wasnt this traditional set up. Mine involved the prayer, Intranquil spray from a botanica, a small wooden coffin and a picture of the target, and some other stuff. It was to drive a woman to drive her boyfriend crazy and it worked. That bish was annoying as fuck and he was miserable with her. Muhahaha…

But yea…The different variations of spells in the book are well written and legit. I’m sure they will work if you put the right intent into it.

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Thanks. For the review. Great to know.

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Thanks for the review. I was debating on reading this. The history side of it sounds intriguing.
I plan on using this spell and asking the spirit to torment my ex for a bit of revenge and also so open his heart again.
I’m pretty spiritual, and the malice side of seemed scary to me. But i bless my house and try and care for my own mental health, so i don’t think anything bad can come out of it.
My ex’s communication style is different than mine, so it’s been very frustrating for me over the years.
I broke and contacted him last week, and it’s just never good when you can’t let go.

I finally have him blocked on everything, and as much as I want him back. He needs to come crawling back on his knees. If it doesn’t happen, at least ill be moved on and content with my life.

I might read this while i wait for my supplies to come to me haha.