Blue Ray Meditation Question

So I just made my first attempt at blue ray meditation and it was odd because I did see some of an indigo aura around parts of the flame, but when I exhaled it hardly got bigger, and when I inhaled at times it got smaller, but it didn’t “beam” into my third eye as i intended to. Also I saw what looked like an indigo hole that opened and closed next to the flame. Has anyone else somewhat new to the occult had this happen? Is it normal for your first time?

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Never happened to me, can’t see auras with my eyes open, however from my perspective looks like you are able to do just that, which likely means have already developed your clairvoyance pretty well, lucky you. However the thing about this meditation to work, is that you have to like focus on the blue part of the flame, the point that’s the closest to the wick of the candle, and while chanting the mantra imagine pulling the blue energy from the blue part of the flame into your third eye - thereby becoming like a beam of imagined blue light.

You should be able to feel a solid hit of energy in your their eye as you do this as well as the rest of your upper chakras, as the energy passes through your third eye and down into the solar plexus.

The crazy thing is it wasn’t even light, it was just a dark “shadow” indigo mass.

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Might’ve been a spirit then, they sometimes appear as an big orb or in some cases formless massaved of energy among other things.

The real question is what have I gained from that experience.