‘Blood Red Moon’

There is gonna be a Lunar eclipse on April 15th around 3 am. Is anyone gonna be doing any rituals for this? What kind of rituals are good for such an event? It seems like a good opportunity.

A total lunar eclipse, also called as ‘Full Pink Moon’ or ‘Blood Red Moon’ or ‘April’s Full Moon’ is expected to occur on April 15 at 3:42 a.m. GMT. The eclipse will be visible in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific region, where it will last about 77 minutes.

The total lunar eclipse will last from 3:07 a.m. until 4:25 a.m. EDT (0707-0825 GMT), while partial phases of the eclipse will be visible for a few hours before and after this stretch.

During this time, the Moon will be having a red shade as Earth is positioned directly between the moon and sun. As a result, the sun’s rays are blocked from reaching the moon directly. Instead, the light is reflected off Earth. The reflected rays of light cause the moon to glow with an orange-red tint.

Oh and you’ll be able to see Mars as well!

Looks like America’s getting the best of this - have fun! :slight_smile:


This month is a good month to be in America, then.

Im gonna try what’s in St Germain’s grimoire…hopefully i can get everything together by that time.

Can we help? Maybe not me in England, but other people here?

im missing the entire thing, bastard

We get white moons, we’re getting a red moon, and in August a blue moon may be coming.

'Merica. Land the moon likes to dress up in.

Can we help? Maybe not me in England, but other people here?[/quote]
Im not sure what would be necessary…it actually seems to be a pretty straightforward operation, will probably take only a half hour or so. I definitely plan on posting a thread on the results (if there are any)

Is there anyway we can harness the Red Moon Eclipses power? A psychic friend of mine told me i could absorb its energy and funnel it to an object and it would make it very potent and its power would last for a long time.

Yeah of course you can Caido, I don’t think there’s really a specific method and if there was I’m sure EA will release a video about it. Just do the ritual outdoors while looking at the moon. I plan on trying to open it like a sigil and siphon the energy. If that doesn’t work I’m just going to proceed with a regular ritual in the cemetary.

One could always charge a crystal or other object under the light of the moon like they do with other moon phases.

On could also open a gateway of lunar energy and charge the item like that, just make sure to close anything you open as a gateway is exactly that, things you don’t want may pass through if left open for too long.

Dear TWF please could you tell us how you open a gateway of lunar energy please?

I’ll try to make a thread on how to open a gate or at least how I do it. I borrowed really heavily and modified a lot of Connolly’s stuff from Infernal Colopatiron. Never opened a planetary gate just elemental and spirit.

We’d be very grateful if you could dear TWF because tomorrow is a very important date and event where we should make the most of the energy that will be available thanks TWF

I’ll try to have it posted by tonight but this isn’t something like sigil opening, it’s not easy and takes a long time. It’s like a combination of energy work and summoning at the same time. So I don’t know how much use it will be for tomorrow night.

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:3, topic:2953”]Looks like America’s getting the best of this - have fun! :slight_smile:


Looks like Finland isn’t getting any of it :smiley: so would it even affect me in any ways?

Oh, figured out what I’m going to do, and it’s perfect for me! The lunacy is taking hold, and inspiration is here! Can’t provide more details now, but I will post more tomorrow! Muaha!

No blood moon for me, its pouring rain, maybe next time.

Well that’s unfortunate, but I’m going to try anyways.

Also did someone say lunacy?