BMoA support


For all who have purchased BMoA you can search for the group on Facebook which was just created to address questions related to the Path of Smoke. It will also offer the opportunity to connect with other practitioners, and act as a platform to share experiences. By all means ask questions here and I will answer. However this will help bring people together.


My money is hopefully going to come in this week but iv been wanting the kiss of Ahriman. what do you think my chances are of getting it? Sorry haha been waiting on this cash for a month just really hoping I don’t miss this.


Is there a link?


We just put a few more in stock so you should be able to obtain that package. There is more coming regarding this current as well in the next few months.


Cool appreciate it man


There is a lot of supplemental discussion and opportunities to supplement the book. If I were you guys I would get people to join us. Those you know are walking the Path anyway. Just search Black Magick of Ahriman and you will find the support group. :wink:


Anyone looking for this later down the line wanted to give y’all a heads up. some strangeness has gone down with the group page this morning. I get the feeling someones brain was servery poked. As it was renamed and re-purposed towards other aims with the icing on the cake is the path of smoke is not welcomed.

very strange morning all around lol


Yes the group was hacked. No matter. Building something much bigger. You can’t stop the momentum of this thing. LMAO!


i thought it may be something like that xD
guess we set off someones panic button lol


That’s kind of funny seeing this today, Just bought my copy should be here by the end of the week. Hope the facebook group is up soon :slight_smile:


It is likely the “Church” of Ahriman. Pathetic children. They think they are doing damage when they are picking up crumbs from underneath the table of last week’s feast. The Temple of Blackened Fire was established on August 21 2017, the day the first of the twin serpents rose to devour the false light of Ahura Mazda. I don’t have the same kind of haters these other BALG authors do. Mine actually do things to make life interesting. I mean I really feel like a living god next to these people. Lol!


We were KILLING IT with that group. People sharing experiences, success and concerns. Some of the unpublished subtle nuances of the current where slowly being revealed.


Yeah glad i saved most of the links posted as the were posted. Been checkin out thunderwizards stuff. Lookin into the thor/indra/andar connection a bit. Also the possible connection between Odin and shiva he brings up is interesting.


Is the group still accessible now?


I am having trouble finding the group.


The group was hacked


Damned FB hacking penis wrinkle ingrown pube hairs. They piss me off.


Hey @KurtisJoseph, I know this may be a silly question, but do I have to have a Temple of Blackened Fire to begin the Kunda exercises or the Ignition of the Black Sun?

Thanks in advance and cheers,


No, you dont need the alter or temple set up for the foundation exercises.


Thank you kindly.