Blood Offerings



Offer blood in medical blood tubes! Is there some one that tried this plz lett me know. I will start Offering my blood to my spirits in that way. It will ceep the blood fresh for them to feast… :innocent:


Blood tubes have diferrent chemicals in them. Not recommend.


Ok thx fore the info. So what can i take then? You know there is blood tubes made of glass right? :slight_smile:


I feel that dropping som blood on a food plate is not that great. I wan’t to honor my spirits. Doing some thing nice. How can i offer blood in a good way. :thinking:


I’m very new here and I’m just getting my feet wet and happened to see your question. While I am no expert on blood offerings it seems like a regular small glass bottle with a wooden cork would work easily enough. I’ve done rituals where I’ve used dried blood and it was still very effective.


hmmm sometimes i am drawing their sigilis with blood only :woman_shrugging:t2:
…or i pour my blood into the old cup which is made from gold…i have that cup from antique shop and it is pretttttty old and prettty effective :woman_shrugging:t2:


It is the coating of liquid chemicals what worries me, not the tuvr themselves…right?
I kind of know what I am talking about.


Cut yourself with something specially used for that, and if possible, sterile. A diabetic lancet could do. Then, pour the blood drops into water.


Ok but i prefer syringes. Ok so wather is a good medium to put the blood in? :slight_smile:


Ok that seams good that gold cup i meant. I will try get some Nice thing to pot the blood in to. :grin: Drawing in blood is powerfull i think.


Ok i have the same thoughts about that glass bottle of som sort should do fine. :thinking::grin:


yes it is powerful :joy: …try cup :ok_hand:t2:


this has been done before and its fine


Why syringes? Are you competent enough in the technique so that you can avoid infection, contamination or cellullitis?


I boil water and salt and sterelice the needle before jusing it. I don’t like yhefeeling of cuting my self so thats why i do it like that. :thinking:


I will thx. :love_you_gesture:


I sterrile my needle with fire :joy: i never though of boiling it :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t boil it i make salt water to clean the needle.


ahaaa …i forgot how to read :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Noooo!!! That’s not how you do it!!!:woman_facepalming: It is not safe.