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Your welcome :slight_smile:


No need for the temple to be set up for foundational exercises. @Dinmiatus is correct. You can work the Ignition of the black Sun, Kunda Yoga, and peering into Drugaskan. Meditation upon the Blackened Fire can be done with a black pillar as well, and consecrated in the same way without the urn.

A lot can be done outside of the confines of the temple if you simply open your eyes to it. :wink:


Thank you kindly. Especially for dealing with my beginner bs… Only reason I asked is this seems to be a very dangerous current to do things when you’re unsure


Respect for the current is a good sign of potential success. If you have questions…ask. I will respond.


I bought the book finally! I am just waiting for it to get here. Hopefully it won’t take too long for me to get it! lolol! SCRIBES!!! (claps hands with a flourish) Bring thy quills and inkwells!! We hath received yet another order!!


What does FB hacking mean.:slight_smile:


The Facebook group got hacked


Great to hear! Let me know your thoughts, and keep your eye out for upcoming slideshow presentations through the BALG YouTube channel. They will enrich the educational side of things.


I’m so excited! I can not wait to get the book! I will look on youtube for the BALG page. Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely look for it.


Thanks Kurtis Joseph for your information. I have the Bmoa grimoire and I am so happy you have a Facebook page for those who have the grimoire.


Yes the original platform was hacked. It is now back up and running.


That’s cool! Hey Kurtis, this is a little off the subject of Bmoa,but I am curious to know did you do pathworkings in the Queen of Hell,The Red King,and The Scorpion God?


The reason why I asked because I am planning on doing at least The Queen of Hell,and The Red King myself.


Also Kurtis let me know if you are going to do a full video course on the Bmoa. If so please keep me updated!


Yes I did work Primal Craft for quite some time.


No video course will be done until I turn in the manuscript for the second book. The video course would tie both books together.


Oh Shit! There is going to be a part 2 to Bmoa???


Yes. I am working on other things as well, but that current MUST continue. The first laid a philosophical foundation and gave a general sense of the alchemical alchemical process of becoming Kunda.
The second goes into more sorcery and practical work… using the seals of Arezura to productively unite the lower chakras, necromancy under Astovidat and Az-Jahi, and a calender of unholy days upon which the Zanda can wage war upon the Amesha Spentas/External God concept as a collective. Specific rites will be laid out so the beginners can join in on this war by harnessing the power of collective energy.
More fetish items, and used for one’s already covered and more.


@KurtisJoseph That sounds absolutely amazing.


That’s Fucking Awesome!!!