Blood magick and sepsis

I always wanted to do blood offerings in demonic magick but I’m so concerned about sepsis. Some of you who have been a situation like that? What did you do?

A lancet and an alcohol swab, same as if you were diabetic and had to prick yourself for blood several times a day to check your blood sugar :slight_smile:

You really should never use dirty surfaces but most tools that are made for this that are reusable can be sterilized or disposable and should be trashed.

I bought a box of disposable lancets a year or two ago, maybe longer and rarely use them as blood is not too often used in my practices. Even if you used blood daily, a box of a hundred or so last a while.


You wash your hands, and use a new, sterile lancet. No bacteria, no infection.

Sepsis is when a nasty infection gets into your blood and disrupts organ function.

Let’s say, you manage to not wash your hands or you don’t use a tiny lancet you cut your finger with a dirty knife, and it gets infected… next your finger goes swollen and red, it’s hurts and feels hot, you go to the doctor and you get antibiotics. Problem solved.

People just don’t get sepsis from a lancet prick on a fingertip, you’d have to have some really bad immune system disorder and then get a nasty infection that you completely refuse to treat for multiple days and weeks, watching as the pus oozes from your finger. It’s not going to creep up on you.


That’s what my reason tells me. I think it’s more psychological. A form of anxiety if I do something wrong in the situation. It annoys me cause I feel my magick is weaken because I don’t do blood sacrifice.

I think it’s fine. If you don’t want to face the phobia try red wine instead of blood. Enchant or charge the wine for extra oomph :slight_smile:

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I can use red wine as offering to demons as an alternative to blood?

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Yes. That’s what I’m suggesting. Don’t the Christians do it every day with their cannabilistic “Communion” ceremony… with the wine they say “this is my blood”, meaning the blood of Joshua of Nazareth, as they defile his tragic homicide while their Catholic slavers tell them it was a good thing?

Communion is the blackest of blood binding magicks when you think about it, (imo, as well as just being plain barbaric and disgusting), and we wonder why Christians have such problems shaking off the cult control… but it’s just wine…? No, it’s making and ritually reinforcing a blood pact, over and over again.

It works by alchemically transforming the wine to blood by your directed energy per your intention. The fact that the technique is very well ingrained in human collective mind, means that energy is extra easily accessible to everyone, so it’s super easy for you to use the idea yourself.


So for instance if I chant the demonic Enn of Flerious, have my request written on paper and then drop some wine over it and burn it in the bowl Flerious will begin to apply my energy on the work like it was my blood?

That should do it. Pour the wine in a glass and enchant it first. Now it’s not wine anymore, it’s your blood. Then dip your finger in it and use just a drop or two. (Too much and it won’t burn it’ll be too wet.) Declare that you are making an offering of your blood or whatever your intention is for that. In your mind see that as your blood.

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What if I put the wine in my chalice?

I’ll give you three guesses :smiley:

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The chalice is consecrated, so I guess it will enchant the wine.

A consecrated chalice does not automatically enchant the wine. You have to “transmute” the wine into blood.


Hmn, I as going to say a vessel is a vessel… I’d do the pouring all ceremoniously then, and deliberately notice the wine transforming as it enters the chalice. You want to enchant the wine with your energy directed by your intention. That will do it. But don’t expect anything to be free and check the energy as you go.

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Can I do that through the accumulation and direction of the elements?

Yes. Generally, though, it is done by channeling divine force into the wine to transmute its aetherial substance.

For example, in Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting, after invoking Omnipotence, the energy is then channeled into the wine so that it becomes the blood of God.

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Is this an other name for the fifth element of spirit?

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One could easily learn how to inject with a needle or to draw some blood using a sterile medical tool like a butterfly rigged needle setup by watching online phlebotomists talking about their craft. They’ll demonstrate the appropriate needle setup and how to follow vascular systems to find a good vein. You could also watch how they find their angles and hit the veins safely if you wanted to use more than what a lancets setup would offer. I wouldn’t use any tools I wasn’t experienced with or wasn’t safely prepared to use, and I’d use sterile and fresh parts for everything I’ll use. I’d use swabs of alcohol to clean everything, wash like I’ve prepped for surgeries before. I’d cleanse the area to be used several times over just to be sure of it’s cleanliness before injecting a needle and after drawing blood of I ever did that again.

No, it’s Divine Power, but i guess you could equate them if you wanted to.


Is more the element of fire it’s associated with?

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