Blood incarnation

So a few years ago I had this idea that we reincarnate through the bloodstream. This means that the soul is linked to ones genes and dna.

If this is true, is it possible to transfer ones spirit into a sibling and be reborn through them?


In theory it’s possible to posses anyone to transcend death by taking another’s body.
I don’t know if that would be easier because of closely shared ancestry.


Some people believe they’ve been reborn and constantly reincarnated into their current family (personally I disagree) I’ve only ever reincarnated into this family twice out of the lives I came to remember.

However, it’s not reincarnation unless you are being reborn, otherwise you’re just piggybacking a sibling’s body you’re not being reborn.

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So…you’re asking if you can take over a siblings body? What does that have to do with reincarnation?

I know someone with a disease who said he would share the body with his cousin. It wasn’t like being reborn though.

Yeah but what happens to your sibling wont be a pleasant experience, also you have to be strong enough to overpower they’re soul. You cant just hop in they’re body and take over

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If your sibling has an NDE, or you learn how to unbind souls, you could possibly take the body over

Yes this. Or if they have an NDE, their soul will be released from their body and in the short window of time he could possibly take over.

I’m not talking about possession. I’m talking skipping the afterlife, transferring the soul through blood relation, and using your own sibling as a way back into the world through reproduction.

Or, can you transfer your soul into your own seed that you pass to someone else, and reincarnate as your own child?

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You wouldn’t be skipping the afterlife, at best you will reincarnate into a younger generation within the family. Be it your own unborn (possibly) child or the child of someone else in your family.

My previous life was one of my mom’s uncles.

Were you birth knowing that?

I found remembered later down the line when I went through my family tree, prior to it I remembered dying in an old folks home alone, after my wife (my mom’s aunt) died, and going through the history of my family found out her uncle died alone after his wife died he didnt reach out to anyone and died in an old folk’s home, said memories came prior and that information came after.

Why comeback as a human being???

Why not? not everyone has such self hate for humanity lol. Humanity is no different from any other race of beings in their “early” stages.

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Was the reincarnation intentional?

Its not a very…ambitious desire…i mean ur already human (or at least i am assuming many of u are…and not bots) .

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Yeah, alot of people choose to incarnate, some to be a human, some to hide, some for a punishment, some to learn, explore etc. More people willingly incarnate then you think

All my reincarnations were intentional, so yes.

I mean that’s dependent on the person if it’s an ambitious desire or not.

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Bro I just wanna become a living god…I would cast off being human to do so