Blood Moon Magick

Ealier in the year when we had the blood moon I wrote this love petition and put a ton of energy; asked Asmodues and Sitri for some help on the matter as well. Things have been moving really smoothly, this has been the first big thing ive done and the results are crazy. Sometimes you forget how cool you really are. Thanks for the help Asmodues and Sitri



I’m so glad that you’ve got such great results!

Your right you are awesome! We all are.:ok_hand::grinning:

If only humanity as a collective realised this and worked together for the common good.

Just imagine what we could all achieve together!

Again Congratulations!




Cheers, nice work. I know from my rituals that the Blood Moon lunar eclipse is a bonus to any spellwork you do during this period is amplified with extra power behind it. It certainly has a powerful effect especially if your outside and can experience the moon or eclipses while doing a ritual.