Book by Ben Woodcroft

I going to buy this book but I have no experience doing ritual or spell

Do you think it is a wise start since I don’t have no experience


Yes, it is fine. That book, and other Gallery of Magick books, are written for beginners.


currently im working on it… and its pretty awesome book… and his rituals are simple and yet effective…just buy it


I did & it’s more on visualization & Words of Power
Are you new too?

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What books do you recommend for someone who’s past the beginner level? thanks.

First, I recommend that you properly introduce yourself as you were asked to do after your first post. Click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, etc:


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Agreed, in fact I did not even realize it was a GOM title.
I use this book almost every day. I think it is very effective. Sometimes after feeling drained with certain rituals and I use it I feel better.

I don’t think it is accurate to say all GOM books are good for beginners. I would advise all beginners to be very careful of Damon brand’s books. I recently got rid of the 5 I bought nothing but bad luck every time I use them.

Quick note: Ben Woodcroft is not part of the Gallery of Magick. But yes, his works are suitable for beginners.

Would you care to elaborate on your bad experiences with the Damon Brand books? Either by PM or by starting a separate thread about it. I’m quite interested myself.

Me too. Personally I’ve only had good things come from his books.

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You got to be shitting me if you think I would give a damn about doing that.

The things is not the book. Or piracy the things is we are allready load whit negative already and wen we try a spell it backward or fall flat, its why a reading etc be first, plus uncross rituals, since damon rituals are days

This book is good, but Damon brands mystical words of power is better for protection. It can reverse curses, bad luck, get rid of parasites and negative attachments, all of that and then some.

This protection book, imho, is just okay.

Woodcrofts other book, angel overloads is one of my absolute favorites. The rituals are perfect boosts of energy to get into a better state of mind

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Did you guys have experience to remove powerful hex using angel & what method has been use?

I think you actually mean his book Magickal Protection? Mystical Words of Power doesn’t have specific rituals for those things.




Nope, I mean mystical words of power.

The rituals feel subtle but the waves of transformation from that book really echo out.

The transformation ritual, really does reverse bad juju.

The protection from negative attachments, works immediately after the first few times, especially if you can actually tell where the negative attachments are coming from

There is a ritual in there to clear dark energies from a location, and it’s good but it’s not as good as Shelgiel the angel of brilliance from angels of alchemy, but it’s still good.

All of those rituals in there, they really work. And they’re more protective and substantial than the magical protection books. I have had better results and right now I’m living for protection, especially in the city I live in. Positive results that have a ripple effect has been my experience from mystical words of power
It’s just too bad that I cannot use this book to target others, to share the magick with others in my life


There is a way actually. I have done it before with that book and it worked very well. It feels quite strange but it is effective. You essentially have to pretend that you are that person for the duration of the ritual, and imagine what they have gone through as if you are them and imagine the relief while pretending to be them.

It was explained by The Gallery on this article from Damon


I remember that, but assumed it was only applicable for that book, but of course it can be used with other rituals. Thanks! Those are all words of power involving angels too, just like this one. Cool.

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