Body feel overcharged

Can’t sleep right now body overflowing with energy just got back from work three hour ago tried but now my body feels overcharged. Started like any other normal night I go to bed lay down to go to bed but then my legs feel numb then whole body feels numb from the neck down and it really hard to move. Then I start feel like something pulling at something inside of me. Then feel like energy is fill me up were it get the point were I’m busting full of energy. I wonder if this has happen to anyone else if they can help. Also it does feel like something in the room me.

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Sounds like progress. Let it flow and watch, or grab it and take it further.


Thanks for the advice try it out next time it happen.

You think it might be a mild form of sleep paralysis?

This happens to me. I am still learning myself, and I am not really sure what to call it. I just consider it the divine within awakening more. I know I have felt this way when I have wanted to invoke demons, or seek a closer union with these energies. That aspect of the self wakes within me and I become supercharged with the feeling. For me it is often very wild, very bestial. Very intense. I love it.

I had a the same mindset toward spirits and does it feel like something awaken deep inside me strong feeling that seem take over make feel like a beast it makes me wonder. What sleeps deep inside me.