Body Reconstruction through Magick

Hello there

How far it would be possible to reconstruct your body through Evocation? I suffer from some body deformations and I’m really close to suicide, so before that I would like a last attempt through Magick.

Can Marbas operate really miraculous changes?


He can.
It will take time but he can.

Pm me and i may be able to help you


He’s a new member so is unable to PM you.

Can I post any contact info here?

I, right now, don’t have any money, but I can commit myself to pay any ammount as I recover through my life, to you and to anyone who might be interested in helping me.

It’s really my last faith, I am one step to suicide.

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No. Not on a public forum. If @Micah is interested he will PM you.

We do not sell services on this forum. As stated above, if someone is interested, then they will PM you.


Hey OP! Sorry to hear about that. I can think of a few different frameworks for changing your body-mind network: send something into the past to divert the deformations and turn them into better body parts; alienate, bind, and beat the snot out of the Spirits that are/made the deformities; get a lunar Deity to prevent the deformities from being detected/making you and others aware of their presence; confront and transform or destroy your feelings about the deformities/suicidal thoughts; or embrace them as part of your spiritual path and make the most of them.

It’s all up to you! Everything is possible, sometimes more difficult than others. If you need to learn how to corner and remove control from suicidal thoughts, I have a few things I can post. :slight_smile:


Don’t do anything stupid like committing suicide. I don’t know how severe is your deformity, but one thing can say for sure. If something important has been taken away from you then something of equal importance will be given to you. Law of balance/polarity. As I said before , committing suicide won’t solve the problem. As any astral traveler out here.


Micah, please, PM me, I’m desperate.

Have asked 2 great kabbalists I know and both of them told me that this sort of stuff is impossible, but here in this forum I read of people doing wonderful things, I don’t want to throw everything away, I want to live, but every minute for me is too hard to bear.

I cannot pm you as you are a new member, BUT, ill post the sigils of Marbas and Raphael here

This is what you do:

Look at the sigil and relax yourself until your physical vision loses focus. This is called gazing at the sigil.

The lines of the sigil will start to dissappear in and out. You will then sense the presence of both spirits approaching.

Once you feel as if they are there, then state your request in exact terms.

Give me a sec





The First is the Sigil of Archangel Raphael

The Second is the Sigil of The President Marbas

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You can PM new members, my friend, and they can reply to you. The only thing new members cannot do is initiate contact.


I’m a bit into the Occult, and I’ve already called Raphael, and he did helped me a lot with some mental issues I was suffering, but about the physical I didn’t had any progress.

What hurts me the most is that one of the deformations I have were caused by myself in a moment of extreme depression and obsession.

I would do anything to have my body back, Micah if you can help me by distance, I’m literaly looking for any help for I am desperate.

So, please I ask you, PM me.

Dude we have a bunch people here who alter reality like it’s nothing! You can succeed! Put in the work and it’s inevitable. Don’t commit suicide, you will lose the opportunity to make the world your bitch. I believe in you


I know you joined to get magickal help and I hope you will get that. :+1:

If you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself, it is important that you discuss them with someone who is qualified to help, such as a crisis helpline in your country. Please visit this link to find the appropriate number:

If you feel that you may be an immediate danger to yourself, please call your local emergency number or go to your local hospital emergency room right away. If you are unsure of the right number to call, please visit this link and call the number next to the country where you are located:

Please seek help from a medical professional if that’s where you’re at right now.

If that seems too much to handle, consider joining this group that offers non-judgmental peer-support if you think it will be supportive:

This might also help, if you can’t talk to anyone right now, no matter how supportive:


I’ve took some meds and I’m feeling less suicidal now.

After reflecting a lot, I’ve came to the conclusion that one of the deformities I can live with it, since it was something that happened to me when I was a baby, and wasn’t my fault.

The other one can be worked out with mundane methods like exercises.

But the last one is the one that hurts me the most, because I caused it to myself in a moment of depression and obsession, and I can’t avoid seeing it every time I look in the mirror, it also damaged my eyesight. Also the fact that I’ve damaged the holy body nature gave to me hurts so much. And only a superior force would be capable of healing it.

What do you guys think? Every magician I ask about says that external physical healing (even though they’re a bit old fashioned magicians) is impossible through Magick, but I refuse to believe that.

Have you people seen such heal being obtained?

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This may help. I am just not sure if it falls into your situation but it may.

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Then you’re on the right track. Don’t worry about what people tell you can’t be done. You already have faith that it is possible and that is your greatest strength at the moment.
You should check out the post that @serpens_album linked. It’s relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish.


Thanks to everyone who have been helping me.

I’ve heard that experienced Chaos Magicians can alternate simple past events, have anyone heard about that? In that case the objective would be erase the procedures that caused me this damage. Anyone?

Thank you guys, you are the only people that are giving me hope. I’ve lived a life of sadness and depression, but now, after so much fighting, I’m free, and I plan on heal and rebuild my body to it’s full expression, no matter what RH people say, it’s my right to feel good with my physical vehicle.

I’m thinking about a full evocation of Marbas with a Circle and a Triangle, have anyone tried that? Some advice will be greatly welcome.