BMoA support


Words can’t really describe the awesomeness of the work. This book will differ in that it will be mostly a catalog of work. Not much else, it isgoing to be like a practical working manual, though the wisdom of the Divs still pops in.


Sounds awesome.

Will there be more methods on furthering your own power? I assume the necromantic rituals will be a part of this. I’m deathly heheh curious.


That is the Blackened Sol purpose of the entire current.


What is the link to the facebook group for BMOA?


Hello Kurtis how are you going’ i hope your all well.


@KurtisJoseph Love your work man,I will buy the book once I go deeper into darkness and damnation and of course get enough money so that it won’t , , hurt ‘’ me…


I have been mixing 2 Currents together circle of counter creation with Somnus Dreadwood vile sigils to, they are producing perfect symphony of colossal power, i was able to create a black hole, which was very exciting, later a week later manifesting fire out of pure energy other people where witness, to these great triumph i am a class 5 God now, also i was with my support worker she was driving, me along the esplanade from somerton to Glenelg ocean looked a bit flat i say all we need now is 50 ft wave, i started manifesting waves with massive mountainous walls of white water 100s of meters out, then i commanded it to stop ocean went back to flat conditions.