Blood in Demon Evocation

I don’t want to cut myself because of the pain during Evocation. So I want to know if there is any other thing I can use during Demonic Evocation or I must use blood.
And after starting at Baphomet’s sigil, I fell into a trance and he came to me and told me to use blood if I want to summon him.


Well I’m diabetic so I use my finger prick to get blood.


I thought everyone does that. Or do some people cut themselves. And anytime I try to prick myself with a needle, it doesn’t pierce me.

With a needle or a lancet? Cause the lancets rarely fail unless you are dehydrated as hell.


I am just getting to know lancet needles. Where can I get it. From a pharmacy,clinic or online store?

Get yourself an automatic lancet - they’re a bit more expensive for a box of 100 and they have a trigger. Side of finger, arm, press, bang, blood.

Please do a search on blood on this forum, it’s recently been a hot topic. It doesn’t need to be used everywhere. Don’t offer it to people unless you are really sure of what you want with that person. Remember, you own your ritual and the results.


But without blood will the spirits still appear before me?
And are lancet pricks painful?

In the US most stores will have um in the pharmacy section. I get a pack of 100 for 5$ at walgreens


I prefer a knife to a needle or lancet. I got a knife that is as sharp as a razor blade, and it’s not like I ever need more than a few drops.

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Depends on the spirit, i have worked with Sitri, Dantalion and Beleth without blood in my efforts to learn from them. I’ll make a personal offerings when i can though, like making them their own candles.

Just recently i picked up a scented candle for sitri and beleth. When i walked by their sigils came to mind so i got um. Effect in ritual was more energetic than i was expecting.


Some spirits don’t want blood. I tried to offer some to Lucifer and could not get any blood out. Picked and picked and nothing. He simply didn’t want it.


No, heal fast, less risk of infection, single use, guaranteed sharpness. What you see on tv with the palm cut etc is nonsense designed for drama.

Likewise carrying lancets are less likely to have you questioned if ever stopped by authorities.

Anyway it’s a suggestion do as you will.

I use blood for my work but it’s best to divine whether or not whomever you deal with requires this.

You do not require entities to appear for them to assist you, but again your personal experience may differ to my own. You can make it as complex or simple as you like, your choice.



Just use a new disposable razor; whether female or male, shave a part of the area under your jaw, and you could draw some drops of blood that way. That is if you only need drops.

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I use blood when I create my own Sigils. I use a razor blade to make a little cut on the top of my hand. Looks like a paper cut or a scratch. Does not hurt and its more than enough blood.


Okay thanks everyone for your help. I am really grateful

Alternatively use your monthly menses assuming you are female.

If you aren’t sure what you are doing research and divine before offering as @AradiaX has said not all entities desire blood.

My own experience with Andromalius I put down to having Raynauds in my hands but it could have been that he was advising me that he didn’t actually want blood as an offering. He still assisted me though, and I am deeply grateful for that help as I am for all help both entity and otherwise.

Please please please search here on this site, across google and on youtube as there are so many practitioners who use blood and can give sage advice.

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Okay :+1:

Same here. Diabetic lancets are easily available at most drug stores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreen’s/Duane Reed. A few come with the diabetic meter.

Most insurance plans cover them for free with a doctor’s prescription.

As for dehydration, drink plenty of water.

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In the UK you can buy them on Ebay, and we’re noted for not having access to many bladed items legally so I can’t see anywhere else having a problem, you practically need photo ID to buy a teaspoon here. :rolling_eyes: