‘Blood Red Moon’

it pouring rain here too. Where abouts do you live TWF? Im in Texas.

So the “levite” I had helping me cancelled…think anything will go wrong if I do it by myself?

Fuck it I did it anyway. Not enough to report yet to deserve its own thread save for a big amorphous floating pink blob and general good vibes. But that in itself is pretty damn nice. There’s a 24 hour period to do it so im gonna try it again tomorrow night outside if its not raining

Georgia, and it’s still raining.

Mwah-hah-ha (sez the English bird) - you realise the only ceremonial robes it’s legal to wear in the UK are waterproofed rain slickers, right?

I do, seriously, actually have a rainhat that I only use during magickal work outdoors…

Hey, here’s a good creepy retro TV British show that features rainwear:

I could see the moon down here in Texas. I read somewhere that the blood moon has some significance with Jewish holidays.

The blood moon eclipse was awesome as i am in Chile we had the luck of being able to see it quite clearly. I thought i wasnt going to see it because it started to rain a little but the clouds gave way to a beautiful red moon which started to form at about 4:30 in the morning and finished at 5:30 in the morning. I wasnt sure how i could harness the eclipse power so i asked Azazel for help, a great teacher as always he told me to raise my left arm to the moon and imagine my arm sucking the energy current that was in the air and funnel it through my right arm to the object i wanted to empower. So i grabbed a chair and i sat outside in the cold dark night and held my left arm to the red moon and i imagined a current of ed energy going through my left arm then going down, crossing my heart and going into my right arm and forcing it out of my right hands palm onto the King marid ring i wanted to empower. I did this for quite a while at first but after at least twenty minutes i started to feel sick as i i wanted to puke up i tried to push more energy but after 45 minutes i couldnt channel any more energy so i finished around 5:30 in the morning.Of course i called on Azazel and even Ahriman to see if i was doing it right and both of them said i had done it correctly and the result was a ring even more powerul than before and this energy would make the tasks to be performed more quickly and efficiently. so i am pretty happy with how it came out.

To those (like me) who won’t see the moon tonight either due to rain or being too far away-

What’s to stop you soul traveling to the area that’s NOT raining, and has full view of the moon?

Or you could look up the approximate location in something like HeavensAbove, and get a raincoat - seriously, I’ve had to do this a few times and never had any probs with it. It’s not as consciously pleasing as when you can see the skies but it seems to work just as well.

I am in Northern Ireland and I happened to look outside at about 4.30 am and the moon looked very bright with a massive red outer ring around it, a very thick ring. I have never seen the moon like this ever so it was an unusual sight. Extremley beautiful

Yeah, it seems to have been raining or at least overcast everywhere when this happened. Didn’t get any rain until afterwards here in North Carolina, but I was worried it would be too overcast for me to see it! I was still going to perform my ritual because I personally believe the -energy- would be there for the manipulating, but since tetrads are only supposed to line up every 300 years or so I really wanted to actually -see- the moon! When I was getting my materials together for last night’s work I kind of has this flash of intuition where I just -knew- that if I made everything ready and put in the effort, at the perfect moment the clouds would part and expose the moon in all its eclipsed glory for my work. It was a very cheesy “mad-scientist-movie” image that the idea came in, but then thoughts always take a bent of lunacy under circumstances like these, and at least I was not disappointed in my conviction!

Actually a lot of this came together at the last minute in a sort of highly irrational, lunatic surfacing from the dark unconscious. I’d known this tetrad eclipse was going to happen, thought ‘oh, cool’, and gone about my business since I’ve got goals of my own that are more than up to absorbing my attention and I couldn’t really think of any -need- I had of doing anything with the blood moon, nothing really to direct that energy toward for my personal sake.

But just like that overwhelming image of the clouds parting to reveal the moon at the perfect moment, I was on very short notice (my last post in this thread) struck (moon-struck, haha!) by the conviction that I should not pass up this chance, that during each full eclipse of the tetrad I needed to draw down some of that unique lunar energy for a -future- goal, and a major one, that’s even still a bit unclear to me at this time! My instinct though is that it has to do with working with Balam in the future, and pursuing what that king said in the evocation of the nine kings video. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is going to be disjointed as all hell because I worked all day yesterday, partied until ritual time last night, performed my ritual, got like two hours of sleep and worked all day today and honestly working with the blood moon the way I did has left some lingering effects on me mentally. Believe me, I’m familiar with sleep dep so this is something else entirely.

The ritual took place in the front room of my house. I love this room because it’s big and spacious, the curious joins and angles of the way it was built really remind me of HP Lovecraft’s Dreams In The Witch House, and it has an abnormal amount of windows on three sides including some very high up in the strange peaked angles at the front of the house. I enjoyed the light from all of the windows while I drank and watched a movie and waited for the magic hour, then when it got closer to time I drew the curtains on all but the highest ones. It was now very dark since the clouds were obscuring the moon, but I was hedging my bets on the reddish light coming in richly through the upper windows when the time was right.

Speaking of the moon, when I would pop outside to check on it in the hours before the eclipse, it was literally the brightest I believe I have ever seen it. Seriously, it was incredible. I’ve been through a few places across the world, including at high altutude in the Mojave Desert with no electric lights for miles to mar the night sky, but while the Mojave was the absolute clearest I have ever seen the night sky as a whole, last night in humid, coastal, populated North Carolina the moon itself was the brightest and most awesome I have ever personally witnessed. Eh, tangent. I’m still all moon-addled.

So the essence of my ritual prep consisted of taking some modelling clay (coloured violet in this case) and shaping it into a disk (a seal!), carved with a particular glyph for the occasion and baked in the old oven at 400F or so. I’ve got a hole in the top with a cord through it to use as a talismanic amulet in the meantime, but I think when the tetrad has run its course and I have four of these the game will change; I believe beginning my future planned demonic work with King Balam in particular will involve some sort of “breaking” the four physical clay seals to use the combined power of all the four tetrad eclipses to some effect that isn’t exactly clear to me yet. But this whole thing is running on intuition and “ironclad hunches” into overdrive, but it feels -right-. The same way I knew with no “divination” that the clouds -would- part when the eclipse was full on. But no one’s here to make total sense, thankfully. :smiley:

When my clay seal was hardened in the oven and it was very close to midnight (when the moon was to start occulting in my area) I broke out the universal circle. This was as spur-of-the-moment-but-in-perfect-timing as the rest of the ritual, but it ended up unfolding onto the floor facing south, and I went with it. That was the cardinal direction nearest to the moon’s direction from me anyway. I had a candle each to my left and right, which I lit as I got comfortable in the circle shirtless with the clay medallion around my neck and against my skin.

This whole thing was weird; it wasn’t planned at all, at least not by me - total lunatic inspiration with a dash of figuring out what I was meant to do as I was doing it. I began heading toward a trance state through breath control. Normally when I do this I achieve complete clarity fairly rapidly, regal nonattachment characterized by visualizing majestic golden light suffusing myself and my surroundings. Yeah, that wasn’t happening last night. As soon as I started clearing my mind for trance I was very aware of this powerful energy pressing in all around me. It was instantly recognizeable as the same strain of lunar madness that even ordinary people experience all the time, but this was much more concentrated and it felt a lot like the eclipse itself, the actual blood moon, were a conscious, living entity that was just now coming around again after a long time to work its effects on the world again. I had a definite feeling, even if it was only a feeling, of being noticed by the blood moon even as I began to really notice just how much was going on with the blood moon.

So normally my golden light meditation involves me taking control (in regards to visualization) of my environment - in the magickal imagination, I am envisioning the image that works for me upon my environment, and I can say that concentration, imagination or not, will have some effects on your environment and other people in it. There were no other people present here to observe, but I can tell you the power of the blood moon left no room for mistaking as ‘just imagination’ when my golden light meditation met extremely powerful resistance just outside my own body. It wasn’t hostile in any way, it was just that the whole atmosphere was saturated in the energy of that moon, and my meditation trying to assert my will on what was around me just wasn’t happening. It was like running into a wall. A dark, powerful, somewhat reddish magickal wall. Believe me I’m all for the might of the driven will, but here the moon represented dark and normally unconscious forces that are an at least equal part of the total man. This lunar energy was, for me anyway, at this time, not subject to the normal notion of control.

When I changed my tack, when I adapted to the lunar energy I found myself surrounded by, I found myself part of something very powerful. Just as I felt my third eye begin really opening up I -felt- a circular hole in the clouds above me begin opening up to expose the blood-red moon. I was so into it I didn’t even bother to look up, I just knew and I was having serious ritual tunnel vision - the good kind! I at some point had begun the “Itz Rachu” chant for the first time; it wasn’t prepared and I had only seen it recently because of Lady Eva’s post but it felt very right and my whole body began vibrating with power as the chant built. I can’t speak for how faithful to the “actual” chant I was after the first line, but I know that serious power was built and the chant almost effortlessly took me into a very deep trance. At some point I realized that it had turned into the “Alash Tad” chant and this was when I realized what I was supposed to be doing and began shaping with my will to coalesce as much of the blood moon’s energy before me as I could. In my mind’s eye I had a very clear picture above me of the hole in the clouds with the red moon in the middle and a pillar of this reddish lunar energy beaming down into the room to saturate even more the area around me, and I could hear the previously still night shift into a strong wind beginning to move the trees around the house. When the ritual was done I would see that the moon in fact was very red (through the hole in the clouds I had seen in my head - I’m not normally very clairvoyant i should mention, I think these were very special circumstances) but interestingly enough from where I sat the actual light illiminating the room was a traditional silvery white, maybe even more so than usual! While I continued chanting and using my breath and visualization to draw down more of this energy, for some reason I visualized in exquisite detail an intricately worked silver bowl some 12" or so across in front of me, and as I drew down the pillar of energy from this moon I “condensed” it into a clear but bright liquid in the bowl. When the bowl was filled I would “empty” it into the clay seal which I now held in both hands (the tipping of the imaginary bowl was done purely with my mind. Weird I know, but look what forum I’m posting on lol). This happened four times before I literally believed I would not be up to any more of this energy, and I closed the ritual and sealed the energy inside the clay disk until later, with the understanding that I would be storing up -plenty- of this unique energy during the next three eclipses of the tetrad.

Now, feel free to ask questions and pick apart what exactly I did, I’m not the expert here but am just describing what i experienced and hopefully I didn’t leave out anything important. Hopefully someone will gain something from this though, I did promise I would share!

Run-on sentences for the run-on sentence god.

Update edit-

Just thought I’d throw in that in the days since this ritual I’ve experienced very strong mental images of the moon and accompanying feelings pop up out of the blue several times. It’s interesting, it seems like an intelligence having to do with the moon still has a connection with me. I’m very interested to see what comes of this, I’ll be using the clay medallion for appropriate works in the meantime until I’ve made all four. Cheers!

That was a fucking excellent read, thank you for sharing! Top stuff.

You write really well, I could feel some of that, the initial thing of not knowing how it would go, then that glorious moment when the certainty kicks in… superb, thanks. :slight_smile:

That means a lot coming from you, thanks - your posts are routinely some of my favourite to read on this forum, in spite of not -always- agreeing! I was trying to keep the writing in check and make it more conversational and less pretentious, but thank you. As to the work, I cannot wait to see where this goes. I really feel like there’s a definite “culmination point” on its way to break and overturn a lot of what we’ve gotten ourselves used to in this era before bold and spectacular changes come about, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.