Blood Request from a deity

Why would a deity request blood for no apparent reason? What does the blood truly signify or convey? Additionally, does it affect the bond with a demon? Does it effect other people the entity is connected to as well? I have a lcose bond with the deity but I am not currently seeking or desiring that entity to fulfill any requests for me. If it chooses to linger or offer assistance of its own volition, I am content. I am engaged in personal pursuits that I handle using my own spirit. The deity has made this request on multiple occasions previously, but I have never willingly given my blood. This reluctance stems partly from my inability to cut myself, even in the slightest manner, and also from my lack of understanding about the potential effects on a soul level. Does this bond become more permanent?

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In my experience, it’s a combination of energy and emotion, sort of a relationship thing. It changes the “tone” of the relation to one that’s more intimate.

It’s a lot like human relationships that also have an energy exchange and emotional component. You have friends you know you can rely on, and “friends” who are more like acquaintances you just wouldn’t ask for some things. You experiences together set the tone so you kind of know what the boundaries are.

I personally don’t hold with the notion that this creates “bonds”, other than emotional. There’s no way for a spirit to coerce your behaviour in any case, blood use or no blood use, you are always the one in charge of yourself. Unless or until you choose not to be.

It might be time to set that boundary and then enforce it. t’s not ok to nag you after you already said no. You wouldn’t put up with that from entities incarnate into a human body, there’s no reason to put up with it from one without a human body: there’s NO difference spiritually between the two.

Tell it t stop asking and that you expect your wishes to be respected. No questions.

No, not in my opinion. You can break up with friends, shit happens. You will not forget they exist, but relationships change all the time. As above so below.

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Nothing more to add to that, other then the nature of sacrifice.
Blood holds a personal energy and is often seen as a (symbolic) offering of life force.
The sacrifice itself is more linked to the effort or significance of the act. Giving (up) something that holds a special meaning or is hard for you to do. The fact that a diety might ask this of you, could be the combination of the energy blood holds specificaly and the fact that cutting or pricking yourself is a very hard thing for you to do.


Okay thanks. No he is not nagging me to give, I meant several times thorough out a course of years, but only two times during this year. I would like to think of it as an intimate thing, as in “vampire diaries”, but on the other hand I also think of the red venum alien in Spiderman comics, where there is this blood tied bond that makes them almost inseparable in a not so good way. I also wonder if that will protect him like how Voldemort wanted Harrys blood inside. I just want to know if there is an hidden agenda behind the request.

I would like to give with with emotion. I’m not afraid of blood or needles but I just can’t do it on myself.

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No, it’s just a desire for a sig of commitment… you can safety ignore the fictional content you mentioned, these are zero bearing on reality, the writers are sensationalizing something that’s a lot more practical and psychological, because the actual reality isn’t all that exciting to anyone but the people involved, and that doesn’t sell a good story.

After that, ask. If you really can’t trust this being to give you an honest answer, then like in any relationship, why keep it going? If you though a human frend was hiding an agenda from you would you get into it deeper with them, I’m thinking that sounds pretty dodgy. So don’t go there if you don’t trust this being.

And twice this year having already been told ‘no’ over many years isn’t good enough. In my opinion. This would annoy me, but I really hate having to repeat myself. You can be sure it didn’t just forget, and it knows your mind so it should know the answer was already no, so it’s pushing boundaries it knows exist, and that’s SO not cool.

You can tell it if you change your mind you will bring it up and it’s not to do so again.

Me, I would probably have lost patience and banished it by now. I don’t have time for bullshit.

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I defeated him one year ago, both him and his trial. Even though it was difficult, it made me better, so I wasn’t mad at him. When I allowed him back in after he wanted that, he did something to energetically and psychically harm me. This was uncalled for and without a lesson in it, so I felt it was probably to avoid losing control over me again. My abilities are not dependent on me being energetically linked to him like a genie, as is the case with most sorceresses.You know the hand that feeds you is also the one that has dominion over you. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy or wouldn’t appreciate him as an ally if we share the same objectives, which he hasn’t fully revealed. Deities can have their own interests behind working or being in relationships with humans. Please don’t suggest that he’s a parasite or imposter; I know he’s not, and I have confirmation from others. But his actions after that incident he did… It’s like I can no longer fully trust him with my whole heart, and it saddens me a little. I guess I will have to continue to wait and see.

Well parasitusm is a behaviour, not a type of being. Even human can and frequently do behave parasitically: consider malignant narcissists, they’re basically parasites always seeking “narcissistic supply” Any being can behave parasitically by simply taking benefit while harming the host, that’s the definition of that. It’s not a matter of “suggestion”, it meets the technical definition or it doesn’t.

Symbiosis is when both parties take from but benefit from each other. Succubi are an example of symbiotic relationships.

I haven’t heard of this being the case, “most” occultists around these parts (BALG forums) are using western occultism that doesn’t require this. A Djinni is an ally snd doesn’t feed off of humans. Having a alliance, agreement, or freindship isn’t the same thing as having a symbiotic or parasitic connection.

A Djinni is not a “lesser entity” that cannot find it’s own food as far as I know… e can surmise that simply from them existing before humans, so humans can’t be a dependency for them. These are basically a kind of astral animal, hence my calling them “lesser”. They can be intelligent enough to have a conversation, but they don’t have humans ability to make energy from the cosmos.

You’re not me: I’m very standoffish with my relationship and I don’t keep people around that disrespect me as you are being distesoected here, for my this entity would be long gone and a non issue. :woman_shrugging: I honestly don’t understand why you’re continuing to defend it let alone put up with this.

At some point you’re complicit in it’s abuse of you by allowing it, making yourself your own worst enemy, and then it’s not the one to blame. This is a very narcissistic point of view I take: to blame the victim for being weak and compliant. But to some extent it’sa valid point: you’re not being tricked: you know exactly what’s going on.

The choice is completely in your hands, pros and cons, you have to do what’s right for you in the end.

I gave some of my blood for the demons. There have been times in the past that I couldn’t draw blood. I’ve done it too often.
There can be many reasons why a spirit demands blood from you.
This may be payment for his services.
There is one more meaning that Azazel was talking about…
When you donate enough blood, you become a permanent connection to the given spirit through blood ties.
Sometimes it is just parasitism. The spirit wants payment, but promises nothing and give nothing.