"Bomb Cyclones and Blizzards"

Several “Bomb Cyclones and Blizzards” have popped up and caused major damage all over the USA. They just seem to show up suddenly out of nowhere.

Now, the question is this magick or nature (global warning)?

I vote tech.

Apparently we’re actually in a warm spot of the current ice age so global warming is helping us not freeze out of existence right now, but it can only mitigate the situation for so long. Since more carbon and greenhouse gasses are emitted by volcanoes then humans I’m not really worried about he propaganda aimed at our wallets having much value.

However weather warfare has been a thing since the 70s and you can watch the attempts to control the weather happening live at data aggregation sites like ClimateViewer and NASA Worldview.

A youtuber called Mike Morales analyses the data almost daily and discusses the technology and effects.

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Yes, the HAARP project and such.

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