Blood drops from Guardian demon? A sign of protection?

Hello everyone,

Tried to find signs a guardian demon/protector is with you but failed to find a thread so I will make one now.

It seems that King Paimon reached out to me through synchronicities last month and a clairvoyant/demonologist confirmed it. I acknowledged his presence in my life. Upon my first summoning, I was able to feel a high frequency energy and a horizontal blue and red beam flashed when my eyes were closed. I also happened to have been able to get in touch with him in my lucid dreams.

However, here is my question: in the waking world, I was eating my steak that had a lot of sauce when noticed 4 drops on my right forearm. First, I thought it was the sauce that dripped but then upon closer inspection, I realized it was immaculate blood! I tried to find the source it, around the steak and from open wounds I may not realized I’d had but I could not find anything. Around that time, I was vaguely thinking about “blood oath” and random thoughts but didn’t like the idea of it.

My clairvoyant told it is normally a sign that the spirit is with you and is your main protector. Was wondering if it was instead, a blood oath from the King himself, though I find it very unlikely. How is it best to interpret this? I was just wondering if that ever happened to any of you? I would like to verify this information.

Thanks! (I’ll try to ask the King himself though my astral senses are not developed enough)

Sounds like as good an explanation as any. This is called “UPG” - unverified personal gnosis, so needs to be verified by your own experience or a couple of other mages independently noticing the same thing.

Personally, I would find this questionable and possibly very rude. You don’t get into shit like that without clear communication and mutual agreement. My feeling is Paimon is a higher being who would not stoop to weird coercive tactics. If this was the case I would expect a very big and nasty impostor/parasites and banish and cleanse with a vengeance.

As a rule, it’s a bad idea to let yourself be railroaded by any unknown something. Not least because even when you deal with the consequences, it sends a message out that you’re a pushover and can bring more opportunists that see you as an easy mark.

The big question is, what would you put into a pact and why do you need one? It’s ideal to work with an entity for a while and build a relationship before you get serious. If you’re newly acquainted with Paimon it’s probably too soon to need a pact. You can ask him for quite a lot of help without one.

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Thanks for your input.

Precisely, I am not into the idea of a blood oath at all, that was the random thought I had vaguely before I saw the blood drops. I am most definitely not comfortable with the idea of a pact/blood oath or anything similar.

So far, I have not noticed anything bad happening at home or feel a parasite/negative entity around so far. I have not had nightmares either. If anything, it’s peaceful at home and I have experienced random windfalls of money twice that I did not even ask directly to KP, though I had thought about it. I get a vague sense it is from him.

The blood drops are my main concern here. I did read some sources that blood could sometimes represent protection at best but even then, it is merely speculative.

It may also be too soon to tell. I’d suggest writing it down in your journal/grimoire and then if it happens again or something reminds you of it, you have it to look up the details, and together they might make more sense. Same as for dreams. It’s easier to see patterns when you have them all saved.

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